Bitten S02E01 Recap: Bad Blood

After a long hiatus, Bitten is finally back. Last time we saw the lycanthropes, Elena found her ex-main squeeze's head in her bed. So much for letting Phillip go so he could live his normal life, and her her wolfy one.

Nate Parker duped them last year, posing as a hacker, who was working for Papa Malcolm and putting Phillip on the wolf trail. Now, he's sitting under spot light ala interrogation style. From the top. He tells the voice that his name is Nate Parker, he was hired by Malcolm Danvers, and he shot the wolf video. The room shakes slightly, and Nate looks worse for the wear as he's asked to repeat his story. He wasn't a part of the attack on Stonehaven, he had nothing to do with that, but he does know about the new recruit efforts. The lights flicker, and Nate wets himself. He pleads. Malcolm is the one that they want, and he is willing to tell the voice anything it wants to hear. The room stops shaking, and no sound comes from the speaker. Hospital gown clad Nate doesn't think anyone is there, as he looks into the two way mirror. He asks what they did to him, panicked that he's getting no response. He's got an odd symbol on his neck. He tries the door, and it opens. The sterile looking operating room on the other side is empty. Nate looks around warily, the entire place seems to be deserted. Ass hanging out of his gown, he heads for the open door, and outside. Nate takes off towards the woods, running as fast as he can. When he trips and falls, he uses the opportunity to strip the rest of the way down, and shift. Furred and on four legs Nate. Wolf Nate runs long and hard, but when he passes the same symbol branded onto his neck, the symbol smokes, on the post, and explodes on Nate's neck killing him. Bye Nate, I can't say you'll be missed.

Elena kicks in the door to the men's room, and she looks pissed, almost as fierce as a t-rex ruining a man's privacy. She pulls the poor guy from his business, she wants information. He knows better than to go against the pack, but he knows about the recruitment meetup. He gives Elena and Clay the information that he knows. He wants no part of that mess, he heard what they did to Elena's boyfriend. Elena squeezes at his windpipe. He confesses that no person deserves to die like that. Elena is off the hinges as she throws the man aside. Girl needs to get a grip on her emotions. She leaves the bathroom with Clay trailing behind her.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy is playing host to the Alpha council. He understands their concern, but they cannot change what has happened. One is more concerned with the actions that lead up to it, the fact that it could happen in his territory at all. Jeremy points out that they handled it, and made an example of the mutt responsible. The Russian Alpha, Roman, offers to do what Jeremy has no been able to, to kill his father. Jeremy will not let the death of 2 of his pack, or the kidnapping of an important person aka Logan's baby momma, go unpunished. Roman is less concerned about all of this, and more about killing Malcolm. The fish rots from the head he tells him. He thinks that packs are a reflection of leadership, and Jeremy's leadership is weak. An alpha cannot show his throat like this. He gives Jeremy one week to deliver Malcolm's head or they will find Malcolm and take his pack. Jeremy is backed into a corner. He invites the others to enjoy Montana while his pack takes care of business. One Alpha, the Spanish one, offers to remain behind, insists on it hoping for it to be a chance to get to know eachother. Jeremy is sure when they return that he will have Malcolm's head on a stick, as his pack is diligently searching.

Nick is currently searching the girl's tonsil's he's got pressed against his hotel door. He's using his sexy body as a distraction as he removes a pin from her jacket. The woman asks about moving into the hotel room to continue what they’d started but Nick teases he has a thing for public places. With the pin free, Nick gets the girl into his room, and Joey gets busy on the pin. The girl tries to take control of the situation, but Nick grabs her by the thighs, and dives into the situation face first.

Elena is looking for a bit of distraction as well. She's been running nonstop, with no sleep, but that's not going to stop her now. She wants Clay, and he's not really up for saying no as she strips him down, and herself as well. In the doorway, Clay takes Elena, helping her to forget her loss.

Logan gives Jacob's father his metals. Jacob's father doesn't know why his son would be caught up Malcolm Danvers. Logan didn't come all the way out to him to tell him that his son died, or to blow sunshine up his butt. He needs to know anything he knows about what Jacob was doing before, or while working with Malcolm. Jacob's father wants no part of the mess, Logan confesses that Malcolm has his pregnant girlfriend, and he's desperate to find her. Jacob's father tells Logan that prior to Jacob's death he had some calls from him about paying off a meth dealer.

Elena gets dressed in a hurry, telling Clay that they're leaving in a few minutes. Clay wants Elena to have a moment and grieve, deal with Phillip's death. Jorge dealt with Phillip's death she tells him. Jorge may have disposed of the body, but that does nothing to help her. Elena admits that Phillip's sister has been calling her nonstop, and she doesn't know what to say to her. As far as his family is concerned Phillip died in a car crash and thinks that she has nothing to do with it. Clay tells her that she had nothing to do with it, but she knows differently.

For being on a deadline, Jeremy is very calm, Sanchez notes. He should be frantic, looking for Malcolm, not sitting around having drinks with another alpha. Sanchez points out Roman never misses an opportunity to disrespect another alpha, and how he did so by sitting in Jeremy's chair. Jeremy saw, and reminds him that not all great alpha's are heavy handed, Sanchez's father wasn't. He lead his pack with his heart. Sanchez asks Jeremy what he will do if Malcolm does get away with his pregnant hostage. R-oh. Jeremy never said Malcolm's hostage was pregnant, but Jeremy lets it go. Malcolm is being backed for sure, since he has no money. He's obviously being backed by outside money. Jeremy asks if Malcolm is being funded by Russian money, if he will back him on killing Roman. Sanchez is all in.

Elena and Clay scope out another potential informant. Elena gets handsy again. She's extra rough with this one. He taunts Clay about letting his girlfriend handle the interrogation, but Elena has it under control, like extra ragey control. The informant doesn't have much to give though. No one is wishing to be recruited, and he tries to goad Elena into killing him. Malcolm is going to kill him anyways, and he figures that Elena will do a prettier job. He tells Elena that it was him that killed her boyfriend, not Malcolm. He beheaded him as he begged for his life. Elena rips his tongue from his mouth, and snaps his neck. Clay thinks that he could have had more information, but Elena doesn't think it matters. It doesn't anymore, and she torches the body for good measure.

As they leave the shipyard, they're confronted by a group of people also looking for Malcolm. They pick a fight with the wolves, and even out numbered, the people stand no chance. Elena stabs one with her own knife and she repeats that they're there for the one true curse, the one called Malcolm Danvers, as she extracts her blade from her side. Clay and Elena kill all of them, and they all have the same odd brand that Nate had earlier. Clay notes that all of them acted like they felt no pain, and Elena wonders what Malcolm has gotten himself into.

Nick's girl toy, returns to work with a little extra bounce in her step. Siobhan, returns to her office, with her lapel pin firmly in place. She gets a call from the FBI, Joey asks about some bank activity on an account. It goes against bank policy, but Joey presses, telling her that the guy is sick, like 10 year old girl sick. Using the lapel pin camera, Nick sees what's on her screen and is able to take a picture of it. Siobhan tells him there are no transactions from the Philippians, and Joey gets off the phone quickly. Nick phones Jeremy, they have what they were after. Lots of transactions, but none since the attack. It looks as if he was making utility payments, which could be his home base. Jeremy phones Clay and Elena, sending them to Rochester. Logan is still off the grid, but they have to act fast. Elena asks what happens if they don't find Malcolm in that time. He tells her not to worry about it, and disconnects her. Nick presses, and Jeremy tells him that he'll have to step down and give up the pack. Jeremy asks where the money is coming from, Russia is the source. Joey is free to go, but Nick has to return home, they have some business with the Spanish Alpha to attend to. Nick gives Joey his walking papers. Joey tells Nick if he finds Malcolm to kill him for their fathers.

Nick calls to Logan, who's busy interrogating his own leads. Nick tells him that they have a lead on Rachel, that she may be in Rochester. Clay and Elena are headed that way as well, and if he gets there first he should wait for them. Logan barely agrees, but he's not likely going to wait more than a second.

Poor Rachel is being held captives by a group mutts. She's refusing to eat. One points out that she should think of the baby, and she is. They've been drugging her food. Malcolm can't reach either of the men that he sent off to gather recruits. If the pack can get to those men, they can get to them. It's not time to move, but to prepare. The lights flicker, and there's whispering. Malcolm tells them to go see what that is. A black bird flies into the house, and breaks its neck against the wall. It's a bad omen the mutt is sure. The bird gets up and flies away. Everyone's noses start bleeding, before they're blinded by light.

Logan finds the house, and there's blood everywhere. Its on streaked on the walls. There are fallen mutts, and a giant bloody symbol on the wall. Logan finds one still alive, he's been stabbed in the stomach. He knows that they're all going to die. Logan pleads with him, asking him where Malcolm is going to take her as he dies. Clay and Elena find Logan. She followed Malcolm's trail, but it was too faint. Logan wants to go out to try to track it. He finds her shoe. Elena asks when the last time he slept was. Logan can't sleep now. He knows that Rachel was there. Elena wants to get him out of there, anywhere to get some rest. Clay takes a pitcure of the bloody symbol with his phone.

Malcolm sits in a diner, sketching the symbol as a waitress refills his coffee. An elderly man makes friends with Malcolm, and offers him a ride. Outside, in a bee covered car the witches watch Malcolm. Paige wants to stop him, but Ruth prefers a little more privacy. Instead they plan to follow him.

Nick arrives home, and updates Jeremy on Clay, Elena and Logan. With no sign of Malcolm, Nick thinks that they should be preparing to play hardball, but Jeremy has a way of doing things. He introduces Nick to Rodrigo Sanchez. Jeremy tells Sanchez that Nick was in New York tracking down Malcolm's accounts, and that the accounts point to Russia. Sanchez tells him that he has the proof that he needs to go against Roman, but Jeremy knows that Roman has never met his father, and he was careful to not reveal that Rachel was pregnant. Nick smells fear, which is why wolves never play poker together. Jeremy believes there are two ways to be a traitor, and Sanchez has chosen the weaselly way. He slams Sanchez onto the desk. He has put the pieces together. Sanchez funded Malcolm through a Russian bank so that they would blame Roman. Sanchez confesses that Malcolm called him recently, wanting money wired to Baton Rouge, and that Malcolm is planning to fly to Bangkok. He knows nothing more about the girl, only that Malcolm had her. Rather than killing him, Jeremy offers to give him another chance. If the other packs learned of Sanchez's betrayal Roman wouldn't just kill his infant son, but skin him alive. He tells Sanchez to wait for his call.

Ruth and Paige lose Malcolm, but luckily they have magic on their side, and Ruth uses it to find Malcolm's direction. The old man who offered to drive Malcolm is a kind spirit, and Malcolm is actually sorry for what he's about to do. He kills him, and tosses his body from the truck before setting back out.

Elena wonders how Malcolm could have killed all of those men. Clay shows Elena the symbol that was out of the house, which was the same one on the people from the docks. Nick calls Clay and gives him an update, and also what's really at stake. They have to find Malcolm and fast or Jeremy will lose the pack. The trio set out for Baton Rouge, and Jeremy and Nick plan to follow.

Malcolm in his pilfered truck heads to his hidey hole. The pack gathers together, and prepares to storm the castle. Logan is ready to get his girlfriend back, and take his son and raise him as a mutt. That's not going to happen. He's going to bring the boy to Jeremy to raise as part of the pack. Logan reluctantly agrees and Jeremy is ready to finish what they started. Jeremy and the others find Malcolm easily enough. He's not even trying to hide. Jeremy plans to hold him accountable for Pete, Antonio and Phillip's deaths. Jeremy and Malcolm come to blows.

Logan hears the sound of Rachel's voice and goes running toward the sound, with Nick not far behind him.

Jeremy and Malcolm continue to battle as Clay and Elena watch. There are pictures of the symbol all around. Malcolm tells Elena that something is coming for them, that she should protect herself.

Logan and Nick run across the field, guided by what Logan thinks is Rachel. He heads out to a covered well, but find nothing but a floating doll. Paige and Ruth watch from the distance. Rachel isn't there, and Logan knows that they can't kill Malcolm.

Jeremy stabs Malcolm with a chisel, and he removes it from his side and goes on the attack. Jeremy gets the upperhand and the chisel back, but before he can use it to finally end Malcolm's reign of terror, Logan arrives. Rachel isn't there, they can't kill Malcolm yet. Jeremy asks where Rachel is, but that's one card Malcolm isn't ready to reveal.

They bind Malcolm's hands, but he's going willingly. He wants to get out of the open quickly. Elena reminds him that he isn't safe with them, but he's safer with them than he is out in the open.

Jeremy reminds Logan that they may not get the truth from Malcolm no matter what.

Malcolm has been through a lot this past weekend. Clay shows him the bloody symbol, asking him if this has anything to do with his fear. He's seen something, but he won't saw what yet. They put him in the car. Clay plans to stay behind, to find out what the symbol is. He wants Elena to go home with Jeremy, to be there when Malcolm dies.

Paige and Ruth watch from the trees. They can't distract all the wolves at the same time. They plan to follow Malcolm where ever he goes.

In a circle of candles, under the moonlight, Paige let's Savannah talk though her. Alastair came back angry. He was mad about the wolf, not her. Savannah hears screams.

On a table lies the dead Nate. He's still in wolf form and he's being dissected. On the table next to him is Rachel. She's tied down, as doctor's go about their work. One stabs her in the belly with a huge syringe, and she screams. Poor girl.


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