Jane the Virgin S1E12 - "Chapter Twelve" Recap

Jane gets seemingly good news that she will be tasked with writing the next episode of the Passion of Santos. She suspects that Rogelio was involved in it but he denies it. Unfortunately, she also learns that she will have to kill of Rogelio's character, Santos. Jane tries to help Rogelio be humble and ask to keep his job but when the writers won't change their mind, Rogelio becomes enraged.

Michael is angry at Nadine for turning him in as he has now gotten suspended. When she tells him she saw him with Jane at the hospital, Michael accuses her of being jealous. She is still firmly suspicious that Emilio is actually Sin Rostro. Emilio is back in town and tells his wife Rose that they are going out of town on a trip together. She is in a panic and relays her concerns to Rafael but he tells her that none of his investigations have connected Emilio to being Sin Rostro and if she goes to the police, it will destroy the hotel franchise.

Petra is forced by Rafael to do her job and take a meeting or else he won't sign her pay check. When she gets downstairs she finds that the person she is meeting with is Milos, her ex she has been running from. He then tells her how the acid was always meant for her mother and that he even threw the coin that she had bent down to pick up that kept her from getting hit. He goes on to say that he has been rehabilitated and went to anger management (though he still very much has his temper). He wants her forgiveness now and hopes to win her back. Jane finds Petra crying in the stairwell and offers to be her crying shoulder and Petra opens up to her, saying everything that has happened.

Jane and Rafael go to visit Luisa at the mental hospital for a therapy session. Luisa will say anything to get herself out of the hospital. The therapist tells Rafael that he should share what has been going on at the hotel so Luisa can better understand the circumstances. When Luisa hears various details, she appears to know something. Luisa later asks Jane to give a letter to Rose, claiming it is an apology. Rafael later finds the letter and doesn't want to give it to Rose. He tells Jane that he was the only one that believed in Luisa and that there is a lot more history between them to forgive than this one indiscretion.

Xo convinces Rogelio that leaving the show could be good for him and that he could try to move to film instead. He agrees and tells Jane he wants her to write the greatest death scene for him ever. Luisa calls Jane and asks about the letter and when she finds that it's been given to Rafael, she calls him instead and asks that he at least read the letter. Rafael then sees his father with the contractor from before and becomes suspicious for the first time of him.

Michael pays a visit to the plastic surgeon whose number he stole from the contractor's phone and prints something off from his files, still determined to prove that Rafael is Sin Rostro. What he finds seemingly proves that Emilio is Sin Rostro instead so he gives his findings to Nadine, who decides they must get an arrest warrant for Emilio.

Jane successfully writes the death scene and Emilio loves it. It's then revealed on set that Rogelio's assistant schemed to get Rogelio off the show and will be playing Santos' son (and the one that will kill Santos off the show). Jane calls Rafael to tell him that maybe she is indeed too trusting and advises him to at least read Luisa's letter.

Milos takes Petra hostage and brings her to her mother and promises Petra that they will never be apart again. She says she would rather die than be with him and he seemingly slits her throat. We then see that Milos had cornered Petra and told her that her mother schemed to keep them apart and is faking her paralysis. So they conspired together to get her mother to reveal the truth. Petra rises, not dead, and orders her mother to get out.

Rogelio films his death scene and moves everyone on set. Jane is emotional afterwards and calls Rogelio dad, which makes him just as emotional.

Rafael reads Luisa's letter in which she notes that the corkscrew she left behind while drinking was likely used to kill the bellboy. She expresses concern for Rose's safety and now believes her father may be Sin Rostro. When Jane returns to Rafael's, he is visibly shaken, saying that he believes his father is Sin Rostro.

Emilio is shown to be with Rose, who murders him by burying him in cement. In a surprising twist, Rose is actually Sin Rostro. She calls Rafael to say that his father never showed and that he has likely left the country already.

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