Fresh Off the Boat S1E2 - "Home Sweet Home-School" Recap

Eddie is in a panic over his report card but is relieved when it arrives and he has all straight-A's. His mother wants Eddie to enrol in a gifted program or a Chinese Learning Center (CLC) but there are no CLC's in the area. Louis is also getting stressed about Jessica's micromanaging as she is making people uncomfortable at the restaurant. He convinces Jessica to homeschool the boys as compensation for the lack of CLC. Louis and his employees enjoy Jessica being away but when Eddie figures out what's going on, he tells Jessica and then she decides that she will teach CLC at the restaurant. Louis is forced to admit the truth to Jessica. She even points out some boys who are about to dine and dash. Louis tries to use his "kill them with kindness" strategy to make them pay but then the boys take off anyway. The employees all tell Jessica that they want to cover the check that the boys skipped out on because of how much they respect and admire Louis for his kind treatment. Jessica chases down the dine-and-dashers and hits two of them with her car and hits the third in the head with an onion, forcing them to come back and pay their bill. Louis seems suspicious that Jessica did do it but she denies it while also giving away what happened by saying "I love you" (the same external display of affection that clued Jessica in to the secret Louis was hiding about not wanting her at the restaurant). Finally, Louis gives Eddie a pep-talk about how Jessica has good intentions for them and they begin to play basketball. Jessica sees them having fun and decides to let Eddie's younger brothers come play.

Fresh Off the Boat airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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