Jane the Virgin S1E13 - "Chapter Thirteen" Recap

Jane and Rafael head to a check-up to learn the sex of the baby. At the ultrasound, they learn that the baby has a couple potential risks that they can't know yet as to wether they're something serious or not. They can do a test after which Jane must be on bed-rest for 48 hours and that if they do it, there is a 1/300 chance that Jane could miscarry.

Scott and Nadine are still investigating Sin Rostro and learn that Emilio's assistant lied about his alibi on the night of the murder but it was because he was with his girlfriend (and not with his wife). Rose is genuinely surprised to learn that her husband was having an affair. When they question Emilio's mistress, they learn that Rose lied about not knowing that Emilio had been on his boat on the night of the murder and realise that she is Sin Rostro. From the overseas money transfers, the hotel's construction permits, and the dying words of the bellhop ("Sin Rostro") which were intended to identify his killer, all things point to Rose.

Petra tells Milos he must leave her alone and he is less than pleased about it. At the end, Lachlan reveals that everything he's done was to get revenge on her and that he will indeed leave but she will not be coming with him. Now she's stranded with nowhere to go.

Xo pushes Rogelio to get a new acting job but his ego is making him picky and not pursue anything is is offered. When he finally takes an audition, it doesn't go well but Xo encourages him to try again.

Jane decides to do the test and as a result, she will have to miss her graduation ceremony. She expresses guilt to Rafael over putting her own anxieties first but Rafael assures her that her sacrificing her graduation ceremony shows that she is indeed putting the baby first. They make it out of the 48 hours fine and agree that they'll not stress.

Alba opens up to Xo about not pursuing the crush she has on a man in her physical therapy class, saying she wants to respect the memory of her husband.

Milos tells Petra that he doesn't trust Lachlan and that he has now bought into the Marbella. Since he now owns 33% of the company, he will give it to Petra to make amends on the condition that they will still be part of each other's lives.

Rogelio lets Xo know that he has gotten a potential job offer on another telenovela but it shoots in Mexico. If he accepts, it'll take him away for a year and a half. He hasn't given an answer yet but it's clear that his hesitation to say yes is that he would be away from his family.

Michael and Nadine find that based on surveillance footage, neither Rose (who has fled), Emilio, or the dead bell-boy could have been the one to kill Roman Zazo so that murderer is still a mystery. We're also introduced to Roman's twin brother whose intentions for being at the Marbella and meeting with Rafael have yet to be revealed.

Jane the Virgin airs on Mondays on the CW at 9PM.


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