Jane the Virgin S1E14 - "Chapter Fourteen" Recap

Jane and Rafael are trying to pick out cribs and other things for the babies but then Michael interrupts them to share the news that Rose is Sin Rostro and she has fled. Jane and Rafael then realise they need to get Luisa out of the psychiatric hospital, not knowing that Luisa is more determined to move ahead with her plans to escape.

Jane heads home to tell her mother about all she has learned. Rogelio turns up to say that he is being pressures to take the job in Mexico but he has another job, albeit a smaller role on the telenovela starring his arch nemesis. When he and Xo are alone, neither are willing to admit the depth of their feelings for one another but both are hoping that the other will speak first.

Petra returns to the hotel on the warpath, saying that she is now a co-owner of the hotel. Rafael is unhappy, having already banned her from the hotel but now she wants him to be the silent partner while she keeps things running.

Jane begins to suspect that Rafael is hiding something and she stumbles across a man whom she believes to be Roman Zazo but when she tells Michael about, it's revealed to be Aaron Zazo, Roman's twin brother. Rafael had tracked Aaron down and negotiated his release from a Mexican drug cartel that had been holding him hostage.

Rafael goes to sign Luisa out of the hospital right as she comes bursting out as part of her escape plane. She's happy to finally be out but is still holding a grudge against Michael. She's shocked to learn about Rose being Sin Rostro. Luisa later finds a coded-letter left for her by Rose.

Jane's friends are planning a baby shower for her and it begins to make Jane question her future with Rafael, as they still have no plans to move in together. She later goes to patch things up with Rafael saying she's sorry for not trusting him and that trust will simply take time for them to build because they haven't been together very long. They're interrupted by a call from Luisa who says that the last message from Rose's letter was a reveal of where Emilio's body was. Rafael has the fountain dug up and his father's body is found. Jane is saddened by the fact that she doesn't know how to best help Rafael in this difficult time.

Luisa is brought in for questioning by Michael and she recounts the first time she met Rose, five years ago. They met in a girl-bar and hooked up without either of them knowing that Rose was dating Luisa's father. Luisa gets a call from Rose who says that what they had was real and invites her to run away together. After the funeral, Rafael asks Luisa about her shares of the hotel. She says she will give them to Rafael, still believing that money is the root of all evil.

Jane gets Rogelio and Xo to admit the strong feelings they have for each other and Rogelio says he will take the job in Miami so he can pursue a relationship with her. Xo decides to put aside her vow since this gesture is a measure of their commitment to one another.

Luisa gets manipulated by Petra into giving her voting rights to Petra instead of Rafael which gives Petra the majority ownership of the Marbella Hotel for the time being. Luisa says that she needs to go to her shaman to think (but she'll still have ownership of her own shares). Petra also meets Roman's twin brother, Aaron.

Michael goes to tell Rafael that they had been monitoring Luisa and now they have learned that Luisa has run away with Rose.

Jane puts together a romantic gesture for Rafael, saying she doesn't know what his comfort food is but she wants him to know that he can trust her with whatever he's thinking or feeling. She then tells him that she loves him and he says he loves her too and begins opening up about how he's feeling. The following morning, Rafael asks Jane to move in with him.

Jane the Virgin airs on Mondays on the CW at 9PM.


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