Banshee S3E8 - "All the Wisdom I Got Left" Recap

Lucas and Brock are on the hunt for Chayton. They follow a lead to the French Quarter, where they come across Chayton in an underground street fight. Chayton kills his opponent, immediately after which Lucas jumps into the ring and begins to fight Chayton while the crowd cheer them on and Brock watched in horror before shooting off a warning shot to break up the fight. Unfortunately, the club owner running the fight has his gunned muscle draw their weapons and tells Chayton to let Lucas go since he can't have a dead cop ruining his business. Lucas and Brock are forced to retreat for now.

Proctor is informed by Burton that they're showing more profit than what they should based on their sales and Proctor simply tells him to look into it.

Job confronts Sugar about his taking more money but Sugar remains undeterred, as he claims to need it for something important. Job follows Sugar to a boxing studio where Sugar is forced to admit that he gave the money to Oscar Cruz, Jr. a man whose father was forced into a fight he wasn't ready for and that Sugar had beaten so badly that he would never speak again.

Rebecca is preparing to do a deal but Burton arrives and disarms the man she has running her errands. Burton determines that Rebecca is violating the agreement with Fraser and selling to the Salvadorians, which she doesn't deny. Rebecca tries to offer up a sexual favour to Burton but finds that he is missing the equipment necessary to do so. Burton tells Rebecca that she must tell Proctor the truth herself and Rebecca implores him to see that Proctor is being weakened by his new girlfriend and that if Proctor must choose between Rebecca and Burton, Burton is the one who will be abandoned. Burton is not too pleased by this suggestion.

In a flashback, we see Proctor and Burton meet for the first time while bloody and trapped in a cell together. Proctor kills one torturer and saves the other for Burton to dispose of.

Job reveals to Sugar that Oscar Cruz, Sr. died back in 2007 and that Oscar's son has been collecting the money ever since by forging signatures on hospital bills. Job retrieves the money and also lays a smack down on Oscar Jr. Sugar then admits that he was vicious in beating Oscar Sr. because the woman Sugar loved, loved Oscar more. Job admits that he didn't give Sugar all the money back.

Lucas tracks Chayton down and attacks him in his room. After a bit of a brawl, Chayton jumps out and down below and takes off running with Lucas hot on his trail. Lucas catches up to him and shoots him dead. It's gruesome.

Proctor and Emily are dragged away from the Amish church service by Fraser and his men. Rebecca runs after them and fires a gun but it doesn't do a thing except get the rest of the community to stare judgementally at her.

Col. Bunker appears to have realised that Carrie must have been involved in the heist and he's not too happy about it. He's putting together all of the inner-workings of the various members of this team and is on the hunt for them. He shuts down Camp Genoa, and says that they will make the thieves pay.

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