Bitten S02E03 Recap: Hell's Teeth

One week ago in Massachusetts Paige tells Savannah she can have one hour of television when she gets her homework done. She's being generous considering the girl suppose to be grounded. Savannah points out that she isn't the boss, but Paige thinks that she is. Paige goes to grab her keys, but they skitter out of reach. Savannah claims that she didn't do it, but Paige asks her again anyways. The ceiling shakes, and a man appears across from Savannah at the table, he tells her there's no need to be afraid. Hmmm, that's not comforting. Savannah calls to Paige, but she doesn't hear her, she appears frozen. The man tells her that she will be fine, and introduces himself as Aleister.

The ceiling cracking and Aleister is doing the crazy Ring move, as Paige shouts to Savannah, but she doesn't hear her, or see what's really happening.

Savannah doesn't remember anyone by the name of Aleister. He points out that the coven keeps her in the dark about a lot of things. They aren't family, they don't care, but he does. He tells her that she's the most powerful witch of all. She doesn't have her powers yet, but she will. He eats a piece of candy, and offers her one, and she actually takes the candy from the strange man. Didn't her mother teach her anything?! The weird candy goes in her mouth and slithers under her skin. He says “I am the Lock,” and she replies with “ I am the Key.”

The house continues to be rocked apart, as Aleister shakes in and out of this reality. There's a blinding light, and Paige is nearly pulled forward as Aleister and Savannah disappear. Well, atleast the house stopped shaking, and ceiling repaired itself. Paige looks around, but Savannah is totally gone.

The cell door to Malcolm's cage is open. Elena runs through the woods, with the men hot on her trail. Malcolm is long gone. They make it to the road, but Malcolm is gone. The witches have no clue what they've unleashed. The Alpha council want Malcolm, and Nick isn't going to just let him go. He takes off back into the woods, and Logan goes with him.

Elena, Clay and Jeremy regroup back at the house. With Malcolm gone, they have no bargaining chips with the Alpha Council, no way to protect Jeremy's seat. It's not about Malcolm anymore. With Sanchez dead in the war room, it could be seen as a declaration of war. They need to dispose of the body, and hide the fact that Malcolm was ever there. Ruth's ring, hidden in the walnuts starts to move on its own. It skitters across the table onto the floor. Jeremy follows the ring. Elena plans to head after Malcolm. They know where the witches are, they left their card.

Jeremy catches the ring, and allows it to lead him towards the door. He hears the whispering and tells them to show themselves. It's Ruth and Paige of course, but they don't have Malcolm with them. Jeremy tells them that he wants Malcolm back, but Paige isn't giving him anything. He plans to hold the ring hostage, which he assumes is important since they came back for it. Paige uses her powers to push Jeremy back, and he commands them to stop. Paige leviatates him, and Ruth tells her to release him. Paige points out that she's only fighting fire with fire, and forces him to release the ring. Ruth places the ring back on her finger, and all the doors and windows close in the house. Clay and Elena rush into the room as Ruth apologizes for the rude treatment. Jeremy threatens to rip out their throat if they ever do something like that again. Paige and Ruth look in astonishment at the female werewolf. They heard of her existence, but treat her like a carnival attraction. Paige thinks she's just as barbaric as the rest of them. Since Jeremy refused to hand over Malcolm, they took him, like any witch would. Nick and Logan return, but Paige cautions them back. Ruth confesses that Aleister wants Malcolm in exchange for Savannah, which Savannah herself told them. They're willing to help them find Savannah, but they want Malcolm back. Ruth is willing to play. They will use Malcolm as bait to get Savannah. Nick and Logan will go with the witches now, and the rest will follow. Nick asks after Malcolm, wondering where he's stashed, but punchy Paige remains mum. She won't let him near Malcolm until the trade is made.

Malcolm is riding with a woman. She pulls over when she gets a call. He's surprised that she would pick up a hitchhiker, but she likes the company. He notices her marble, and it follows his moving hand. He makes a grab for the woman's throat, but she uses her powers to press him against the window. All she wanted was a small meaningful exchange.

Elena wonders if they're walking into a trap. Clay isn't sure that he witches are trust worthy, but they don't have much choice. They also have company. The trio head out front to see who it is, a couple of wolves from the Spanish pack have come looking for their alpha.

Jeremy allows them in. He tells them that Sanchez was there for the council meeting,but that he isn't there anymore. If he said he was coming back, he lied. A lie may have been told, but Eduardo has yet to determine who is the liar. Clay bristles at him practically calling Jeremy a liar, but Jeremy is quick to calm his hulk. He understands Eduardo's concerns. Eduardo just wants to find his alpha. Jeremy asks for a moment, and Clay and Elena give them some privacy. Eduardo thinks that his alpha may have become one of the many tragedies that Stonehaven has seen recently. Jeremy offers to let him make that accusation if front of the Alpha Council when they reconvene, but warns that they frown on false accusations.

Clay and Elena get to work disposing of Sanchez's body. Luckily that place has a hidden tunnel system, and an endless supply of bleach. Clay does the heavy lifting, and Elena the pouring. With the body gone, Clay helps with the scrubbing.

Eduardo tells him that every man has his skeletons, and he has his father. He asks Jeremy to show him around. Jeremy doesn't have to do anything, but Eduardo takes a more pleading tone. He just wants to look around so that he can go back home. Jeremy takes him through the house, explaining that they did recently see a lot of carnage, that Elena was nearly killed, but they protected their home. He comes face to face with Elena and Clay, who just finished cleaning up. He notes the strong bleach smell. Elena admits that there was a lot of blood, but they take great pride in their home and their legacy. He declares that he's seen all that he needs to see. Jeremy praises his loyalty, and hopes that he finds him. Clay needs to finish things now.

Clay and Elena prepare to burn the body. They need to dispose of Sanchez, and makes sure that it doesn't come back on Jeremy. Elena is upset that its not Malcolm's body joining him. They should have killed Malcolm when they had the chance. Oh should of, would of, could of. Clay has no time for that nonsense.

The witch tells Malcolm to stop struggling. He's only going to hurt himself trying to get out of her binding spell. He asks if she's the creature that attacked him in Rochester. She isn't, but she plans to give him to him. The witch likes the specimen in front of her, he's a fine one. Malcolm offers to let his assistance, but she doesn't' need him for anything except bait.

Savannah watches a top spin, a woman talks to the walls. Aleister tells her not to mind the woman, she's not feeling well. She asks if she was the one screaming, but she wasn't. It was the pregnant woman. He asks if her room is to her liking, but its a cage, worse than what she had with Paige. Aleister tells her its for her own safety. He offers to teach her a new power, something her coven would never allow her to learn. Instead, Savannah asks about a dream she had. She dreamt of a barn,with a werewolf inside. When Aleister saw Malcolm he seemed very happy. Aleister finds her vision intriguing, wishing that they knew where the barn was. Savannah wrote down what she remembered of its location. Aleister asks her if there is anything else, and she hesitates, saying no. Her skin crawls, and he does the whole I am the lock, which she answers I am the key before telling him not to go alone, that Malcolm isn't alone. Aleister sends the top spinning more, and Savannah stands smiling.

Clay clips off Sacnhez's fingertips. The blood becomes too much as his thoughts turn to his mother, and her death. Elena knows that the blood is stirring up bad memories for Clay. Clay confesses that his parents didn't abandon him, that Malcolm killed his mother, and his father took his own life in his grief. Malcolm taught him to fight, and they let him slip away. When this business with the witches is complete he plans on making Malcolm pay.

Nick wonders what they're getting into with the witches. Logan presses forward. In the barn, Paige admits to her mother that she has a bad feeling about all of this. Ruth thinks that this is the only way they'll ever get Savannah back. No one feels more guilty than Paige, she was there when Aleister actually took her, she failed to protect Savannah. Ruth refuses to let Aleister steal away their future, they will get Savannah back. Paige agrees, and goes through the process of channeling Savannah. A white eyed Paige speaks as Savannah. She tells Ruth that she gave Aleister the information as instructed, and that she didn't reveal they could talk through channeling. Nick and Logan watch the whole witchy skype call. Logan tries to get Nick to focus, as Ruth promises to bring her home today. Savannah tells them that its quiet now, that the pregnant woman from Rochester has stopped screaming. Hearing about Rachel, Logan presses Paige for more, grabbing her. Paige falls out of her channel and into a seizure. Ruth struggles to pull Paige out. Nick tells Ruth that the woman is Logan's girlfriend and she's pregnant. Just because Aleister has Rachel doesn't mean that they will alter the plans, but atleast they know she's alive.

Clay and Elena burn Sanchez's things. Elena kisses Clay. For his mother, for Phillip, for everything that he's done, Malcolm will die today she vows.

Jeremy goes over the plan with Ruth. She thinks that they can hold Malcolm with their spells, but Jeremy wants to put his wolves around just in case they need some man power. Ruth agrees to it, but knows that magic will be enough. She confesses that they don't like to harm, or torture, but they also don't like their girls taken.

Nick and Paige do a walk around. Nick doesn't like the locations, 2 ways in and out. Paige is more confident. She spells a weather vane to let the know when Aleister is nearby. Clay mentioned that the followers seem immune to pain, but its not a spell that she's familiar with.

Jeremy goes over logistics with Logan. He and Clay will deal with any followers that come with Aleister. Jeremy is glad that Rachel is alive. They'll deal with him, with Malcolm and then find Rachel and bring her home. The witch convoy carrying Malcolm arrives, and he's not his normal cocky self. Whatever Jeremy has against him, he asks that he let him go and not turn him over to this thing, in hopes that they can all survive together. Jeremy tells him that he's worth more to them alive at the moment.

Malcolm is placed out in the open, waiting for Aleister. Elena's patience is running thin. It's been hours and nothing has happened. Jeremy tells her to be patient, they need this plan to work. The wolves hide in the grass. Paige's weather vane goes crazy, she peers through her glass. Aleister is coming. Aleister walks nonchalantly through the field, to approach Malcolm. He's been looking for Malcolm for a long time. The witches surround Aleister. He asks if he's the most powerful werewolf. Elena thinks that they should be on the move. Malcolm seems utterly speechless, but there will be time to talk. Ruth and Paige want Savannah back, but Aleister isn't done with her yet. Aleister needs Malcolm released, and plans to kill the witch holding him. With a flying piece of metal, he slices Bridgette's side, releasing her binding spell. Malcolm takes off running, as Ruth and Paige go to check out the damage to Bridgette. Elena and the wolves run to the fray, but Aleister knocks them back with a ground ripple. He's far more badass than any of them were expecting. It disorients them all, knocking Logan out completely.

A pair of trucks roll in, full of followers. Elena is on her feet first, headed to meet them with Clay, Jeremy and Nick close behind to meet the followers head on. Clay sends Elena off after Malcolm, and Nick heads to help Paige. Ruth meets Aleister face to face, but smartly circles herself for protection. He won't reveal who or what he is, only taunts that in time she will know him. She says that they've never done anything to him, but he tells her that they have, more than she knows. She won't see her girl again, but he thanks her for bringing him the wolf that he needed.

Paige tries to help Bridgette, but she's bleeding too much. One of the followers enters the barn, but Nick is there to protect the witches. The follower is small but feisty, and knocks around the much larger Nick. He knocks her back, and through a beam, but she gets up and is ready for more. Paige calmly places her hand on her head and knocks her out. Bridgette is dead.

Clay and Jeremy continue to fight their way through followers, body slamming a few so that they can follow Elena. Elena is hot on Malcolm's trail. It's not long before the she wolf catches up to him and tackles him. Malcolm taunts Elena, daring her to take him on. If she's ready to die, he's willing to kill her even if he did have high hopes for her. Elena goes toe to toe with Malcolm, but he's far more skilled than she is. He's got the same brute strength as her, and he's unwilling to pull any punches. He beats her and chokes her, but she's not done. She changes just her fingers, and stabs him in the throat. It's her that gets to say goodbye to him. Malcolm bleeds out. Aleister arrives, happily surprised. Malcolm wasn't the werewolf he was looking for after all. Elena rises to charge Aleister, but he makes them disappear in a flash. What no crazy candy needed?

Logan awakens, but the fighting is done, and the followers are defeated. The clean up crew takes away the bodies. Logan jumps in the back and hides among the dead.

Jeremy and Clay find Malcolm's body, but Elena is gone. Clay is about to go ape shit.

Nick gets some grizzled shots of Malcolm's dead body before telling him to rot in hell. Paige tends to her dead in a much more tender way, sprinkling Bridgette's body with flowers and herbs. She places Bridgette's necklace on her wrapped body. Nick comes to offer his condolences. Paige knew this plan was a mistake, and Bridgette paid the price. Nick is sure that she will have her revenge. Revenge is not what she wants. She thought this would be all over and she would have Savannah back. She never had a need for sisters because she had Savannah and Bridgette and now they're both gone. Nick is sure that they will get Savannah, Elena, Logan and Rachel back. Paige questions how he can see the good in her, he doesn't even know her, but she risked her life for her friend and that says a lot. It's a tender moment, and obviously further setting them up to be a couple in the future. Bleh, I don't ship this pairing. Paige asks to be left alone so that she can finish, and Nick takes a few steps away, but stays to watch. Paige finishes her ceremony, turning Bridgette's body into floating ash.

Clay tries to get the follower that Paige knocked out to focus. The woman continues to utter about keys and gates as Clay asks about the location where Elena, Savannah and Logan are. Ruth has done all she can to reverse the spell Aleister placed, but she's on some sort of loop. The Key to the Gate is the great undoing. Clay gets handsy, but Ruth cautions him against it. He could sent her further under the spell. The woman goes for a knife and stabs herself. Ruth tries to heal her, but its not use. Clay commands Ruth to get Paige to channel Savannah and find out if Elena is there and what is happening to her. If they don't recover Elena soon, Ruth is going to have more than a missing witch to worry about. Ruth actually looks scared, and she should be.

Elena lies strapped down to a table. She can't move under the heavy restraints.


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