How To Get Away With Murder S1E15 (S1 Finale) - "It's All My Fault" Recap

The Keating Four all try to talk over one another and tell Annalise what has happened. Annalise goes into the bathroom to try to reason with Rebecca but when she removes the tape from Rebecca's mouth, she starts screaming. The group all brings Rebecca back to Annalise's place where Annalise has the Keating Four put Rebecca through a mock trial to present evidence to convince her that Rebecca killed Lila. Annalise has Frank try to call Bonnie to get her there but she's too busy hooking up with Asher to answer her phone. She's also unconcerned about Frank spilling the beans about their relationship because Bonnie knows worse secrets about Frank than he does her. Once Bonnie is finished getting off, she arrives at Annalise's while the Keating Four only have one hour to put their cases together to present to Annalise. They're rehashing everything they can get their hands on and trying to piece it together but everything they have is circumstantial.

In a series of flashbacks, we see Lila call Sam up on the night of her murder, and say how things have fallen through with Griffin and she couldn't get him to have sex with her. She is worried that Sam is trying to get this new job to run away from her so she tells him that she's going to tell Annalise. This ties in with what we've already seen, where she arrives at Annalise's place and is turned away by Bonnie. She returns to the sorority house and Sam comes to meet her up on the rooftop. Before Sam gets up there, Lila stands on top of the water tank to hide from Griffin who has come looking for her. When Sam gets to the rooftop, he declares his love for Lila and claims he will leave Annalise and that Lila should wait for her.

The mock-trial is underway and they're interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Emily Saint-Claire, the new prosecutor on the Nate Lahey case. She is there to get a statement that Annalise had promised her but Annalise is able to get her to agree to meet at her office in an hour. While Annalise goes to give this statement, Frank is in charge of looking after everyone and making sure they stay put. Annalise claims that Nate followed her home and got into a confrontation with Sam, who had drunkenly tried to attack Annalise in the driveway. Nate apparently held Sam back while Annalise got back into the house. This is of course, a lie created to explain how Nate's print got on Sam's ring.

Rebecca tries to get Connor to turn against Wes by saying that Wes thinks he killed his mother. What a trash bag she is, spilling all these secrets like this. The group is interrupted by another knock at the door. It's Asher trying to come inside. Frank tries to turn him away and while Asher is trying to get Frank to not tell everyone about his and Bonnie's relationship, Rebecca grabs Michaela's phone and sends a text from it. When Asher comes inside, there is no one to be found since they're all hiding in the basement. Annalise and Bonnie return to the house and Asher nearly exposes the secret of his relationship with Bonnie but for now, Annalise is none the wiser. Outside, Bonnie assures that she's not ashamed of him but says that she and Annalise have a complicated relationship.

Rebecca won't say who she texted but now they have Michaela's number. The message reads, "Eggs 911. Lawyer's house." Rebecca is left tied up in the basement while Frank orders everyone back upstairs. Laurel talks with Frank about how it's strange for Bonnie to be involved with Asher considering how vehemently against Laurel and Frank's relationship she was. Frank tries to make a pass at Laurel, who then asks him if he's going to "take care of" Rebecca and Frank is apparently offended by her assumption that he's just there to serve as a hit man.

Michaela has to leave to meet with her ex-mother-in-law, assuming that she wants the ring back. Surprisingly, Mrs. Walker says that she wants Michaela and Aiden to get back together. She claims she was unfair to Michaela and asks her to reach out to Aiden. Michaela claims that she is as trashy as Mrs. Walker originally thought but Mrs. Walker isn't fooled, knowing that Michaela is just trying to run her off. Michaela then declares that Aiden is gay, or bi, or experimental, and that Mrs. Walker knows this and is just trying to stop it by getting Michaela to love her. She says that Aiden doesn't love her, but she loves herself and is done with all of this.

Annalise tries to reason with Rebecca in the basement but she still won't cooperate so Annalise orders Wes to pull himself together, head down to the basement, and make Rebecca tell the truth. When he gets down there, she finally admits that she did indeed give Rudy drugs. He caught her coming back to her apartment dripping wet from the water tank and she gave him some weed that was laced with a drug called Purple X that made him go crazy and begin clawing at his walls till his fingers bled. She then called the police on him. She goes on to say that she was wet because she went looking for Lila but when she got there, Lila was already dead in the water tank. She hid in the water tank because she heard people coming and knew that people would think she did it. Wes believes her, but the rest of the Keating Four do not. Annalise tells the group that none of them have been able to convince her beyond a reasonable doubt that Rebecca is guilty.

Annalise is then called away to meet with Nate. He knows about the statement she gave and she tells him that she did lie for him but then she lies about being the reason he got arrested. But she does tell him once again that he should try to trust her and the fact that she is trying to get him off. He later calls the number she gave him. When Annalise returns to her house, Michaela says she wants to try to pin Sam's murder on Rebecca but Annalise says that won't work because they'd be changing their story too many times. Annalise says that they have to let Rebecca go but first she'll try to convince her not to go to the police when they do. While Annalise heads to the basement, Bonnie scolds Laurel for trying to get Frank to help them out of this situation and that all of them are being selfish in putting all of this on Annalise, who has done nothing but try to help them for some reason that Bonnie doesn't understand.

Annalise goes to talk to Rebecca but finds that the door is open and Rebecca is gone, as someone has seemingly already let her go. After the rest of the group leaves, Wes stays behind and Annalise tries to reassure him that the best thing to do is to believe the theory that Sam killed Lila because it is the only theory that makes sense. Wes seemingly begins to accept this theory, while we see in flashbacks that Rebecca was telling the truth about not killing Lila and only finding her body after she was already dead.

Asher is visited by the new judge on Nate Lahey's case, who wants to question him about Annalise. Michaela and Laurel go out for drinks and Michaela wants to find someone to hook up with on their last night of freedom before they all presumably go to jail. Laurel then returns Michaela's engagement ring to her. She says that she had found it in Laurel's car but held onto it because she knew that if Michaela thought that people could find the ring, she would agree to keep quiet instead of going to the police. Connor returns home and finds an emotional Oliver, who reveals that he lied about his test results and is actually HIV-positive.

The final bombs get dropped. In the flashback, we see Sam looking as if he's about to strangle Lila as his hands are lingering a bit too close for comfort to her neck and there's something off in his expression. But then he leaves, saying that he's going to tell Annalise that things are over and will call her when it's done. Sam then heads to a pay phone and blackmails the caller into going and murdering Lila. The killer is revealed to be Frank, who dumps Lila's body in the water tank after she dies. Back in the present, Annalise heads to the basement and talks with Frank about what they should do about Rebecca, whose dead body is lying underneath the basement stairs. They both say that they weren't the one to murder her, having initially believed the other to be responsible. But if neither of them were responsible, that means it was likely one of the Keating Four or Bonnie who was responsible. Our money's on Laurel but we'll have to wait till next season to find out!

How To Get Away With Murder will return to ABC for season 2!


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