Bitten S02E02 Recap: Scare Tactics

Is it me or goes the witch symbol look like a devil's penis? I completely missed that last week, but as they show what's happened up until now, it's quite clear. The witches have invaded this season, and its still unclear it they're friend or foe. 

Our episode starts 20 years ago in Baton Rouge. Clay and his mother are preparing for his father to return home from war. His mother reminds him that no matter what, he will always be special to her, before she sends him out to play. Clay runs into Malcolm. He says he's a really hungry man. He tells Clay to run full speed, reasoning that it will take him a while to go home. Clay is confused that he wants to chase him. Malcolm tells the boy that he plans to eat him, taking pleasure in his fear. Adrenaline makes the meat taste good. He scares the boy into running, and run Clay does. He hides in some tree roots, too deep for a wolf Malcolm to reach. Malcolm manages to snag Clay's leg, but he can't pull the boy free. He leaves the bitten boy in search of other prey.

Now, Malcolm awakens in his cell with Logan standing guard. Above, Jeremy wants Logan to get some sleep. Nick and Elena prepare lunch. Elena wants Malcolm dead, but they can't kill him. With Rachel still missing they have to assume she's alive. If Clay were there, he would torture the information out of him, but Nick knows that won't work on Malcolm. He enjoys the pain too much. Elena knows that everyone is afraid of something, even the devil.

Clay goes to a professor that specializes in pre-celtic symbols. He's delighted to be of help, until he sees the symbol. He's freaked out by the devil's penis. He wants to know the medium it was inscribed with. Clay admits that it was in blood on a wall. The professor finally tells him that it's witchcraft, and some heavy duty stuff. He advises him to rip the paper up and forget he ever saw it, or not, but he can't help with it. He does give him a name that could help him, but warns Clay not to poke at monsters. Clay isn't afraid of monsters though.

Logan tries to psychoanalyze Malcolm, but its not working. Jeremy comes and relieves him of his guard, though Logan doesn't want to go. Jeremy puts his alpha foot down. Malcolm paces his cage. He wants out, but Jeremy isn't going to let him go. Malcolm warns that something is coming for them. He's not sure what it is, but its strong. Jeremy thinks its a ploy, but Malcolm reminds him that he's betting the life of the first child born to his pack. Jeremy is enjoying Malcolm's fear.

Clay goes to find Ms. Euruba. He scopes out the place, but there doesn't appear to be anyone home. Clay heads out back, and finds a building full of symbols, and clucking chickens. Ms. Euruba had her throat ripped out. Someone didn't want her talking.
Nick and Jeremy wait for Sanchez. Nick asks if Jeremy is sure that he wants to do this, and Jeremy is very sure. He tells Sanchez that they have Malcolm, and he's alive. Sanchez is thankful for the opportunity to wipe away the bad blood between them and asks for the chance to kill Malcolm himself, and bring their packs closer together. Sanchez isn't pressing though, he's on thin ice. Jeremy invites him inside, and brings him downstairs. Malcolm thinks that Jeremy has come to his senses, but its Sanchez who has. He bet on the wrong horse, and now its time to put it down.

With Ms. Euruba unable to give Clay any of the answers that he needs, Clay searches her home for something that may be of help. He looks around, and finds a false panel and a hidden book.

Malcolm tells Sanchez that he wants to speak with the Alpha council. He needs to warn them of the danger coming, but Sanchez is buying his story no more than Jeremy did. Jeremy explains that Sanchez came to watch the end of treachery. Sanchez asks if there is anything he wants to say before he kills him. Malcolm delivers a final insult to Sanchez and from behind Jeremy rips out Sanchez's throat. He asks Malcolm again where Rachel is threatening to kill him. But with the whispering in the air, Malcolm knows that Jeremy won't have a chance. The witches have arrived.

Inside of the book Clay finds the Devil's penis with the note “The Destroyer Comes.”

The whispering leads Nick upstairs. Its all around, and it brings Elena and Logan too. None of them know what it is.

Clay returns home, or what use to be home, long ago. The trailer he once lived in is a graffiti mess. He enters, and the inside looks as bad as the outside. It's obvious that kids have been sneaking in for years to have a good time. A man comes from behind him with a shotgun. It doesn't look like much, but its not open to the public. Clay asks about the family that use to live here. The man remembers the family well. The woman was a peach, very sweet. Clay asks if he has contact information, but the man reveals that the family died. The woman was killed by a wolf, where he is standing, the boy (him) was never found. When the father came home from Somalia, he killed himself in grief. Clay runs from the home.

Logan heads down to Malcolm again, posturing, and demanding Rachel's location. Malcolm again asks for freedom in exchange for his information. Logan realizes that he doesn't have her. Malcolm demands that he open the gate, warning that they're both defenseless, but they aren't. Logan shifts.

Nick, Elena and Jeremy head outside. Fog covers the grounds of Stonehaven, the whispering is everywhere. Jeremy has the pair circle the grounds, trying to surround the enemy. Nick and Elena head off in different directions. Separated they look for the cause of the fog and noise. Nick finds a mewing bag that writhes on the ground. He doesn't touch it. Out of the fog, a white eyed Paige appears and pokes him just under his eye. Nick's eye's begin to pour blood, and he screams. Elena and Jeremy rush towards him.

Fog pours into the house, and with it Ruth. She uses her crazy marble to find Malcolm. It rolls down the stairs, and straight to his cage.

Nick continues to scream as Jeremy and Elena reach him. He screams about being blind, about the blood, but Jeremy assures him that there is no blood. He sends Nick back to the house with Elena as he searches for the woman in the fog.

Ruth heads towards the basement, but meets a wolfed out Logan. She shuts the door, and heads away without her prize.

Elena comforts Nick, bringing him back to reality with her touch, and her voice. He finally pulls out of the spell that haunted him like a bad dream.

The next morning, Nick looks better, but he didn't get much sleep. Still he tells Elena to get some sleep, she's been up for nearly a day. Jeremy didn't find any trace of the woman, and they aren't ghost he's sure of. Elena puts on her coat. She doesn't want to go out, but she has to. Phillip's sister is in town, and she doesn't want her to come to the gates, especially not with the mess they have going on. Nick offers Elena his keys and gives her some sage advice. If she sees a woman with white eyes, to run her over.

Malcolm had nothing to do with the attack upstairs, he was in his cell the entire time. Jeremy asks what happened to his men in Rochester. Malcolm admits that he thought that it was Jeremy coming after him at first. He thought they were humans, but they didn't feel any pain. He tucked Rachel away before the attack. There are dark forces at work, dark forces that they cannot explain. Clay knows it was witchcraft. Clay found the woman that Malcolm killed when she wouldn't give him the book. Malcolm warns them that the book is the only thing that can combat the witches. He wants the book to protect them all. They are no match for the witches, they took out all of his wolves in Rochester in no time at all.

Elena walks into the diner where Diane awaits. The two use to be best friends, but as Elena approaches, its clear that ship is long gone. Elena awkwardly sits down, and offers her an apology. She couldn't bring herself to come to the funeral. Diane has been trying to figure out where it all went south. Phillip started acting all jealous, and then ranting how Elena was a part of some crime family, and she brushed it off as a nervous breakdown, until he was stabbed in his own apartment. She asks point blank if it was Clay. Elena admits that Clay was trying to protect him. She tells Diane that Phillip was headed to the airport, the two of them were going to run off to Paris to escape her family and their crazy drama. There is a darkness in her family, death and murder, and she was part of it. She tried to get away from it, and Phillip, her, and their family were her lifeline. Phillip was going to save her from it all. Diane thinks that they should have gone to the police. Phillip understood that wasn't an option, that was why they were running. She couldn't do the one thing that would save him, leaving him. If she would have left him he would have had a broken heart, but he would have been alive. Elena lays all the blame solely on her shoulders. Diane asks if she ever loved him. Elena thinks that she did, but it wasn't enough. Diane doesn't know Elena, she never really did, and she can't even go to the police. Money, power, what do they fight for, Diane asks. Right now they fight for revenge. Diane asks that she never contact her again, and Elena leaves bent a mangled spoon in her wake.

The men prepare to summon the women that have attacked them, and Nick can't believe they're actually doing it. Jeremy says the incantation, but nothing happens at first, and then the whispering starts up. Clay, Logan, Nick and Jeremy rush into the library, and seated at Jeremy's desk is Paige and Ruth. Clay rushes forward, and Paige warns him against it, Nick agrees with her, having been whammied by her. Ruth lays the cards on the table, they both know what the other is. Nick can't believe that they summoned witches, but they didn't summon them. They walked through the unlocked front door, not that they didn't hear the summons. Paige pulls forward a chair, flexing her magic muscles. The wolves are at a disadvantage, knowing little about the witches. Ruth apologizes for her daughter's youthful zeal. Jeremy sends Clay and Logan to guard the entrances as Ruth asks to take a seat hearby. Nick and Paige mirror each other's stances by their leaders. Ruth slips Jeremy her card. Paige takes some cheap shots at Nick, its going to be fun between the two. Ruth explains who she is, she's a cosmetic proprietor. They have no desire to expose the wolves, and yet they're there. Jeremy asks if they were responsible for Rochester. Paige tells him that they only saw the aftermath. Ruth tells him that the man who did that knows that they exist, all of them. They're being hunted. The man wants the werewolf downstairs and so do they.

Elena pays Malcolm a little visit. She wants to know why he killed Phillip. She needed to know who was in charge, not him, but her wolf nature. He asks her if she still has the dream of normalcy. He mocks that dream. The rage she feels is her wolf desperate to break free, and he gave her the gift of not being tied down to anyone. She only wants his death.

Ruth explains that the pack may want Malcolm dead, but they want to trade him for a young witch who is being held hostage. The girl hasn't yet come into her powers, she's helpless, and she's been kidnapped by this force. Ruth asks for his help. Jeremy understands that she wants Malcolm, but he can't turn him over. Ruth points out that he may think that brute force is enough, but it isn't. Soon they will come for him, and he will be begging them for help. Jeremy doubts that. Ruth knows that he's either on their side, or in their way, and right now he's in their way.

Malcolm continues to taunt Elena. He thinks it's only fitting that she be the one that kill him. He made Clay and he made her. He gets Elena all worked up, to the point that Elena opens up the cage, but luckily Clay is there before she can do anything really stupid. Clay gets the door closed, and Logan drags her away. She's sorry that she almost killed Malcolm, that she would have killed their only lead to Rachel, but that Malcolm really needs to die. Why exactly is TV Elena so much dumber than book Elena? Clay is left alone with Malcolm. Malcolm admires the fight in Elena, she has more fire than any of the rest of them. He knew when Clay returned from Baton Rouge that Clay had heard the tale of the wolf who ate his mother. He admits that he tore her to bits. Clay is upset, but he walks away.

Elena finally admits that she needs to deal with Phillip's murder. She almost blew Logan's chance of finding Rachel. She isn't sure what she's capable of. He just wants her to find peace, and that's what she wants too. Apparently peace means that sex with Clay. Elena lays back on the bed, and Clay strips down.

Jeremy goes to see his father once more. He's come to the realization that Malcolm was taken by surprised in Rochester. He was in way over his head, and he doesn't have Rachel. Without knowledge of her, he has no bargaining chips left. Malcolm is sure that Jeremy won't survive what's coming, that he and his pack will be joining him in death soon enough. Jeremy has no plans of that. He will deal with the witches and what is coming, and he will protect his family. He spend so long scared of his father, and now he will end his life at dawn.

Logan tries to drink his pain away. Malcolm doesn't know where Rachel is, she may be gone. Jeremy tells him that he has to prepare for the worse. His pack is his home, and no matter the outcome, they will help him get through this.

More whispering, and something funky in the nuts that Ruth was playing with. Elena awakens, knowing that something is wrong. She and Clay head downstairs to check things out. Every door and every window is open. Elena rushes to the basement, her thoughts tuning to Malcolm. The door to his cell is open, and he's gone.


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