Jane the Virgin S1E16 - "Chapter Sixteen" Recap

Rogelio and Xo are moving forward with their plans to move in together and let Alba and Jane know. Jane is anxious about her relationship with Rafael, wanting to fix the hurt she caused by rejecting his proposal. She begins to suffer from writer's block so she signs up for a romance writing workshop that Michael tells her about.

Petra wants to find a musical performer for the Marbella's Calle Ocho celebration and asks Rafael to ask Rogelio for help enlisting a big celebrity name. As for Rogelio, he is struggling with people hating on his lack of believability as a space cop so he asks Michael if he can tag along to learn how to better portray a cop.

Michael is still investigating Roman's murder and receives the encrypted hard drive from Aaron, who is hoping that it can help, or at least that's what he's claiming.

Jane becomes alarmed at the workshop when she realises that she was supposed to write down compliments but instead wrote critique. Her critique ends up making one of the other writers cry. She's able to convince the group leader to give her another chance.

Rafael invites Rogelio to the hotel to ask for help getting David Bisbal to perform at the Call Ocho celebration and Rogelio makes Rafael first apologise for not asking for Rogelio's permission first before proposing to Jane. Rafael is still incredibly hurt by Jane's rejection to his proposal and Jane tries to shift her thinking by focusing on the good. She begins drafting her apology by re-reading the story she had been critical of and has flashes of all the good moments during her relationship with Rafael.

Xo begins sorting her things to move out and Alba is upset to learn that Xo is actually serious about moving out and the two get into a huge fight. Jane tries to mediate but it doesn't go well. Jane brings her apology to the writer and the woman admits that the reason why she was so emotional was because Jane claiming that the characters don't belong together were based on herself and her husband. Jane offers a romantic getaway for the two of them at the Marbella. Jane gets advice about her writer's block and that the problem isn't always where you think it is but may be further back.

David Bisbal arrives at the Marbella, much to Rafael and Petra's delight, but they are thrown to learn that they must now tend to David's dog.

Michael is tailing a suspected drug dealer, Tony Vaughn as a part of the investigation of Roman Zazo's murder. Rogelio becomes bored during the stakeout until Michael begins whipping out some impersonations. Rogelio lets it slip that Rafael had proposed and Jane had turned it down. Tony Vaughn then emerges and the two must carry on tailing him.

Rafael and Jane hash things out, as Jane feels guilty for hurting Rafael but also needs Rafael to understand that he was too impulsive with his proposal and she can't have all the blame placed on her.

Michael and Rogelio follow Tony to Calle Ocho. Jane is also there with her mother and runs into Andie, a girl from their writing group. Rogelio is enjoying meeting all his fans and manages to get them to help corner Tony down so Michael and other law enforcement can arrest him.

Rafael asks Petra if his proposal to her after just 5 months was too soon. She admits it was quick but it made sense at the time. The conversation is interrupted as David's dog gets loose and they must take off chasing after it.

As Calle Ocho is underway, Jane indulges in a fantasy of Rafael showing up and taking her out onto the dance floor where the two salsa together. In reality, Rafael and Petra spent the whole concert trying to find the dog which ends up not even being David's dog but his assistant's who simply told them it was David's so they would take better care of it.

We learn that Andie from the workshop used to date Michael before he dated Jane.

Rafael goes to see Jane and admits that he did propose too soon. He admits that he has always wanted a family so badly that he had wanted to "lock it down" because he was afraid that she would leave. She assures him that she won't leave and he doesn't need to rush. He then notes how he has never looked for his mother and had only taken his father's word that she didn't want to be found. Jane says that he can look for her if he really wants to and that there's no real way of knowing what her reasons were for leaving unless he looks. Jane stands beside Rafael's side as he begins to search for his mother, Elena Di Nola.

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