Archer S6E5 - "Vision Quest" Recap

Mallory has called the team in for an important 7:00 am meeting but as they hurry to make it to the top floor, the elevator breaks down and they find themselves trapped. Their phones aren't working because Krieger had installed a device on top of the elevator that keeps them from using their phone. They can't access it because the hatch is locked from the outside. Also, the elevator phone is dead. The team begins to freak out and fight over the lack of food. Archer fires off a shot to make them stop and everyone needs a moment for their ears to stop ringing. They consider rationing their food but then decide to hold onto it. Further problems arise when Pam announces she has to pee after chugging a third of a 40. They then mull over the idea of jumping all at once so they can make the elevator move down unjammed. Pam ends up peeing her pants and drops her drawers to try to wipe it up. Milton the toast machine comes back and ends up bringing back a lot of toast. Ray is able to get a half a bar of signal when sticking his head out of the small opening but when he tries calling 911, they won't take him seriously and block his number. The group then begins laughing because Ray was mistaken for a woman by the operator. The group tells Ray to try calling Mallory but the number ends up going to the elevator phone instead. The group becomes furious at Archer and a brawl breaks out. Mallory then arrives downstairs and uses her master key to reset the elevator. When the doors open, she is horrified to find the operatives all fighting with each other, several of whom are naked, and "touchable" is scrawled on the wall in blood. Mallory then says that the meeting was for a team-building exercise. Lana is angry, believing that the elevator getting stuck was deliberate as part of that exercise but Mallory denies this, saying they were going to watch "Vision Quest," which she pulls out from her purse.

Archer airs on Thursdays on FX at 10PM.


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