How To Get Away With Murder S1E14 - "The Day Lila Died" Recap

Wes and Laurel are still suspicious that Rebecca might have been the one who murdered Lila, though Laurel is a little more inclined to be skeptical since she doesn't want to go jumping to conclusions that will make them make a wrong move. Wes doesn't let Rebecca know of his suspicions and hooks up with her again. *gags*

In a flashback, we see Rebecca and Lila get into a fight over Lila wanting to get back with Griffin and Rebecca not thinking it's a good idea, and Rudy spies it from his doorway. Afterwards, Rebecca goes to the frat house and sells drugs to Griffin. She then convinces him to go upstairs with her. While he steps out, she texts Lila from his phone to get her to come over. Lila arrives and catches the two of them having sex. She tries to attack Rebecca and Griffin pulls her off. Lila says that she doesn't want to see either of them ever again and runs off.

Oliver and Connor are preparing to move forward with their relationship by having sex for the first time since their reconciliation but Oliver wants them to get tested for STDs first. Connor becomes stressed when questioned by the nurse when he begins to realise how irresponsible and ignorant he's been about his sex life.

Annalise's client is a priest, Andrew Crawford, accused of murdering another priest in close blood. He is at first going to take a plea but changes his mind when he sees a particular woman enter the courtroom. Annalise must make herself look a fool in the courtroom by claiming that she pressured him into making the plea because of her own troubles in her personal life. Annalise later questions the woman, Agnes, who she firmly believes is in love with Father Andrew, and that he reciprocates those feelings. Annalise's team learn that a boy named Bryan committed suicide and another boy insinuates that Father Andrew was molesting Bryan. Father Andrew informs Annalise that Bryan had confided in him that Father Bernard was molesting him. This in turn led Father Andrew to murder Father Bernard. But he won't testify because Father Bernard had told him what happened during confession.

Annalise has Frank use his connections to get Nate beaten up in jail in the hopes of it getting him out but it only gets him put in solitary confinement. Annalise responds to this hiccup in her plans by having Frank and Bonnie make Asher talk to Judge Redding, who is in charge of Nate's case, and he does so without much of a fuss, even name-dropping "Millstone" like they wanted. Frank then snaps photos of the two talking.

Annalise convinces Agnes to falsely testify to give Father Andrew an alibi but this only makes him change his plea once again. Now he pleads guilty to first-degree murder instead of manslaughter and is taken away. Agnes pleads with him to not do this and tells him she loves him but he responds by saying he doesn't love her and wants her to leave.

Connor is stressing about not getting his results back yet and when he calls Oliver, Oliver says he is negative. He later gets the call that he himself is negative.

Wes and Laurel are revisiting Rebecca's psychological evaluation and police statements. They determine that Rebecca and Lila were fighting on August 29th, the day of Lila's murder. In the flashbacks, we're able to see that Rebecca was able to sneak into Lila's sorority house the night of the murder after fighting with Lila at the frat house. When Wes and Laurel are arguing over how to proceed, Michaela and Connor overhear it and come over wanting to know what's happening. Wes shares the inconsistencies of what his investigation has learned and Laurel still doesn't want to jump the gun but Michaela and Connor are ready for battle.

Frank tells Annalise that Judge Perkins will now be the new judge on Nate's case and Nate has been released on bail. Annalise goes to visit him and pleads with him to call the number that she gave him to get a "great" lawyer instead of a "good" one. She lies and claims that she's not the reason he's behind bars but says that she did arrange his getting out on bail.

Rebecca returns home to find Michaela, Connor, Laurel, and Wes there to question her on whether she killed Lila. They refuse to let her keep lying or try to manipulate Wes, as she keeps trying to get Wes to not let them question her. When they keep pushing her, Rebecca then says that she has found the on-campus cop that they had encountered when on their way to transport the body. Annalise and Frank had gotten him fired and he moved out of state. But she threatens to call the cops on all of them for killing Sam. We later see Annalise arrive at their apartment, and they show her Rebecca, whom they have tied up and gagged in the bathroom.

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