Jane the Virgin S1E15 - "Chapter Fifteen" Recap

Jane and Rafael get the results back from their test and learn that the baby is healthy. Rafael still wants to move in together but is understanding when Jane says she doesn't want to move in just yet.

Michael tells Jane that he just saw Angelique Harper, Jane's favourite author, checking into the Marbella. When Jane expresses her excitement to Rafael, he says he can get her into a private reading Angelique is doing and tells Jane to be on her best behaviour. Jane writes a chapter in preparation for Angelique's reading but is shocked when Angelique's reading mentions Jane by name and it transforms into a proposal by Rafael. It's really romantic but Jane's response is to ask Rafael to speak in private. Rafael had misinterpreted the things Jane had said, thinking that she was dropping hints about wanting to be proposed to. Alba and Xo get into an argument after learning all of this, as Alba thinks Jane should say yes and Xo thinks they should wait.

Lachlan returns to the hotel and Petra tells him he needs to work, unless he'd rather quit. (He can't be fired or else he will receive a million-dollar payout). Petra also gets asked by Aaron to have dinner together so they can talk about Roman's last days together.

Lachlan propositions Rafael so they can work together, as he still has his sex tape with Petra so he can blackmail her into resigning and turning over her shares of the hotel.

Xo is "late" and is worried about whether she might be pregnant. Rogelio lies to Xo about how things are going with his new job, as it's actually not been going so well. Xo admits her pregnancy concerns to Rogelio but then fakes him out by saying she was kidding which makes Rogelio slip up and admit he was panicking about it. They get into a fight and Rogelio leaves in a huff.

Jane and Rafael get into a fight when Jane tests his knowledge of her character to determine whether she should accept his proposal and Rafael is hurt by her doubts. When Xo tells Jane about her pregnancy concerns, Jane berates her for being reckless.

Petra has dinner with Aaron and they reminisce about Roman. He also asks about a family heirloom, their mother's necklace, and Petra says she has it and will return it promptly. Petra is visited by Rafael to say that he has her sex tape and Petra prompts to release it herself by saying that she will spin it so that the conservative board members will be outraged on her behalf since her private files were stolen. Rafael agrees to help her because it will be better for the hotel.

Jane assures Rafael that her reservations about getting engaged are simply because it's too soon and not because they can't have a future together. Jane finds herself in quite the predicament when she goes to drop off her manuscript for Angelique Harper but is mistaken for her masseuse instead. She must give Angelique a 90-minute massage so she will read the manuscript. She later shares the good news with Michael and Rafael is saddened when he walks by and sees the two laughing together.

Petra returns the necklace to Aaron, who in private proceeds to smash it and it's revealed to hold a USB drive inside. The narrator warns that Petra had no way of knowing the value of what it was she held in her possession.

Jane the Virgin airs on Mondays on the CW at 9PM.


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