iZombie S01E02 Recap: Brother, Can You Spare A Brain?

Liv Moore kinda died, and now she helps solve murders. Liv thought she was the only zombie, but another haunts her dreams.

Lola comes to tell Javier that he missed a great dinner, to find that he has a really good reason for missing it, he's dead.

Ravi looks over a body to see the cause of death. Javier was a well known painter before his death. As Ravi talks about his love of the murdered paintings, his love of blue and asses. He tells Clive that he likely died instantly, but he'll need to investigate further at morgue. Clive cuts straight to the chase to see if Liv's spidey senses are tingling, they aren't. He thinks its the wife, the one sobbing in the corner, either way he wants to wrap this thing up quickly. He knows its usually the spouse. Ravi sends Clive away as he removes the paintbrush. Back at the morgue, Liv satisfies her munchies and works to solve the crime.

Major brings a big box of Liv's stuff, as an excuse to come over. After 6 months he figured she'd be missing her face sander, and huge pore mirror. He pulls a shirt that says left my heart in San Francisco, and jokingly suggests a road trip to retrieve it. Liv keeps Major at a distance as he tells her that he wasn't sure if she had an emotional attachment to anything in the box. As he pulls out an old text book, you can tell that the guy is really digging deep to work being close to Liv. Liv's roommate interrupts complaining of a stolen parking space, before she realizes that she's interrupting. Major takes his leave, but not before offering her her choice of engagement gifts, except the panini press which he's already broke. Major cute points for Major. Peyton wants the juicer, and Liv can't believe that she asked for the engagement juicer. Peyton realizes that Liv registered for a espresso maker too, and she can't believe that Liv thinks that her asking for small appliances is going to change the fact that Liv broke his heart. Liv thinks that he shouldn't come by anymore, when Peyton asks why, Liv doesn't have an answer.

Liv can't sleep when she see the zombie that's been haunting her, but its only a bad dream.

Liv searches every social media item she can think of to find the zombie that has been haunting her dreams, but she's come up with nothing. Ravi throws her a magazine for distraction, that promises hot sex tips. Liv isn't going to be deploying them any time soon for fear of turning Major into a member of the undead. It's why she doesn't want Major doing drop bys, it hurts too much. Liv gets a flash of memory. Javier was having a steamy affair.

Liv goes to Clive with her “vision.” She didn't get enough to identify the girl, only that someone interrupted them and they were at the loft. They were on top of it. Liv describes the scene giving Clive Fifty Shades of psychic with no vital details. Clive thinks that Javier's wife was the one who caught him, which makes her the prime suspect as he thought. Clive invites Liv along, hoping she'll get a vision that's less skinemax.

Clive and Liv go to see Lola. She's less hysterical, and she's with Javier's Sugar Flower with the buttery skin. Lola introduces them to her favorite of Javier's lovers: Tasha.

Lola explains that she and Artie would go out to eat all the time without Javier if he was caught up painting. He was at the mercy of his work, and she of her husband's process. Liv makes eyes at the delectable Tasha. Javier's tastes and libido seem to be rubbing off on her. Clive asks if the other women were part of Javier's process. Lola laughs. Javier was not a one woman man, and she was not bitter in the least about it. Tasha gushes that he had a way of revealing a person to themselves. Liv finds her words beautiful, she's definitely flirting, and she can't help it. Lola tells them that Javier knew about her dalliances, and she knew of his. Clive asks if it bothered her that Javier's works of art were other women nude. Lola thinks that he's dismissing their love, and the bigger picture. Monogamy wasn't for them, and they were more than happy about it. Liv's flirting is throwing Clive off his game.

Liv doesn't understand why her saying she didn't care about the affairs were incriminating. Clive points out that she was a little distracted, plus its always the spouse. Clive gets a text from Ravi. The angle of the paintbrush struck puts the killer at about 6'2, way taller than Lola, making her not the killer. Liv asks that he finds a pair of foot high stilettos in Lola's closet that he find out where she got them though.

Liv heads back to the morgue. Ravi has brought in the police sketch artist. Ravi ran into him, and remembered that she was looking for a certain blonde male. The sketch artist is totally willing to help, thinking that he's helping her find a missing connection. Liv gives the description of the guy, but her descriptions seem to be very broad, but somehow sensual. She goes back to the nose, talking about its foundation. She takes the pencil from the guy, to help him along, and he gets a bit testy, snatching it back. Ravi watches the exchange with glee. The artists is done with them, and runs off, ripping the paper from his bad as he runs off. Looks like Liv picked up another skill from Javier.

Clive questions Lola's companion the night that Javier died. He points out that 3 ½ hours is a long time for dinner. The art dealer tells him it really isn't, they spent most of the time waiting for Javier to show up. And he and Lola weren't hitting the sheets, Lola was completely devoted to Javier. Clive tells her that she had mentioned having dalliances outside of the marriage. He gets a little testy. Seems like thats a first that he's heard of it. He was less than happy that Lola was utterly faithful while Javier slept with every model he could get his hands on. Javier was a brilliant artist, but a horrible husband. Clive asks for his height. He suggests that he look at one of the models' gilted boyfriends, but answers that he's 6'2.

Liv marvels over her new skill. In grade school she could barely trace her hand for a turkey. When she finishes, Ravi will send it around to see if they can get a hit on the guy's identity.

Liv looks over the drab art in her apartment, wondering why they have it. It had the same blue as the pillows on the couch. Peyton wonders when she became an art critic, pointing out the only time they ever went to a museum was when it was raining in Paris. In the six months since she's started eating brains, she's gotten some odd traits from them, but she's never wanted to create something beautiful. Javier's brains make her want to do that, to possess beauty. Liv gets paint supplies, and starts on her own masterpiece. Now when she walks into a room she sees everything.

Back at work, she puts on her coat to get to work, when the body on the table rises. It's her mystery blonde. He heard she was looking for him. He makes sure that they're on the same page, that her skin and hair being the color of chalk isn't a fashion choice. It isn't. He loves her work, and he's making it his new profile picture. He gets to the point. She wanted to meet him. She had a vision of him chasing a man through an alley to rip open his skull. He was killed in a DUI accident, and she ate his brain. She thought she was the only one before then. He admits that he thought he was the only one until just a few seconds ago. He likes the idea of getting brains on the job, and she wonders how he gets his. He gets his the hard way, grave robbery. He admits that he should have gone into medicine, and the guy that he ate tried to mug him so he raged out. He tries to nail down the proper term. Liv calls it zombie mode, but he points out that they're always in that mode. Liv clarifies that its full on zombie mode. He asks if raging out at all appealing. When she doesn't seem interested he goes on. Mugging, raging, sirens, and he just wanted a bite, which is really gross. They both hate the consistency, and the taste. She misses food so much, as does he. Ravi marvels over her nailing the mystery man's chin, and asks for a urine sample. Well that's one way to greet a guy.

Ravi goes into full on research mode, with blondie on the table. He admits he has not clue how this all happened, he was super high the night of the party. He's willing to drop trou if Ravi can cure this. He asks how Liv became a zombie, which makes her confused when he asks if it happened the night of the party too. She tells him that he tried to sell her Utopian, smacked her ass, then went all rage zombie and clawed her forearm. He doesn't remember it that way, or at all. He asks if she's sure it was him. She is. He's really sorry, if he wasn't sure he would survive, he'd throw himself off a bridge. He bangs some of Ravi's instruments, and Liv gets a vision.

One of Javier's girlfriends tries to calm her boyfriend. Telling him that she's sorry, that she never meant to hurt him as he destroys one of Javier's canvases. Javier tries to reason with the guy.

Blondie asks her where she went, knowing from the daze look she had a vision. Liv has to take care of some stuff, and she suggests that he get going. Ravi offers to finish up, but blondie realizes that Liv doesn't want to leave him alone with Ravi. He leaves. Ravi isn't sure that was necessary, and neither is Liv, but she doesn't want to take chances.

Liv goes to Clive. It wasn't Lola that caught Javier fooling around, it was Tasha's jealous boyfriend. He points her attention to the group of young men that Arnie, the Art Dealer suggested. It may be a diversion tactic, but its one worth following up on. Liv sees the one from her vision. Liv gives a fancy description of the handsome man, and Clive has her narrow it down by his shirt color.

In the interrogation room, Liv gets flirty with the prime specimen. Mr. Rivera stands at 6'3. Liv interrupts to ask about his ancestry, if there's Native American because he has some beautiful cheekbones. Clive stops her line of questioning, and he confirms that he's 25% Cherokee with a smile. Clive threatens to have her sit out, and continues asking when he found out about Tasha and Javier. He's unsure, but Tasha got what was coming to her, Javier dumped her for a younger version. He left her so he could bang a younger version, Artie's 18 year old daughter. It's a well known fact in the art community, but he tells them that they didn't hear it from him.

Blondie sits alone at the bar, drinking his tasteless drink. He sees a prime target in a classy looking older woman. He approaches her to buy her a drink, but she doesn't see that a a high bar. He points out it could be if she's turned down several guys before him. She doesn't refuse, and he asks what's brought her there. Things haven't turned out how she expected. He can relate. She tells him that she's not into the age gap, though he is really charming. He finds that a shame, cause he's not really interested in hitting on some 25 year old while she swipes through Tinder, the idea makes him want to impale himself. She tells him that there's no reason they can't have a nice chat, but he thinks that there certainly is.

While Liv may be abstaining, Blondie certainly isn't, and he's getting frisky with the older lady. They rip eachother's clothes off and jump into bed, but as she goes down low, he slips into full zombie mode.

Liv busies herself painting when Major drops by with a juicer. He jokes that she's been taken over by a pod person. He would have been far less surprised to see her building a rocket. She tells him that its a new hobby, which is something the old Liv would have never said, as she strokes his shoulder in passing. Major points out her less than supportive stance on hobbies in the past, which may have just been her way of nicely talking him out of building furniture, which he thinks that he would be really good at still. He asks if she's listening to Chet Baker, surprised. She's unsure who it is,but she's loving it. He tried to get her to listen to jazz for year, even trying to ambush her into it. She stopped listening after two songs, hating the style. She thinks that its the cd he tried to get her to listen to before. She wonders why she was such a jerk. It was just one of the many things that he accepted because she was super hot. He offers to record some other stuff from vinyl if shes really loving the cd, and she accepts it, laying a kiss on his cheek. Major is left utterly confused, and leaves her to painting.

Blondie pays Liv a visit in the morgue. He jokes with her that he missed her at the zombie social. He asks where Ravi is, but he's on a call. He had no plans to eat Ravi he claims. Liv asks him if he knows why she isn't ready to kiss and make up. He knows, he turned her into a zombie, saw him kill a guy. He gets it, but says that he's not the same person the night of the party. He knows that he was a dirtbag before, and he claims that he's trying to make a change. He's no longer dealing, and he's cut out the poisonous people in his life, who were apparently the only people in his life. Liv wonders why he's telling her all this. He doesn't have anyone else. She works in the prime place to get a meal, and wonders if maybe sometimes she can help him out. She agrees, but she can't do it in the morgue, she'll have to meet him later. He's utterly relieved. He gives her the location of an internet cafe that he plans to be at later, and she agrees to meet him there.

In the alley, Blondie, Blaine has company. Hutch and Dougy have tracked him down. His former boss wants to see him now. Dougy gets out of the car, telling him that he wants him in the car. Blaine does not want to do that, he wants to go about his business, and he's feeling a little threatened. He asks Hutch if he's going to help him out. He asks Dougy to meet him there tomorrow. Liv spots Blaine in what she thinks is him making a deal, completely ruining his story of seeking redemption. Dougy threatens Blaine, telling him that he can either get in or Hutch can ball him up and throw him in. Blaine is reluctant, but he goes in. Dougy tells him that it was weird how things went down at the party, everyone thought he was dead. He's partly right. The boss thinks that the batch he was selling was cut with something lethal, that Blaine did the cutting. Blaine points out that thinking isn't really his strong suit, and that when he's running the city he won't make the same mistake. Dougy and Hutch laugh, asking what mistake was made. He underestimated the little guy. Blaine goes full zombie and splatters Dougy and Hutch around the car's interior.

Blaine goes to see his hook up from the night before. She's got a streak of white in her hair, and her skin is the color of chalk. She's seen better days as Blaine lets himself in. She's done well for herself he notes. She asks what's happened to her. He welcomes her to team Z. She's a tread spotter, he asks her if zombies are really on the decline. For a mere 29 K a month, he can give her the brains that she needs. Sure she'll need spray tans and hair coloring, but death is going to be swell. He pours her a drink, and brings out a little togo box of brains. Jackie snatches at it, but Blaine doesn't hand it over until she agrees to his terms. He gives her the first rule of brain club, and Jackie calls for her check book.

Ravi asks Liv if she got Blaine's number as she cleans up. He wants him to come in for more tests, under her supervision of course. Liv doesn't think that its a good idea. Ravi thanks her for being protective, and Liv let him know why its a bad idea. Blaine is a liar, and she thinks he's just using her for her brains. Ravi considers, if he's the only one. Liv isn't sure, but she thinks he's dangerous. Clive wonders if Liv is free tonight. Javier's art is being displayed, and he wants her to come along. He got a lead from the waitress the night of Javier's death. Artie left to go to an ATM. He attempted withdraw just down the street from the loft where Javier was murdered, which would put him in the area at the time of death. Ravi gets clarification. Artie is utterly broke, living off credit cards. Liv asks why Lola would cover for him, which is what Clive plans to ask. Ravi wants to come as well to the art show if he needs backup at the bar, and with the models.

Clive sets Ravi loose on the scene. They hear some people complaining about the spike in prices since Javier's death. Even his old work has tripled in price. Sounds like a big cha-ching for his art dealer. Clive goes off to look for the hostess. Ravi asks what Liv usually does to get a vision. Liv just walks around and hopes that something happens, which sounds lame. Ravi doesn't see it that way, he sees it as a vision quest.

Clive asks Lola why she never mentioned that Artie left her at the restaurant. She forgot. He was gone about 20 minutes, which is about the amount of time it takes to walk to her loft.

Tasha approaches Ravi, mistaking him for a detective. He tries to clarify his position, when Tasha tells him that her ex is there, and he's not suppose to be. She has a restraining order, and she'd leave but, Ravi interrupts. She shouldn't leave, and he offers to sort it out. He asks her to point him out.

Liv goes looking through Javier's old things. He left not only his art behind, but a part of himself. She wonders if she hadn't come back, what her loved ones would have. Mr. Cheekbones comes down the stairs. He thought he saw Liv slip down there. He thinks that Javier would have loved her, but now he'll never get to lay a hand on her. He's been thinking about her since the interrogation. He's heard of bad cop, good cop before, but never bad cop horny cop. She offers to go upstairs with him so he can tell her all about how he objectified him, but he'd rather have her all to himself. Liv gets another vision. Rebecca, Artie's daughter, was pregnant with his son and the pair were happy about it. Liv tells Tito that she's not the kind of girl he wants to mess with, but he definitely wants to mess with her. She tries to shoulder her way out when he grabs her. She retorts with a punch to his nose.

Clive heads over to see Artie. He congratulates him on the success, and hike in price. Artie mistook him for an art lover. Artie tries to excuse himself, as Clive points out that the extra cash will really help him pay off some of his debts, and maybe he'll even have funds to use an ATM. Liv runs over. Artie claims that Javier was his friend. Artie was in love with Lola, he thought she deserved better. Liv points out that maybe Artie killed him because he knocked up his teenage daughter. Artie looks at her in confusion, claiming that Javier was like an uncle to Rebecca. Ravi watches the exchange, as Liv doesn't believe he didn't know. Did Javier seem like the uncle type? Ravi rushes over, he has an idea, with where Liv is standing on a step higher than Artie, she would be the right height. Ravi reenacts the crime, and where the blood splatter would fall. The killer could have been Liv's size. Clive makes sure Liv is positive about the pregnancy. Lola had said that they never wanted children. Clive asks Lola if she never wanted kids. She wasn't covering for Artie, he was covering for her. The waitress wasnt' sure what time Lola arrived, only that Artie left. She killed Javier before she arrived at dinner. She found out that Javier was going to have the baby, the family he never had before him. Artie asks if she knew. Clive tells him that just a bit ago Lola confessed that Artie was gone long enough to commit the murder. When he got back from the ATM Lola was there, 30 minutes late and practically hyperventilating. When they found Javier, he knew she did it, just as she knew he would cover for her. She used him. She confesses that Javier was leaving her to start a family with a teenager. Lola is arrested for the death of her husband. Tito arrives, pissed at what Liv did to him. Clive knocks him out, and asks Liv to get him the second pair of cuffs from his car. Liv admits that he was right, its always the right

Javier's brain showed her a world that's brighter, more vibrant. Liv microwaves some brains, not wanting Lola to diminish that light. She wants to leave her family something more than report cards to remember her by. There is so much beauty in the world, and the heart wants what the heart wants. She paint feverishly, who can deny it?

Liv heads over to Major's. She tells him that apparently that mixed CD was a gateway drug, and she needs something more substantial. She takes a seat, asking if they can hang out. He wonders if she's drunk. Poor Major is confused. He thinks she's being really weird. She asks him to sit with her again. Taking a seat on his lap. She can't take another second of not being close to him. She goes to kiss him, and he pulls away. She's been icing him out for months, and her sudden change of heart has him reeling. He's done everything he could to get an ounce of affection from her. The day he came and dropped off her stuff she could barely look him in the eye, and now she can't take not being close to him? He tells her to go, and she's broken hearted, but so is he. The passionate mind is selfish, and Javier's brain made her cross the line between what she wants and what she can never have.

Liv and Peyton hang the new painting. There were so many nights that she could have spent with Major, and instead she spent them studying, she let life slip through her fingers, and now she will never have it. There were parts of her that were dead before she became a zombie, she hopes that now that she's dead there are still parts to spring to life.


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