Archer S6E4 - "Edie's Wedding" Recap

Pam is an emotional wreck at work and Archer considers ignoring her but opts to ask what's wrong instead. Pam says her sister is getting married and has only asked Pam to be a bridesmaid instead of maid of honour. The main of honour instead is a woman named who had "stolen" a boy whom Pam had liked. Archer offers to be Pam's date to the wedding, which will be in rural Wisconsin.

When Pam and Archer head to the airport, they're spotted by Barry Dylan, who decides to follow them to Wisconsin and enact his revenge. Lana is angry to learn that Archer has run off because he was supposed to look after the baby while Lana went to survival camp. When Pam's sister Edie shows up to the motel, Pam attacks her. When Edie starts throwing verbal low-blows, Pam runs out upset and gets abducted by Barry.

Barry calls Archer to tell him about kidnapping Pam and that the abandoned farm they're heading to, Edie knows the location of. Edie doesn't want to help so Archer knocks her out and kidnaps her to make her do so. Archer and Barry start to fight while Edie begins insulting Pam. Edie attacks Barry instead when he insults her. Pam ends up saving Barry when he's choking her by shooting her with Archer's explosive shotgun shells. The group sets the farm on fire and leave but Barry's mechanical endoskeleton is still alive. Edie is furious to learn that her husband cheated on her at the rehearsal dinner and when Edie yells at Pam, demanding to know if she's happy for ruining her life, Pam says yes and that it's all she ever wanted.

Archer airs on Thursdays on FX at 10PM.


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