Fresh Off the Boat S1E9 - License to Sell" Recap

Jessica is still passionate about pursuing a career as a realtor but she must run away from the police when he asks to see her realtor's license.

Eddie wants to get some traction going with his crush, Nichole, so Louis advises him to always be where she is, such as joining the same after-school club as her.

Jessica becomes nervous over taking her exam because she meets a more successful realtor that makes her feel inadequate for having three children.

Eddie decides to get thrown in detention because Nicole is always ending up there but it doesn't work out well because she leaves shortly after he arrives. He tries again to win Nicole over and when he learns that she wants to go to beauty school and she invites him over so she can practice her beauty stuff on, he offers himself up as a guinea pig. But things get out of hand when Nicole wants to pierce Eddie's ear.

Jessica lies to her family about passing her realtor's exam, while Louis enjoys his new stay-at-home hair-dryer-chair, a luxury item he had always wanted and could now finally order. She later admits to Honey about her insecurity regarding Kim, the more successful realtor, and Honey encourages her to step out from under Kim's shadow and go back and ace the exam.

When Louis asks to see Jessica's license, she tries to claim that it was stolen and then Louis says that Honey told him about how she didn't take the test. Jessica admits that she doesn't see the point of being a realtor when she won't be able to be the best since there are people who have been doing it for ten years longer than her. Louis reminds Jessica how much she hates quitters so she becomes determined to study and pass the exam, which she later does.

Eddie gets asked by his friends to come to the mall with them where Shaq has been spotted but opts to stay put when Nicole asks him if she can practice doing henna tattoos on him. Jessica is angry to find that Eddie has an earring and hand tattoos, though she notes that the tattoos are pretty. Eddie is discouraged over interacting with Nicole and his parents encourage him to be himself and that if it isn't good enough for her, then she's not the right girl. Eddie tells Nicole he doesn't want to do beauty things anymore but she should carry on with it because she's good at it. He also notes that she's welcome to do other things with him in future, such as watching a basketball game together. Nicole tells him that the man at the mall wasn't really Shaq, and Eddie says he already knows.

Louis begins to enjoy his salon-style-dryer by pretending he is on a spaceship, mimicking how his two youngest sons had been playing with it earlier.

Fresh Off the Boat airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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