Community S6E2 - "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care" Recap

The Dean purchases a $5,000 virtual reality system that he is enjoying but Frankie and Jeff are astounded by his irresponsibility. They have him navigate through the system to find the serial number so they can try to return it. The Dean doesn't want to return it so with a great deal of effort, he deletes the serial number within the system.

Britta is going to move into Annie and Abed's place and becomes suspicious when she arrives and finds a new sofa with her name on it. She then learns that her parents had reached out to Annie and Abed to supplement her rent. Britta is furious, claiming her parents are awful though Annie and Abed say they were very nice. Meanwhile, Chang is running around delirious, having suffered from a severe cat bite on his hand.

Britta tells Jeff about her parents and Jeff said they have paid off all the money she owes them so if she owes anyone money it's them. Britta claims she has no friends and Chang still hasn't found his way to the nurse and his hand is swelling up fast.

Jeff makes it to the inventor of the virtual reality system, Elroy Patashnik, who is living in his trailer. Elroy won't give the money back when Jeff says there's no serial number left and that it feels better to stop lying for a living.

Britta returns home to give her parents money on a check postdated for a year from now. They're nothing but loving and supporting but Britta resents them for how strict and micromanaging they were when she was younger. They were apparently out of it in her youth. Britta is further angered when she realises Annie and Abed are hiding in her parents' living room. Britta tries to run off but her car is broken so she steals a kid's bike and her parents pay the kid off for the trouble.

Elroy then shows up to tell Dean Pelton that the system is lame and to issue a refund. Elroy then says he's going in after Dean Pelton and pulls out his own equipment to get into the system. He baits Dean Pelton with the promise of power to manipulate worlds while Jeff pulls the system off of him. Once the Dean has returned to normal, he gives Elroy a $500 check and plants the seed to get him to eventually enlist in a class(es) at Greendale, which makes Jeff ponder at who he'll never get out of there.

Frankie returns to her car and finds Britta sleeping in the back seat. She tells Britta that they must all learn the hard lesson that their parents are only human. Annie then returns home to patch things up with her parents and Chang arrives shortly thereafter to ask for help about his hand.

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