Banshee S3E9 - "Even God Doesn't Know What to Make of You" Recap

Proctor is getting beaten for supposedly going back on his deal (he didn't, it was Rebecca) and he bites the nose off one of his attackers when they get too close. Proctor learns about Rebecca selling to the Salvadorians. Fraser feels betrayed by Proctor after all the professional history they have together. Fraser says that Proctor must apologise and then die. Proctor responds by saying that he will slit Fraser's throat like a "f*cking cow."

Gordon comes to visit Carrie with the divorce papers he's just received. They're at a crossroads where they must decide whether to reconcile or end things. Gordon is more understanding of the pressure she must've been under when looking over her shoulder all those years. They ponder about whether they can start over.

In a flashback, we see Lucas meet Job for the first time. Lucas was supposed to kill Job but Job talked him out of it by making him see that their boss is planning on killing Lucas after he kills Job. Job also makes him see that he is an asset with all of the knowledge he has about important things. Lucas shoots his way out with Job close behind.

Rebecca comes to ask Lucas for help since the Blackbeards have taken Proctor. Lucas refuses her help but then Rebecca meets Deputy Louts outside who wants Lucas to help because they also took Emily. Lucas agrees to help and then he calls for Job for help but Job won't answer because they're still in an argument. In a continuation of the flashback, we see Job offer Lucas a place to hide.

The tech team helping Col. Stowe is able to track the hack to the military base to lead them to Sugar Bates as well as Job, though there's basically no information about Job since he's scrubbed himself out of the systems. But apparently, he's a wanted man by all the biggest law enforcement organisations and he's a legend in the hacking community.

Job helps Lucas track down the location of Proctor and Emily but they're still on the outs. They come in guns blazing and Fraser is willing to talk when he learns that Lucas is law enforcement. Lucas is ready to let them keep Fraser as long as they let Emily go. She doesn't want to leave Proctor but shouts at her to leave. Louts gets her out and Lucas leaves. When they come out, Rebecca and Burton have shown up since they followed them there. Rebecca is angry at them for not helping Proctor but Burton is more concerned with just getting in there.

Fraser leaves his men to dispose of Proctor but Proctor manages to get out of his chair and steal one of the weapons while Burton and Rebecca are using an ax to break through the door. When they get inside, Proctor is the only one standing while the other men are lying wounded on the floor. He gives a speech about who he thought God was calling him back after his mother died but now he thinks it was just grief. He prepares to burn the men that were about to set him aflame, still monologuing, and apologises to his mother before setting her handkerchief on fire and using it to light the men up.

Deva is getting high in the woods before Billy Raven shows up and arrests her. Deputy Bunker goes to beat up some old skinhead associates so he can vent the frustrations he feels from being shunned be people who rightfully don't want to associate with skinheads.

Col. Stowe comes to Bates' bar who tells him about the robbery. He all but outright says that he knows Bates was involved in the robbery so Bates pulls out his weapon but then Col. Stowe's backup shows up and shoots up the bar. Meanwhile, the hacker Leo shows up at Job's place and sedates him to take him captive, fangirling all the while over meeting the legendary Job. Carrie is heading to her car and realises someone is watching her so she pulls her weapon out but then she sees all the sniper laser points on her so she lowers her weapon.

Emily is angry at Brock for not saving Proctor too and refuses to listen to his insisting that she is hooking up with a very dangerous criminal. The fight escalates so he shoots out the tires on her car.

Gordon is called in to pick up Deva and he informs Deputy Bunker that Deva is going to spend the night in jail. It's time for Deva to know that she can't expect that she can keep misbehaving and he'll bail her out. She's emotional but it's really quite ridiculous. It's not like she has a bunch of dangerous criminals in the cell with her.

Proctor returns home and ends things with Emily, saying that she will be compensated for all her trouble. She says she's not afraid of those men and he sternly tells her it's not those men that she should be afraid of. Rebecca smirks in the front seat while Burton sits in the driver's seat.

Lucas returns to the station to find Deva at the station and refuses to have her stay cooped up regardless of what Gordon said.

Job wakes up tied to a chair with Leo still fangirling over him and Carrie is tied up and being beaten and interrogated by Col. Stowe. When he asks about whether their relationship was all part of the scheme and she claims that it was. He wants to know the fourth person in their gang but she won't give up Lucas' name. Stowe has his second-in-command continue his beating of Carrie. Lucas arrives at Sugar Bates' bar and finds bullets on the floor and the place shot up. Bates is nowhere to be seen and Gordon shows up to tell Lucas to back off of Deva but Lucas instead shows him the bullets and asks where Carrie is, to which Gordon responds by asking him what he has done now. Finally, we see Sugar bloody and tied up and in Stowe's captivity.

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