Bitten S02E05 Recap: Rabbit Hole

5 months ago, in the bunny lab there were experiments being done. Sondra worked hard, while some of the other lab assistants got frisky, until they were distracted by one of Sondra's mutations. The lusty lab assistants got away with their escapades, but Sondra was scolded, condemned for her work. The kind of work she was doing was not condoned by the establishment. Sondra begs Randall not to take them, not to euthanize them. She saw them as her glory, but she was forcefully taken from the building and let go in the parking garage. Sondra walks towards her car, before seeing the ledge. She prepares to jump off it, when a flock of birds freighten her, and she falls backwards. She breaks her ankle. As she cries in pain, Aleister appears to her. He offers her things beyond her wonder, and takes away her pain. She doesn't want him to take her pain, she wants to feel everything. He gives her pain back to her.

Now. Aleister tries to get Sondra to respond. Elena's wolf blood should have destroyed Savannah's. Since Sondra has wolf blood in her, he calls for Sondra to be injected with Savannah's as well to see if she can be of any use to him. Sondra tells them that its the wolf blood it won't be tamed. She suggests that they bring Elena in to help. Aleister brings in Elena to help. He needs her to be fixed, and its her blood causing her problems. Aleister thinks its up to him who lives and who dies. He no longer needs Elena, but he needs Sondra still. He suggests that she help her through all of this if she wants to live. Elena isn't sure that she will survive. Sondra can already feel herself getting stronger, she asks Elena to talk her through the change. Elena warns its going to get much worse.

Clay talks with Sondra's previous employer under the guise of hiring her for university work. Randall admits that he's unsure that he can give her a recommendation. Randall admits that for a brief time they were more than colleagues and she may think an unfavorable recommendation is personal. Clay just wants to know about her professionally. Randall admits after he fired her, he felt bad and went to check on her. When he did, she was packing her things to move in with another guy, Timothy Ashmont. Randall was very upset. Clay asks why she was fired and all he will say is that it was a breach in protocol.

Paige finds six T. Ashmonts, one dead. Nick asks for a crack at the hack, thinking he can do better than 411. Paige brings up all his Tinder match-ups. He plays like a cool guy but his most played song on Spotified is Beyonce's Single Ladies. Oooh, someone has been internet stalking. She is better at finding information than he is at covering his tracks. Nick brings Paige a ginger root as an olive branch. He wikied her herbs and found that Ginger is a powerful protector from evil. She's been through a lot and thought it could help. She tells him that if he had done all his research, ginger is also used for heating up love affairs. Nick seems surprised by this, and slightly uncomfortable, and Paige finds what looks to be the right Tim Ashmont. They find his information and prepare to head out.

Ruth asks if Melanie was laid to rest, and she was. Its a secret they will keep together. Jeremy is more interested in the secrets they're keeping from eachother. Aleister knew her name, and he wants to know why. Ruth claims that she never met him before the barn. She has no idea why he is targeting her or her coven. Jeremy asks why Aleister has gathered Savannah and wanted Malcolm, if its a part of some collection or something else. Ruth claims to not know. Nick and Paige reveal that they found a lead. Paige asks if Ruth will be fine if they go after their lead. Jeremy promises to keep her safe. Jeremy said to defeat their enemy they had to know their enemy, Ruth admits that Aleister is not their only enemy.

Savannah reads her book, asking Aleister why he took her. Aleister wonders if she wants that to be her lesson. Savannah still wants the answer, Elena is her friend. Aleister thinks that she could do better. He tells her that she's a wolf, and they're like animals. Savannah still doesn't think that's right. Aleister looks to distract Savannah. He suggests she try her magic out on her guard. Savannah tries with no luck, she needs a talisman. Aleister thinks that she can do it without one, and urges her to try again. She does, and with his help the spell works.

Sondra marvels that she can hear the electricity in the walls. The photo receptors in her eyes are shifting, she can no longer see red. She asks how it will feel. Elena explains that the change starts in the extremities. On a physical level it starts before that, hunger, the need to hunt. Sondra collapses in pain, as the change brings her to her hands and knees, her spine cracking in change.

Rachel sits strapped to a chair, in an almost brainwashing atmosphere. She wants to know where Logan is, if he's still alive. An empty syringe sits on the table, she's going to be inject with Savannah's blood. She asks about the baby as they force her to watch their propaganda. She begs them not to continue, to think about the baby. The video drones on about the horned witch and the one chosen and them being the last remaining. Rachel succumbs to the brainwash.

Elena looks for a way out, as Sondra nears her transformation. She knows once the transformation is complete, Sondra will try to kill her. Sondra shakes on the ground. She wants to know why the change stopped, why its so hard for her. Elena tells her that the pain is the same for everyone. Elena offers her morphine for the pain. Sondra refuses it, she wants the pain, the pain is for Aleister. Elena threatens to force the morphine down her throat if she doesn't get answers. She wants to know what the plan is, why Aleister wants her blood, fearing that he's trying to make more female wolves. Sondra tells her that its to kill the witches. He wants to inject the blood of the cursed into the one that curses. Elena needs more, who are the cursed and the curser. Its the werewolf and the witch Sondra tells her, this is the wat the world ends.

Aleister asks Elena in his weird white room, what Sondra said. Elena tells him that she's dying. Aleister turns his back on her, and Elena goes to kill him. He stops her easily with his powers. He's almost sad that she made an assassination attempt, but figures that she would have to try. She's a fighter who should have never survived in the first place.

Nick and Paige go to visit Tim Ashmont's mother, in a home. She has a slight case of dementia. They pose as a couple from church, friends of her son. At the mention of Timothy's name, Mrs. Ashmont becomes agitated. She tells them that he is not her son, that she wants nothing to do with him.

Aleister plans to show the witches. Elena wonders if he needs a counselor rather than a compound. Aleister tells her that it is not a sad story. When he was cast out the church raised him teaching of firey brimstone, they found him a family. They held hands around the table and brought grace by praying for it. Then around 12 everything changed. His powers came in, and he could move thing, he accidentally killed the cat and they thought him possessed.

Mrs. Ashmont tells them about her evil child. They tried to help him, but he was full of the devil.

He asks Elena how to get the Devil out of the boy. You can beat it out. His father had a belt buckle with the word “Faith” on it. He beat his faith into Aleister every day, leaving scars on his back.

Mrs. Ashmont tells Nick and Paige how Timothy killed her husband. He made him bleed from his eyes and nose, everywhere. He died horribly. She told the doctor that it was a farming accident, that he got caught in the harvester.

When Aleister was tired of his father's beatings he did to him, what he had done to the cat.

Paige asks where Timothy is now. Mrs. Ashmont tells her that she doesn't want to know where Timothy is, nothing good will come of her finding him. She looks into Paige's eyes and she knows that Paige is just like Timothy. She starts to panic, screaming for Paige to get away from her. Nick pulls Paige away, they're not going to get anything else from her.

Aleister would hate to have to do the same to Elena. He asks again what Sondra said. Elena confesses that Sondra told her that he was planning to inject her blood into Savannah, that it would kill her. Aleister is sure that Savannah is the chosen one, it won't kill her but all the others. They're connected on a spiritual nexus. He needs to infect one to kill them all. The way to wipe out a species is to introduce a predator. Aleister gets notified that Sondra has escaped.

Clay goes to Randall with one last plea. He tells him that he honestly has a bad feeling about Sondra and doesn't want to hire her but he needs a reason. He asks what she was doing. Randall claims a protocol violation again. Clay grabs him for more information and he finally admits that it was beyond unethical. She was creating aberrations in the name of science. He never filed a complaint because he feared his university losing funding. There were many, including gene-splicing she was involved with. He tells Clay to steer clear of her, he doesn't want to see her get her hands on another university lab.

Sondra killed a guard on her way out. She changed and she survived. Elena points out that she'll be hungry now. Aleister thinks they should let her hunt and eat. Savannah screams, and Elena tries to rush to her aid, but she's stopped by a guard.

Rachel is shuffled in with the rest of the brainwashed people, but she's not nearly as under the spell as she plays to be. At the first chance, she makes a break for it.

Elena begs him to let her go, that she's his best bet to save Savannah. Aleister thinks that Sondra will be able to stop herself, that she knows Savannah's importance, but Elena knows differently. A predator only sees prey, and Savannah looks like prey. Aleister gives her permission to go and stop her. Aleister gives a guard orders that Sondra is not to die under any circumstances, that if Elena tries to kill Sondra to kill her instead.

Rachel finds herself in the White room. There's a top spinning on the table.

Sondra continues to hunt Savannah. Aleister marvels over the dead body. Elena tracks Sondra. Savannah finds a hiding spot as the big wolf Sondra closes in. Elena closes in on Sondra. She tells Savannah to stay put. Elena tries to reason with Sondra, telling her that she can help her change back. Elena knocks over some pallets onto Sondra giving Savannah time to get away. Elena breaks a board off to use as a weapon as Sondra gets up. She again tries to reason with her, to talk her through changing back, but they're interrupted by Aleister's guard. He tells Elena to get back, and she throws him towards the pouncing Sondra. Sondra rips him apart, splattering Elena with his blood.

Rachel watches the spinning top.

Aleister gathers with the some of his minions.

Rachel grabs the top, and she's shocked by it, dropping it. Her mark is removed.

Everyone's marks are removed. Aleister is not happy, and he goes to check on the top.

Rachel gets out of the building, but remembering her baby's daddy, she goes back to look for him. Dummy, she should have gotten out, and sent back help.

Aleister demands answers. Who touched his toy. They all know better. It had to be someone of the outside mind. Rachel searches desperately for Logan as Aleister sends him minions to find who did it. He send the top back spinning, and Rachel's brand goes back into place. She's apprehended.

Elena finds Savannah hiding. She promised to protect her, and she did. A human again Sondra comes out of the other room. She looks like hell. She calls them a two faced rabbit, saying that they will be her glory. Aleister sees that Sondra survived, but Elena isn't so sure she did completely. Aleister is very happy, and tells Savannah that he will take her back to her room. Savannah clings to Elena as they're lead back under guard. Aleister turns his attention to Sondra. She's babbling about this being the way the world ends. Her brain is a little crispy. She calls him Timothy, and tells him that he saved her. He tells her that he can take away all of her pain. Her brain goes back into its loop. He kisses her on the head, telling her that as his first, he will give her the most beautiful pain in the world. Aleister uses his gift on her, and Sondra begins to bleed everywhere. He walks away as she falls into a puddle of blood.

Ruth tells Jeremy, as he has his mutts, she has the same with her witches too. Clara Sullivan was never the brightest, she always had a dark side, and eventually she turned wicked. They had no choice but to shun her, and shatter her talisman. She may have no powers, but she may have answers. Ruth and Jeremy head to the door. No one hates Ruth more than Clara, she's the one who took her powers. Clara thinks that Ruth has come to gloat, but she claims to be coming to check in. Ruth introduces her to Jeremy, and Clara recognizes the name as the Alpha of the North America pack. Clara doesn't think that witches and wolves working together mean anything good for her, and she wonders if Ruth brought Jeremy to kill her, and keep her hands clean. Ruth asks what she knows about what is going on, but Clara plays coy. Ruth tells Jeremy to hold Clara so she can scan her memory, buy there's no need. Clara isn't resisting. Ruth takes Clara's hand and she sees the baby boy. She never followed through with it. Could it have been to kill Ruth's baby, surely that's why Aleister has a huge grudge against her. Clara tells her that its part of the prophecy, and not her problem anymore. She's no longer a witch. Ruth ruined her, and now Aleister will ruin Ruth. Clara goes to come after Ruth, and she knocks her out.

Clay returns home. Dr. Bauer was let go because of twisted experiments, and he needs to know that Elena is okay. Paige can't channel Savannah without Ruth. Ruth is with Jeremy, and they'll be gone for atleast another hour. The day has only confirmed the worst. Ashmont is Aleister. Someone has broken the commandment and now there is a male witch. Witches don't have boys, not because of biology, but because of the rules. They never let the male children get to birth. Clay asks what it means that there is now a male witch. It has to do with prophecy. A male child born to a witch is destined to bring about their downfall, as in they all die.

Aleister is glad to see Savannah is alright. He tells her that she doesn't have to worry about Sondra, she didn't survive. Aleister throws her a glare from her window. Savannah tells him that she wants to stay with Elena, but he thinks that there is no reason for her to fear. She won't ever be afraid again, and she shows him her power, slamming a door without effort. She's fearful of her power, but he's happy. He needs just one more blood sample from her. She asks if they can forego it for one night. He does the whole I am the lock, which she answers with I am the key, and lets him take the blood he wants. Elena watches the whole exchange.

Paige cries in the woods. Nick every the softy goes to check on her. Paige admits to him that for brutes, they have everything a witch could want. From Ginger, to Angelica. There's not enough Angelica in the world now to protect them. Nick tells her that she has them, and he'll protect her. She kisses Nick in an ugly and awkward kiss that is so unlike Nick. He's a little surprised by it. She kisses him harder, and before they get to stripping, she makes sure that he knows that she's only using him as a distraction. He's okay with the reason, they both strip down, mostly, and they get to rutting on a tree.

Aleister has his two blood samples, Savannah's and Elena's. He takes a syringe of each, and places them under a microscope. He finally gets the results that he was looking for.

Savannah is brought into Elena's room, and she worries why she's there. Savannah admits that she asked to be brought it. Elena offers her the cot or the floor. Savannah takes the cot, but offers to have Aleister make the room more cozy. Elena doesn't plan on staying, she wants to get away, with Savannah. Elena tells her that Aleister wants to do horrible things to her, he wants to inject her blood into her. She warns Savannah to use what Aleister is teaching her against him, and not let anyone, Elena included near her. Savannah doesn't understand why Aleister would want to inject Elena's blood into her. Elena tells her it will kill all of the witches. Savannah tells her it sounds like the prophecy, but she thinks that its just a fairy tale. Aleister doesn't think that its a fairy tale. Elena asks if she can talk to Ruth through her. Savannah has never tried to contract Ruth, Paige usually contacts her. Savannah takes her hands to try. She sees Elena killing Malcolm. She breaks contact, apologizing for seeing those memories. Elena tells her that she did that to protect her family, that she would do the same to protect Savannah. Savannah doesn't try to grab her again, but she'll keep an open channel.

Ruth and Jeremy return home. Ruth is ready to lay down her cards. They need answers, and now they have them. Aleister plans to kill all witches, which is why he took Elena and Savannah. The one cursed, and the one who curses. Clay asks which Elena is. Jeremy answers, Elena is the cursed. Ruth tells him that a piece of dark magic resides in all of them, back since the first one who was cursed. Clay tells her that the first werewolf was a seventh son of a seventh son. The history he knows is wrong. Witches are responsible for werewolves. That curse caused a huge imbalance to natural magic and resulted in the doomsday prophecy, a son born to a witch would survive would kill them all. If they can catch Savannah before she comes into her full powers they may be able to stop it all. Paige and Nick return, and Ruth tells Paige she needs her full focus. They have to reach Savannah. Paige gets to channeling. It's not Savannah that comes through, but Elena. She grabbed Savannah's hand and suddenly she can see them. They have to hurry. Aleister is close to completing his spell to wipe out the witches she tells them. Elena tells them that both Logan and Rachel are there. She tells them that the area is remote, with red roofs, a train nearby, lavender fields and possibly a former military compound. Nick gets to looking for anything matching that description. Ruth tries to reach out to Savannah, to tell her to resist Aleister's magic. Elena is doing all she can to protect Savannah. She turns to Clay, apologizing for leaving his side, for going after Malcolm. Clay tells her not to worry about that now. He cautions her to be wary of Dr. Bauer, but Elena tells him that she's already dead. Jeremy tells her that she needs to do what she can to help them find that compound. Both he and Clay promise to find her by morning, no matter what. Elena strokes Clay's face through Paige. One of the minions comes to collect Savannah. The leader wants her. Savannah resists, and she's taken anyways. Elena tells her to remember what she was told about Aleister, and she gets a shocking as Savannah is drug out, her powers making stuff fly off the table outside Elena's room.

Nick has found 2 possible locations, but they're 100 miles apart. They group has to split up. Clay and Paige will go in one car, the rest in another. Jeremy tells Ruth that she needs to tell Paige the truth, that Aleister is her son. Ruth has hardly been able to admit that to herself. He shouldn't have survived, but he did.

Savannah is drug to the white room screaming. Aleister tells her to let herself go. They do the whole I am the lock, I am the key and Savannah calms. He tells her to focus everything on her attendant. Leading with her left hand she does, sending the woman holding her captive into a frothing seizure on the floor. Aleister proclaims Savannah a full witch, today is the beginning of the end.


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