Fresh Off the Boat S1E1 - "Pilot" Recap

Eddie Huang is an 11-year-old Chinese-American who loves hip-hop. He feels like the black sheep of his family and they're all moving from DC to Orlando. His father Louis is opening up a steakhouse there. The creepy Spandex-wearing white wives of the neighbourhood offer Eddie's mother Jessica the opportunity to go roller-blading with them some time. Louis decides that he should hire a white host to better the flow of customers in the restaurant.

Eddie starts school and starts to get on well with the white boys at school until they are put off by his lunch. Jessica implores him to try harder to make it work, while Eddie's little brothers Emery and Evan are doing much better adjusting than him. Meanwhile, Louis hires a white host but it doesn't help the restaurant much.

Jessica is angry to learn that Eddie threw his lunch away that she had made so she takes him to a white supermarket to get some white food to help him fit in. Louis decides to shoot a local commercial to help the business. This further frustrates Jessica who is hating the hot weather and the culture clash.

Eddie gets into a fight with an African-American student at school who calls him a "ch*nk" so Eddie responds by kicking him, and using a string of profanities. Eddie's parents are called in and scold the principal for only scolding Eddie and not defending him as he was called a "ch*nk." They also threaten to sue if they dare to suspend Eddie. Louis is certain that this all exemplifies that moving here will make all of them stronger. He wants more than just "okay" for all of them. Jessica says she is with him.

Fresh Off the Boat airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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