Bitten S02E06 Recap: Nine Circles

30 years ago Clara pours herself some red wine, and counts her latest profits from a recent sale when a young pregnant Ruth comes to her door. She was the only coven member nearby and her water broke. Clara gets Ruth into the bathtub, and urges her to say a spell while she draws the symbols on the mirror. The tub fills with blood, and Clara tells Ruth to start pushing.

Ruth lies on Clara’s couch in recovery, wondering why Clara hasn’t brought the baby for her to see. There’s a problem with the baby. It’s a boy. Ruth can’t believe her ears, and Clara sits in glee. Ruth is the golden child of the coven, and she’s borne a boy. Ruth tells Clara that she will help her fix her mistake, but Clara isn’t so on board. Ruth blackmails Clara, knowing that she’s been selling spells. She tells her that she will tell the coven that the baby was still born, and she will get rid of the baby. Clara tries to drown the baby, but she cannot bring herself to do so. Instead, she leaves the baby on the doorstep of a church. I’m not thinking that was what Ruth meant when she said to deal with the baby.

Now. Rachel is drug into a cell and left with Logan. He wakes up. She tells him that she was injected with someone’s blood, that she was forced to watch Elena change into a wolf. She asks him if he’s a werewolf too. He tries to play off that she’s been drugged and hallucinated, but Rachel wants the truth. They were together for two years and she had no clue, she deserved better. Logan points out that there was no good way for him to break news like that to her, that she loved him for two years. She tells him that they will get out of there, and then he should leave her alone.
Elena kicks at her bed, trying to break it.

Aleister gives Savannah another lesson, trying to get her to manipulate a metal ball. She can’t concentrate. He tells her that she has a great and ancient power. She thinks that she cannot do it without a talisman, she can’t connect to her coven. He tells her that its another way for her coven to control her, that he didn’t have a talisman for a long time and he was able to tap into his powers. She knows her coven loves her and cares about her, even Elena says so. He does the whole I am the lock, and she responds with I am the key before he asks why she’s so distracted. She’s worried about Elena. He wonders why she would think that she isn’t. She feels that something isn’t right, and she doesn’t want anything to happen to her. He tells her to put Elena out of her mind, she goes all brainwashy, thinking that the coven is trying to control her.

Elena hears someone approach, and moves to cover up the damage she’s doing. Aleister warns her that if she tears her bed apart she will need to sleep on the floor. Elena knows that he doesn’t care. Savannah cares though, and she can feel her tension across the compound. He needs her calm for the undoing. Elena thinks that Aleister is losing his hold on her, and Savannah should be able to feel that she will never let him have her. He casts a spell on Elena, paralyzing her. He finds her fascinating, he wishes that he had more time to experiment on her. As the only male witch, and the only female werewolf he thinks that they have much in common. Elena doesn’t share his thinking. He’d love to break her, but thinks that she could break herself better. He casts another spell on her, and leaves her to her fate. She rolls to the floor.

Clay and Paige try to locate Elena and Savannah. The area where they think the girls are is too large to search in the time they have, even as a wolf. Paige wonders if they could find some locals, but there aren’t any in miles. She knows that they have to move fast, she can feel Savannah hitting womanhood. Clay asks if she can follow that feeling, but Paige can’t.

Elena struggles to get off the floor. She pulls herself up onto shaky feet. She tears at the hole she made in the wall between her room and Savannah’s

The bells toll and Rachel knows that there will be another ritual soon. Logan moves to find a way out. Rachel wonders if she’ll be apart of the next ritual. Their captors have made it clear that she’s not needed, just the baby. Logan pierces something, and gas begins to fill the room.

Elena makes it into Savannah’s much nicer room. The head of Savannah’s bunny rolls off, and Elena gets jumpy. She hears someone enter her room next door. The guy tosses her small cot before checking out the hole. Elena is ready for him though, and snaps his neck to steal his key. She’s free in the dark horror movie hallway. No one seems to be there. A hand strokes her neck, but is gone as she continues to walk forward. She feels it on her stomach, but there’s no one there. It traces her back. Elena looks all around, and there is no one. She backs up towards the wall, and arms grab her, covering her mouth.
Clay and Paige take off into the woods. With all the talk of communing with nature, Clay would think that Paige would know better than to wear heels to go searching through the woods. Paige has bigger worries than her fashion to worry about, like whether they’re all gonna die. Clay is right though, she could have just as easily worn flats or better yet tennies, but Paige doesn’t think. Clay refuses to let her slow him down though. Paige tells him that he needs her. Clay is sure that Elena will signal. Paige thinks that his faith in Elena is sweet, but he needs her. She has a little item that will show her if anyone used magic in the area. Clay warns her, she either keep up, or he goes all caveman on her, and drags her by the hair.

Logan continues to look for a way out. Logan tells Rachel to give him her bra, and she can’t believe he’s asking her for that, but he needs the underwire in it.

Elena wakes up on the ground. Clay tells her that she’s safe, that its just the two of them. Elena knows that she’s safe. He tells her to wait. He knew she was special the first time he saw her, he wanted her to have it all so he bit her. He kisses her and his stroking reminds her of Aleister. Elena dreams of being lowered into a tub of blood. She rises with a start.

Logan and Rachel continue to struggle, as Logan works to release them from their gassy cell. Logan trips it, and the pair make a run for it.

Paige glimpses something in the woods, but she’s unsure what it was. Clay wants a better location for it so that he can investigate it. Paige teases about him going all wolfy and sniffing it out. She refuses to give him more information, and he’s tired of her cutesy act. He tells her to save it for Nick, he’s unimpressed by her, and I have to agree with him. Paige saw power lines, which means there’s an access point, and she can find that on a map, trying to prove her usefulness.

Savannah looks over her very grown up dress. Aleister asks her what she thinks. She’s never had anything like it before. It’s about time she did, and everyone has gathered to see her. Everything is ready, today she can use her powers and it’s the day of the undoing. Savannah just wishes that Elena was there to see her.

Elena searches desperately for Savannah. She passes through the lab, and see Savannah pass on the other side of the glass. She calls to her, but Savannah doesn’t stop. Elena finds a lighter, and tucks it into her boot. In the other room she spies Diane, dirty and bleeding on the floor. Elena killed her brother Phillip, and now she’s going to die because of her too. She’s lost everything because of Elena, and now she’s coming for her too. Elena runs from Diane as she drags her body across the ground. Elena makes it through the door out of the lab. Diane doesn’t stop through, she tells Elena that she did this and she will pay. Elena cringes on the floor in the corner.

Diane ceases her threats, and Elena emerges from the room.  All traces of Diane are gone. A pair of followers come through, Elena calls for them, and they attack. She holds her own, beating one, and then the other. Elena manages to get one of their bats, and cracks one over the head. She grabs the second bat, before moving forward. She finds Savannah. Elena isn’t sure that she’s real though. Of course Savannah is real she says. She tells Elena that she felt something wasn’t right, so she escaped Aleister and came for her. They did something to Elena’s head. Savannah knows that too. She tells Elena that they need to get out of there now, and she leads the way out.

Back at the car, Jeremy and Nick found the other base, but its deserted. It’s quiet, but Clay thinks it has to be there somewhere close. Paige wishes she could fly around and look for red roofs and lavender, but she can’t. She has no clue what kind of signal Elena will send. Clay hopes whatever it is, that it will be big, he can’t take the waiting. Paige is shocked by how much he loves her. When she was little she was taught how to be alone, and to be happy about it. Clay felt that way once, but no more. When Paige was younger there was a boy, Jeff, a boring name for a boring boy. He never really said a word, but he would send her beautiful hair ribbons, who would smile when she wore then. She thought she was going crazy thinking about the boring kid, and then she got her talisman, became a witch, and then she had no time for boring boys or hair ribbons. She made a choice. Clay knows that you don’t get a choice in this. Paige gets defensive, she has her mother, her coven, she is not alone. She wants to get going, and knows they will find Elena.

Savannah leads Elena on, and she asks what they’re doing, since she knows its not the way out. She’s brought her to show her something. Elena looks into a cell. She sees herself still asleep, in a nightmare. Nothing is real. She’s still in her cell, hallucinating. Elena knows that she’s real. Savannah tells her that she lied to her, she was never going to get both of them out, she was just using her. Savannah’s eyes turn black as she calls her a monster, tells her that everyone is going to suffer and die because of her. She is going to stay there. The room begins to shake, and Elena falls to her knees in pain.

The followers continue to prepare for the ceremony. Logan and Rachel keep to the shadows, but Logan knows that they won’t get far with the brands on their necks.

Elena wakes up on the floor. Clay is there again. He tells her that put an end to it all, all she has to do is choose peace. Elena feels like she failed Savannah. She said that she would protect her. Clay asks her to come with him, to let it all go. That’s not what Elena wants, she wants love. Clay tells her love is the answer, that in the end it’s all that matters, it is the key. They’re not monsters because they can love. She’s on the way back now. Clay tells her that she’s gonna need the bats, to get outside and signal him. Clay backs away, fades to nothing. A follower comes at her, and Elena beats her down with her bats. She takes off running down a corridor.

Savannah and Aleister go before the gathering of Aleister’s followers. They will be pair that remain. Aleister tells Savannah to gather the power. Elena makes it to the outside, and heads towards the ceremony as Savannah lifts her arms to gather the power. Elena makes a stop. She needs a very big signal. She places rope inside one of the gasoline generators, and lights it. With Savannah’s eyes closed, Aleister prepares to inject her with Elena’s blood. Elena tells them that she wants the girl as the generator explodes in the distance.

Logan and Rachel hear the explosion. That’s not normal, and they need to get out of there fast. Rachel shows Logan the top that powers the mark. He grabs it and it delivers a shock. She could have warned him about that, but their marks are gone. Rachel turns away. Logan loves her, and he’s sorry that this all happened to her. He came back for her, and that counts for something.

Aleister makes a run for it, dragging Savannah with him. Elena gives chase, but has to navigate through the followers.
Clay and Paige arrive, but they’re blocked by the brainwashed followers. Clay tells Paige to find Elena, he’ll fight them off.

Elena finds Savannah before Aleister’s mirror. She’s been keyed, as she talks all brainwashy. She tried to resist Aleister, but he’s too strong. He didn’t get a chance to do the spell, they can just leave Elena reasons. Savannah tells her that she can’t leave him. Her coven doesn’t love her, they want to control her. Elena tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything, but asks her to come with her. Aleister tells her that she isn’t going anywhere, she scratches at her arm. He’s impressed that Elena came out unbroken. He has everything that he needs from her, and he doesn’t understand why she cares about the witches when she didn’t even know they existed until recently. She’s not leaving without Savannah. Aleister finds it a shame that this is how she ends. He breaks a mirror with his magic, preparing to send the shards at her. Elena doesn’t run, but braces for it. Paige swoops in, and saves Elena. She tells him to let Savannah go. Aleister is glad that it was Paige who came, he wanted to get to know her. Paige doesn’t want to get to know him. Aleister thinks that’s a horrible thing to say to her big brother. Ruth Winterborne didn’t want him, and now she’s going to feel the pain of losing the child she wanted. Neither women can strike Aleister for fear of hurting Savannah. Elena tries to appeal to Savannah. Aleister has no power over her. He can’t control her. Aleister thinks differently. He tries to demonstrate his power over her. He says I am the lock, but Savannah doesn't answer. Elena offer her hand, she is a friend. Savannah takes Elena’s hand, and Aleister moves to strike out at her. Paige strikes first, and Aleister disappears.

Aleister awakens in his devil penis circle. He exits the circle, and there are a few brainwashed minions shuffling around. Aleister grabs one, and transforms him into looking like him.
Rachel sits behind the wheel of a jeep. Logan thinks its over, but Rachel isn’t taking any chances. She tells him that this time he has to listen to her, and get in. Logan reluctantly does, and they drive away.

Paige finds “Aleister’s body.” The body is staked. Clay finds Paige, she tells him that she’s with Savannah. They think its all over. One of the followers begins to wake, and Paige notices that the mark is gone from her. The girl is out of it. She was feeding pigeons in the park talking to a man in Albany. She notices Aleister’s body and begins freaking out. Paige knocks her out. They need to keep the followers asleep and figure out a way to get them to wake up some place else. Neither of them really want an investigation into what was happening there. Paige is sure she can keep them asleep and make them forget, while Clay arranges a clean up.

Elena takes Savannah to the car. Savannah is happy to see that Elena kept her promise. She wants them to stay friends, not the just texting kind, but to actually see eachother. Elena would like that. Clay finds Elena, and she runs into his arms, glad that he found her. Nothing would have stopped him. Elena asks him to get her far away, and Clay is ready to take her home. He asks if they hurt her, and she admits that she saw things that almost made her lose her mind. He promises to be there for her. Elena gets in the car, and Elena spies that evil bunny thing from Savannah’s room. Clay drives her and Savannah home. Aleister emerges from the shadows, watching them leave.


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