Bitten S02E04 Recap: Dead Meat

Elena awakens to doctors shining lights in her eyes, cutting away at her clothes, but she's bound and still pretty much out of it. A tongue depressor is used as her saliva is taken as a sample. A lock of hair is taken. The room is full of specimens from all sorts of creatures. Aleister comes to check in on his newest pet. He tells her that she's the one that they've been waiting for, that she's the most powerful werewolf, and her blood will be the undoing. Aleister brands her neck with the giant devil's penis mark. I do hope that there's a way to remove that, it'd be an awful scar for the rest of the series. Elena passes out.

She awakens in a cell. She's sore, and semi naked, but someone was nice enough to leave her a tank top. Elena looks for a way out of her cement cage. She finds a weak spot in the wall and gives it a great big kick. It gives way, and she's able to make a small hole. A girl's voice is on the other side, its Savannah. Elena covers the hole from prying eyes when she hears footsteps coming her way. A pair of people come in, and taze her into unconsciousness.

Jeremy continues to make calls to find Elena. Clay has found nothing on foot. Ruth tells the men that Paige has made a connection telepathically with Savannah. She's upset that they haven't come to get her yet. Ruth asks if Aleister has ever asked about their powers. Savannah tells her that he already knows about them, that its not a big deal. Ruth stresses that Aleister may seem nice but he's not, and that he cannot be trusted. Clay wants to know about if Elena has been brought in. She tells them that a woman came in saying that her name was Elena. Savannah takes notice and interest in Clay, and if he's a wolf. Ruth tries to get Savannah back on subject, and Savannah grows frustrated that her questions aren't being answered. She tells them that Elena was just taken for more testing. This news distresses everyone. Ruth wants to know if they do testing on her, and Clay wants to know what type of testing is being done on Elena. Savannah doesn't get a chance to answer any questions, someone comes to retrieve her and she has to sever the connection with Paige quickly. Paige is left slightly disoriented, and has to ground herself, for now the channel is closed. Jeremy assures Clay that they will find Elena.

Elena struggles in her restraint. An overly smily doctor asks how she's feeling, she took out four drugs in her fight. Elena warns her that she won't like what happens next. The doctor hopes that means that she will turn into a werewolf. Until Elena they had never seen a female werewolf. Elena asks why they want her. The doctor tells her that they just want to study her. Elena doesn't believe her, and then the doctor goes all cult speaking about the undoing. She promises her that once the tests are done she can do for a run. They go through some auditory tests, and she's surprised even in human form she can still hear canine frequencies.

Logan arrives at the compound, exiting out of the dead collection vehicle.

Aleister meets with Savannah. He thanks her for her vision, telling her that the witches tried to trade for her like she was nothing more than an object. She thinks that they were concerned for her, he tells her that they were trying to control her. When she doesn't immediately come around to his way of thinking he uses the whole “I am the lock” and she answers with “I am the Key.” He tells her again that they're trying to control her, and she believes him. They never let her do anything, they treat her like a child. Aleister tells her that he won't let them take her, she's important to what he's doing. He tells her that she has a new neighbor, a werewolf. They have to lock her in for her own safety, but she has the intercom at her disposal. He snaps his fingers, and brings her out of her trance. He asks her what spell she would like to try. She hasn't come into her powers yet. He's sure that she will any day now. He notices that she's angry, angry at her coven for trying to control her, to try to stop her from reaching her full potential. He tells her to focus on the nearby glass, to let the emotion wash over her. She raises her right hand, but he tells her to lead with her left. As she concentrates the glass comes towards her. Its never happened before, and shes in awe.

Logan locates Rachel in with a pair of doctors, but he can't get to her yet without raising alarms.

Savannah's blood is tested against Elena's. It doesn't give the result that she was looking for. Aleister comes with the good news about Savannah. She's coming into her own power quickly, and he plans to move up her sessions. The doctor doesn't understand why he doesn't just harness her power, to use it through her, but he insists that Savannah needs to come to their path on her own. They're almost there. The doctor delivers the bad news. The wolf samples that she has have all yielded the same results. The wolf blood should be attacking the witch blood, but its not. He asks about the female. She hasn't changed into a wolf yet. Fear and sensory stress have caused the others to transform, but they have yet to find anything to make her change. She's truly a remarkable subject. Aleister cautions her not to become attached. Doctor Sondra is thankful for the opportunity that she's provided. Aleister warns her not to confuse her true purpose, they need her wolf blood. Sondra is quick to tell him that she is there for him and the undoing. He chose her for a purpose, she will get him what he needs.

Nick heard what happened to Paige. Jeremy and Clay are very anxious. He asks if she can reach Savannah again. It's not so simple. Paige can't just reconnect. He asks about the marble trick, but they can't use that either, if they could they would. Paige is just feeling everything too much at the moment, too powerless. Nick laughs at that. She made him believe his eyes were bleeding the first time that he met her, she's anything but powerless. They have a common enemy now, and Nick is sure that they will get their people back. Nick's flirting is a little much here, I love a flirty Nick more than anyone else, but a Nick and Paige hook up that's being set up, no thanks.

Ruth works with Jeremy, and they've got the cult member's body. There's a small electrical charge left in the brain after death for a short time, and they may be able to reach her. Not for a funeral rite, but for information. Rather contacting Jaimie to work with the dead like in the books, it looks like Ruth is planning to go all necromancer.

Sondra tries to appeal to Elena's stomach with a larger breakfast. The taser twins are on standby. Sondra promises no drugs, and even eats some chicken with her. Elena reluctantly eats. Sondra claims that they need just one more sample from her, and Elena doesn't understand, they've taken samples from everywhere. Sondra explains that they need her blood after she's turned into a wolf. Sounds simple enough, and Elena is refusing to give it. She throws away the chicken. Sondra warns her that if she won't give it willingly, they'll take it. Elena knows that Sondra isn't her friend, and she asks why Sondra isn't hypnotized like the rest. She doesn't need the focus to be on board. Her work is being used, and she thinks that Elena can help unlock so many secrets. Sondra sees that Elena is blind, but she will soon see. Elena points out that she nearly made her deaf too, and that wasn't to protect her. As they take her back to her cell, Elena takes in everything.

Paige tries to talk Ruth out of talking with the dead. It is dark magic, left hand path. It is not their way, and no one in their coven has tried it in a long time. Ruth is concerned that Aleister could lead her down a left hand path. Paige finds it preposterous that she would gamble on ifs. Ruth is sure its a when, and that Aleister is somehow a witch. If Aleister is a witch that means that someone broke the commandment, maybe someone like Ruth.

Elena is lead back to her cell, and she heads straight to the hole. Savannah is less than enthused that Elena is even talking to her. Elena tells her that she's breaking out, and taking Savannah with her. She asks if Savannah has ever been outside, and what she sees when she is. Savannah works on her left handed magic, and she's less than helpful. Elena tries to assure her that Aleister is trying to use her, that they came to her pack for help. Savannah tells her that because of her she's locked up. Elena tries to get through to her that her family just wants her back. Ruth and Paige aren't Savannah's family, her mother is dead. Elena knows that family isn't just the people that you're born to. Savannah has had enough banter with Elena, she calls on the intercom, that Elena is bothering her. One of the taser twins comes in, and delivers more than a few shocks to Elena, while Savannah listens in horror.

Jeremy finds Ruth applying ceremonial drawings to her hands. He offers to help, being a painter himself, and Ruth accepts his help. He asks how many witches are in her coven. It's just her and Paige now since Savannah was taken and Bridgette was killed. There are several small covens. Jeremy notes that he understands what its like playing so close to the heart. She once said that witches never have male children, and yet one seems to exist. How is there a male witch? Ruth doesn't know she claims, but Jeremy sees that she's holding back. Ruth claims that she is telling him everything that he knows and doing all that she can to find their people.

A guard comes out of the house where Rachel is being kept, and Logan grabs him, snapping his neck. He heads inside. Rachel is so glad to see him. A bell sounds. Logan tells her that he knows where they keep the vehicles, and he's getting her out. She warns him that the bell sounded, which means that they're coming for her. They can't wait for nightfall they have to go now.

Elena wakes up in a different cage. She tries to get her barrings in the dark, looking for a way out, or a weak spot. A blinding light turns on. Sondra and Aleister watch. Across the way, another wolf is caged. He thinks that she told them where to find him. Elena recognizes the voice, Richard. When the doors open he plans to kill her. Sondra tells them that they have a short time to change so they can measure combat. Elena warns him not to change, not to give them what they want. Richard is bitter, he told her everything that he knew, and she still gave him up to these awful people. Sondra begins counting down. Elena tells him that she didn't give him up, they want them to change, and once they do they'll die. Richard thinks she's trying to fool him. She points out that there were other wolves there, and now they're in jars. Richard begins to change, but Elena refuses. Sondra is concerned, Richard is much bigger than Elena. If she doesn't change she won't stand a chance. Aleister is sure that she'll be fine, he's seen what she can do. He also thinks that she's on the verge of changing. He doesn't care id she lives or dies, so long as she changes first. Elena comes out as a human and submits to the wolf much to the shock and dismay of Aleister and Sondra. Sondra calls for the guards to restrain Richard. Richard takes on one guard, and Elena finally gets to turn the table on the Taser happy one, tasing the heck out of her with her own baton. Elena and Richard get away, but Aleister isn't concerned. He's sure that they won't get far.

The alarms are ringing. Rachel and Logan continue to run for it. Rachel is sure that they'll figure out that she's gone soon. Over the intercom, Sondra announces that 2 have escaped and that the female needs to be apprehended alive. Rachel assumes its her, and they run faster.

Elena and Richard make it to the outside, and head straight for the wolves.

Logan and Rachel are full out running too.

The guards shoot tranqs at Elena and Richard, but they push forward through the pain, the wolf begins to smoke.

Rachel can't run further, the mark on her neck is burning. They're surrounded, and have no choice but to surrender.

The symbol marks the tree line, and its smoking. Wolfy Richard whines, but presses on. When he passes the trees with the symbols his head explodes. Elena goes down in pain, and because of the tranquilizers. Aleister taunts her, he can't let her go before she gives him what he wants. Elena passes out.

Clay did a missing person's search, and found the name of their dead cult member, Melanie Lau. Ruth thanks him for his information, and for keeping it from his pack. Its not something Ruth wants getting out. They aren't sure just how much or little they'll get from Melanie. Ruth begins with the spell. She feels something. She tells Paige to focus her energy at the north candle, and then Melanie's spirit takes over. Paige tries to get the information she needs from Melanie, but all she speaks about is needing to keep her job. Paige asks more specifically about Savannah, and Melanie speaks with more zeal through Ruth. Savannah is the key to the unmaking. Ruth collapses down on Melanie's body, and Melanie and Ruth rise up together. Paige is concerned, this is not suppose to happen. Jeremy presses on, asking more questions. When is the undoing. Melanie tells them that they all must die for the undoing. Melanie feels sick, she needs to see Dr. Bauer. Paige begs Jeremy to let her go, this is killing her mother. Paige severs their connection.

Elena awakens back in the lab, under Sondra's care. Aleister arrives. Sondra warns her that this is her last chance, to take it. Aleister knows that if you want to have something done you have to do it yourself. He brought Sondra in but she was weak. He knows Elena isn't weak though, he saw her kill Malcolm. She warns him that she will kill him too. She won't change, he'll have to kill her. Someone will die he warns. He brings in Rachel, and Elena is instantly more pliable. But Aleister does a Darth Vader force choke, and Elena begs him to stop, she'll change. She just needs a moment. Elena prepares herself to change. As she strips down, Aleister admires the view. Rachel looks away as Elena goes through the full transformation, but Aleister makes her watch.

Ruth struggles to get warm. Paige apologizes for breaking the connection so suddenly, but she feared for her life. Ruth is glad to be home, but Paige gently reminds her that they're still at Stonehaven. Paige thought that they could trust the wolves, but Ruth knows that they have to tread lightly with the wolves. Their first instinct is to kill, which doesn't make them trustworthy.

Jeremy takes a drink, Nick and Clay join him. He tells them about the lead Ruth uncovered in Dr. Bauer, and that Ruth revealed that there are more covens, some even know that they've been in contact with them. Jeremy thinks that they should keep the fact that Paige and Ruth are still there hidden. If the alpha council discovers that they're working with witches, and that they know about them, then there's going to trouble. Clay doesn't think the witches can be trusted, but Nick points out that Ruth just put her life on the line for them, that they can be trusted. Jeremy reveals that they aren't being told everything, that they can only trust them enough to get their people back, that they cannot let their guard all the way down.

Sondra works with her blood samples, finally getting the one she needs. The blood does not react how she expected, and she worries over the results. Sondra looks over Elena's blood, drawing it into a syringe.

Elena lays down in her cell. Savannah calls out to her, she's sorry for getting her hurt, for calling the guard on her. Elena assures her that she's fine. Savannah thought she was dead. Elena admits that she thought so too for awhile. Savannah is so confused, she's unsure who to trust. Elena can relate. She tells her that the way she makes that decision is to decide who is by her side when she's at her worse. Ruth and Paige have been that person. Then they're her family. Savannah still thinks that they want to control her, but Elena is sure they only want to protect her. It's a dine line sometimes, but they're not giving up on her, they want to find her badly. She asks if Savannah can see the moon, she can. Elena shares a secret with her. She lost her parents when she was young, she felt alone. She would tell herself that her new family was out there waiting for her. The moon is special to Savannah's coven too. Her coven is out there, searching for her, and they will find them. Until then, Elena will protect her. She understands what its like to be scared and alone and not knowing who to trust, she promises to protect her. She sticks her hand through the wall, and Savannah grabs a hold of it as she cries.

Under the moonlight, surrounded by torches and followers, Sondra has sex with Aleister. He tells her her that she failed him, that she didn't get it to work. She needs more time, and she makes her own sacrifice as she plunges the vial of Elena's blood into her leg. Her body shakes as the transformation takes her.


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