Fresh Off the Boat S1E6 - "Fajita Man" Recap

Jessica is looking through the listings to find a job but finds issues with the descriptions or job requirements of all them. As for Eddie, he wants her to give him money for a new video he wants, "Shaq Fu." Jessica says no so Eddie decides to start working at the Cattleman's Ranch so he can save up for himself. Eddie's little brothers must also struggle with the heat wave going through Florida. Eddie gets his pay docked for dropping food and dishes, though he gave it his best shot and did somewhat well serving up the Fajitas. He needs $50 for the game but has only made $18. Jessica begins lurking in open houses while feigning interest in buying the houses just to use the free AC. Louis contemplates how Eddie needs to keep working at the restaurant after he blew off his shift but gets some advice for his mother about how Louis' father being tough put a strain on their relationship. Louis then relents and decides to give him the money for the video game. Eddie then decides he wants to earn the money for the game but it's after he bought it so he gives the game to his dad with the intent that he'll receive it back once he's earned enough money through labour. Jessica ends up becoming a realtor after displaying a knack for it with her tough negotiating skills. Louis reminds her that she'll need to take an exam and get certified but she's not concerned with it. The family celebrates when Jessica says they can turn the AC on to low. In the end, Eddie and his friends are saddened over the fact that "Shaq Fu" isn't a very good video game.

Fresh Off the Boat airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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