Fresh Off the Boat S1E7 - "Showdown at the Golden Saddle" Recap

Louis takes out a strategically placed billboard to promote the Cattleman's Ranch. Jessica is excited when this leads to an invitation from a country club because she loves the film "Caddyshack."

At school, Eddie and his friends are stressed about riding the school bus where they must pretend to be asleep to avoid getting harassed by the 7th graders. He's also still crushing on Nicole and trying to get her attention. He decides he should head back and impress Nicole with his Ice Cube CD but the seventh graders take it away. Eddie orchestrates that they should take a carpool and tries to get Nicole to join it. Though his mother okays the carpool, Nicole doesn't agree to join it.

Louis panics about the billboard being vandalised. Eddie is elated when he learns that Nicole will be coming over for dinner but as it turns out, she's there to be his babysitter while Louis and Jessica are heading out to the country club all dressed up in their best clothes. On the way there, they find that the billboard has been sabotaged again and this time it is calling Louis a thief. Jessica thinks that they are being targeted for being Asian when really it's because Louis' restaurant, Cattleman's Ranch, is a knock-off of a different restaurant, Golden Saddle. He even stole one of their confidential manuals.

Jessica wants to tell the local council man so Louis is forced to tell the truth and show Jessica the Golden Saddle and admit that he stole the concept. He had hoped to buy his own restaurant that was part of the franchise but he needed to give a $50,000 payment upfront which he couldn't afford. Jessica is only mad at Louis for not telling him but not for his business tactics. She assures him that he is a good business man. The owner of Golden Saddle shows up to be rude and gloat, but despite him taking away one of their employees, Mitchell, Jessica and Louis remain undeterred. They then enact revenge by vandalising one of the Golden Saddle billboards. But then they must run away from the cops.

Eddie puts too much hot sauce on his food to try to impress Jessica but it makes him end up going in and out of the bathroom all night. Jessica ends up taking Eddie's CD and saying hi to him on the bus next day before heading to the back of the bus and listening to it.

Fresh Off the Boat airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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