Fresh Off the Boat S1E3 - "The Shunning" Recap

Eddie's still stressing about not fitting in at school. All the other kids have Jordans but Eddie doesn't. Jessica is also trying to fit in but with her creepy Stepford-like neighbourhood housewives. They tell her about the upcoming block party to celebrate the Daytona 500. Louis thinks it's a good opportunity to network and generate interest in their restaurant. Jessica doesn't want Louis just giving away food. Eddie gets inspired by hip-hop that if he gets a hot girlfriend, it will boost his status so the kids won't care about his lack of Jordans.

Jessica makes friends with her neighbour Honey when they hit it off at the video store through their shared love of Stephen King. Eddie has a crush on Honey and hopes that she can be the hot girl that will boost his status at school. Louis interrupts Jessica's get-together with Honey to bring Jessica home, saying that the neighbourhood women don't like her because they claim she stole Sarah's husband. Jessica agrees that the restaurant should be their first priority.

The block party is underway and Louis continues to shamelessly promote the restaurant. The neighbourhood wives invite Jessica to sing their karaoke number with them. Jessica disses Honey in front of the other women and Honey is further embarrassed when Eddie tries to "make it rain" on her with the coupon's from his father's restaurant. Before the karaoke number, Jessica apologises to Honey after being moved at seeing Honey eating her tofu (that none of the other wives would try). Everyone is impressed by Jessica's rendition of "I Will Always Love You" and Louis uses that as an opportunity to say that Jessica will perform at the restaurant. Afterwards, Honey agrees to give Eddie a 3-second hug so he can impress the other boys. Eddie's crush on Honey is halted by the arrival of Nicole, Honey's step-daughter. Eddie ends up with a dart in his back from the other kids' playing so he requires a brace.

Fresh Off the Boat airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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