Jane the Virgin S1E11 - "Chapter Eleven" Recap

Jane wants her mother and Rafael to get along more so she is able to get her mother to agree to having dinner with them. Jane later gets an offer for a permanent position at the Catholic middle school. She considers taking it but then when she visits Rogelio, he announces that she has received a writing internship at his telenovela. Jane doesn't like conflict so she decides to try to do both, though the narrator warns that this won't end well.

Petra is still worried that Milos, her mobster ex, will come find her but her mother doesn't want her asking for help from Lachlan. She later goes against her mother's wishes and tells Lachlan about the problems she has involving Milos. When Petra says she needs to leave, Lachlan asks to come with her and that he can order a transfer to one of the hotels elsewhere in the world, adding that he will have her moved to a penthouse with high security systems. Even after they are moved to the penthouse, Magda still doesn't trust Lachlan.

Xo has been avoiding Rogelio because of the vow she made to God to stay celibate till marriage and Alba tells her that she must keep her promise. Xo and Alba then have dinner with Jane and Rafael and things go well until Rafael says that he can and will financially support Jane and the baby. He doesn't mean any harm by it, saying he wants Jane to pursue her dreams and follow the writing internship. Jane chides her mother after dinner for not trying to give him a chance. Xo admits that it feels like being disloyal to Michael, but Jane tells him that they've moved on and she needs to not be so rude to Rafael. Xo goes to apologise to Rafael and when Rafael suggests that they get to the root of things, Xo admits that she doesn't think his character isn't good enough for Jane and she lets on that she resents his privilege.

Jane is told by Rogelio to write a scene that he will judge so she can determine whether writing is the best course to pursue. Rogelio later goes over to see Xo for a date and she is struggling trying to tell him about the vow she has taken but finding it difficult to do so. She almost hooks up with him but then panics and orders him to leave, still not telling him why. Xo later tells Alba that she is worried Rogelio won't want her anymore if he can't be with her in that way.

Rafael is carrying on investigating the hotel and how the underground surgery centre came to be. When he tracks down the man who did the contracting for the surgery centre, the man threatens him and forces him to leave. They are photographed together by Michael, who has been going against his boss's orders and following Rafael around. When Michael gets caught by the contractor, the man punches him out.

Rogelio doesn't like the scene Jane writes, saying that telenovelas are all about drama and her scene doesn't have enough of it. But Jane admits that she had butterflies writing the scene and Rogelio tells her that passion is important and that every skill must be developed. Jane gets into a fender-bender from doing too much and not getting enough sleep. Rafael and Xo meet Jane at the hospital where she is being checked up on. Rafael tells her she is taking on too much and needs to make a choice and Xo agrees. The doctor then tells Jane that the baby is kicking and Jane realises that every time she has been feeling butterflies recently, it's been the baby kicking. Xo meets Rogelio at the hospital and tells him about her vow and he agrees to wait. Xo later learns that Alba was awake to hear her vow and is angry about the manipulation.

Michael is also in the hospital after getting punched out by the contractor. He is chided by his partner for being irresponsible. Jane gets a call about michael because she is still listed as his emergency contact. Michael admits that he thinks it's a sign that they're in the hospital together. Jane tells Michael that he's wrong about her and Rafael and that he needs to let her go. Michael's partner Nadine then calls in to their boss about Michael's disobeying direct orders. Michael then agrees to change his emergency contact.

Jane later decides to take the teaching job and heads to the telenovela set to tell them she'll be quitting but then she's told by the head writer that she holds a lot of promise and should keep going with it. She then tells Rogelio that she will pursue writing and stay on the show. Rogelio warns her that she can't look to other to validate her because it's a tough business. Nicholas, Rogelios' assistant, and Dina, the head writers on the show, are revealed to be scheming against Rogelio.

Petra becomes alarmed to find yellow tulips in her room, as these were Milos' signature. Lachlan promises to take care of her, adding that he will protect her. But it is shown that Lachlan was the one to put the flowers in her room, as Petra had told him that detail about the flowers earlier when asking for help.

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