Community S6E3 - "Basic Crisis Room Decorum" Recap

Annie calls an emergency meeting at Greendale and as she has Frankie tell the Dean to notify the others, we learn that Jeff has given the Dean a fake number that isn't even American (it's Japanese). Admittedly, he denies the truth of the reality when confronted with the notion that Jeff did so. Annie has learned that a rival school, City College, will be airing a smear ad against Greendale. Abed is able to find the video before it airs and through this, they learn that Greendale had once given a degree to a dog.

Annie and Jeff butt heads over how to spin this story. Annie wants to deal with the truth head on, whereas Jeff says that if the story can't be proven by City College then it can be considered libel (regardless of whether it's the truth). Jeff says they should deny the accusations or go after the dog itself. Annie and Frankie investigate the dog and find that it did take classes but don't find a degree.

Britta and Elroy bond over their tastes in music, after Elroy had previously helped her by giving her a pair of pants after she had drunkenly soiled herself.

Annie then decides that it's immoral to have the ad yanked based on a technicality (the dog's degree was withheld due to library fees that hadn't been paid) and doesn't want them to do this. The group remains determined to save Greendale so Annie storms out. Annie then decides she should enrol in City College instead but as she's filling out the application. Abed then shows her the ad they decided to play instead which shows the Dean with the dog, saying that Greendale is an accepting place at which hard work yields good results.

Chang then arrives with a dirty film he had shot at City College but it doesn't work out well since he was wearing a Greendale shirt so the sabotage is less than effective.

The Japanese teenager the Dean had been texting tries to come clean about who he is but the Dean still insists on believing it's Jeff he's texting.

Community airs on Tuesdays on Yahoo.


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