Fresh Off the Boat S1E5 - "Persistent Romeo" Recap

The restaurant is doing well but Jessica has grown increasingly paranoid about the various stories she's heard on the night news. She tells Louis that they must have a sexual harassment seminar for the restaurant so they can protect themselves from a frivolous lawsuit. Eddie gets invited to a party/sleepover but Jessica doesn't want him to take part in it unless they're having it at their own house. He claims to have a dirty movie which immediately convinces the boys to come over but Eddie doesn't have a dirty movie. Eddie goes to the video store to try to steal a dirty movie and gets caught by the boy he stole the party location from. He's unable to steal it and must leave in shame with his brothers.

The employees at the restaurant end up feeling harassed by Jessica's attempted seminar so Louis must bring a real professional in to hold a proper seminar in. However, it is not that much better since the professional is an eccentric character that had been book and apparently reformed. Eddie tries to ask Nicole, the girl he has a crush on, if he can film her washing a car.

The boys arrive at Eddie's place and they think that Louis' sexual harassment video is the dirty movie. They all gather around to watch it and since the boys don't know anything about "dirty movies," they find that they enjoy it and think they're getting away with something big. Eddie is horrified when the boys make copies of the video and distribute it, as it undermines his ability to get them to come over. This makes the boys in school start mimicking the behaviour on the video to flirt with the girls in school. This causes the principal to call Eddie's parents in and say that it's making them teach the kids in school about sex education and that they should have "the talk" with Eddie. Meanwhile, Grandma Huang teaches Eddie's younger brothers to play poker.

Louis gives Eddie the talk and tells him that things were so conservative in Taiwan that he wanted people to have freedom. Louis offers to speak with Eddie with complete honesty, which he does and Eddie feels good about it until his mother attacks him with a stuffed animal to tell him not to date-rape people. Jessica realises that perhaps she has too much time on her hands so she should get a job. The episode ends with Dusty, the professional that spoke at Louis' restaurant, giving a talk about the birds and the bees at Eddie's school with the help of some awkward hand puppets. Eddie gets the boys to agree to come over to his place for another sleepover by using the incentive of hearing all the real things about sex that his father told him.

Fresh Off the Boat airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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