Banshee S3E10 (S3 Finale) - "We All Pay Eventually" Recap

The season 3 finale of "Banshee" kicks off with a flashback. Lucas is in a holding cell of sorts and a man named Dalton is in there, ready to recruit Lucas into an elite military factor that's highly classified. Lucas has been in trouble repeatedly for being insubordinate and acting out.

Job is still being held captive under the watchful eye of Leo, Col. Stowe's hacker. Leo is fangirling and listing off Job's various hacking crimes which are impressive to say the least. One such hack included breaking into the NSA database and erasing the identity of 40 covert operatives, after which he became a permanent fixture on the CIA's radar. Leo theorises that Job was only trying to get rid of one identity but was simply being thorough. Of course the implication here is that it was Lucas' original identity that got erased.

The gang, minus Lucas, is locked up in Camp Genoa. Job and Carrie begin arguing but Sugar yells at them to stop, saying they need to stick together. They all believe Hood will come for them, though Job doubts his ability to make it past all the fire power. Hood indeed comes and he meets with Stowe, telling him he has the money but won't return it until he gets proof his friends are alive. Stowe agrees since Lucas has an insurance policy.

In the flashback sequence, Dalton tortures Lucas and deprives him of food and water until he admits to killing his abusive and alcoholic father. After this, Hood agrees to join the unit.

Kurt Bunker is wracked with guilt over his skinhead past. Kurt visits his brother Calvin, who is also a strong fixture in the Aryan community. Calvin is insistent that Kurt resign from law enforcement and rejoin them but Kurt warns him that he's going to take the whole thing down. They leave with the knowledge that they're going to have a showdown, perhaps sooner rather than later. Some skinheads try to attack him outside the diner and Lotus must stop him from choking one of them till his lights go out.

Now that Proctor has made it out from the captivity of the Black Beards, he needs to clean up Rebecca's mess as well as save his own skin. Proctor decides now that he will align himself with Hector Morales and the Salvadorans, whom Rebecca had teamed up with after he had originally said no. He also gives him a custom-made sword as a gesture of good will, along with the promise that they will get business with them from now on, and a free shipment of MDMA. Together, they raid a Black Beards warehouse and kill all the members there. Proctor even lets Morales deliver the killing shot to Frazier.

Lucas returns to Camp Genoa and upon driving up to the gate, Gordon jumps up from underneath a blanket and begins firing off shots from a massive gun. They head into the base, with Gordon getting up to high ground with his rifle to give Lucas cover. Apparently he was a marksman while in the service so he promptly begins shooting mercenaries down from his rooftop position while Lucas fires various shots and even sets off a grenade. Carries, Sugar, and Job are able to break free from their zip tie restraints but when a guard comes in, a shoot-out ensues. Sugar lands one hell of a punch that knocks the guard out. Job ends up in a fight with Stowe's right-hand man and Carrie finds herself in a brutal fight with Stowe himself.

While Job is able to use his belt to manoeuvre a victory for himself, Gordon finds himself badly wounded with a gunshot to his abdomen. Stowe has managed to get the upper hand on Carrie so he holds a gun to her head and brings her outside, telling Lucas and the other to lower their weapons. Lucas has flashes of Siobhan's death and knows he can't lose Carrie too, so he prepares to take a shot at Stowe. But Gordon takes the show first, blowing the fingers off of Stowe's hand. Carrie is then able to take her knife and tear Stowe's torso in half and kill him. Gordon then falls down and dies in Carrie's arms, but not before saying that he always loved her. Meanwhile, Leo sneaks up from behind and shoots Job in the shoulder. He then picks Job up, throws him over his own shoulder, and brings him into a chopper that leaves the base. Hood tries to run after them and stop it but he isn't able to. Of course now we know what Lucas' main heroic quest will be next season.

An emotional Kurt breaks down at the station, telling Lotus how he is doing everything to change his past, but all he can feel is hate and anger every time he has a confrontation with skinheads. Lotus tells him that it's not hate, but shame and guilt for what he has done, adding that this is what makes him better. Lotus tries to ask Lucas what happened at Camp Geona, adding that the CIA will be coming in an hour. Lucas won't tell him, instead saying that he's turned in his badge and resigned. Lotus tells him that he won't be giving the badge back like last time.

Kurt wakes in his house and finds that his brother Calvin and other Neo-Nazis have broken in. Calvin tells him that if he's going to wear that cop uniform, he can't wear Calvin's uniform. He then proceeds to burn Kurt's Nazi tattoos off with a torch.

Lucas heads to the Forge and is tremendously upset about the fact that he doesn't know where Job is or how to get him back. Sugar tries to ask questions but Lucas just yells at him and leaves the bar. He spots Proctor as he makes his way up to his apartment. They have a conversation in which Proctor notes that Lucas left him to die. But when he calls him "Sheriff," Hood tells him he's not the Sheriff anymore and asks sarcastically if he wants an apology. Proctor says he would've done the same thing and says that being Sheriff never suited Lucas. Lucas agrees and they smile.

Finally, Job wakes up in an unknown holding area realising that he is in enormous trouble.

Banshee will return to Cinemax for season 4!


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