Lost Girl S05E04 Recap: When God Opens a Window

Tamsin has a little bed acrobatics with Chad, and wishes for Chinese food. Bo walks in with just want she wished for. She was suppose to come back and help her out with her badassery and weapons, but instead she left Bo hanging so she could bang a guy she can't be bothered to remember the name of. Sated in one way, she just wants into Bo's boxes, but Bo wants Chad into her, since he is conveniently in her bed. Tamsin tells Chad to buckle up, and Bo pounces.

Mark runs to get on a bus, but he doesn't have exact change. The bus driver refuses the watch at first, but Mark pleads with him, and he reluctantly agrees. Mark sits super close to the only other person on the bus, a pretty girl, and gets to flirting with Maggie. He charms her, and reads her all too easily, pegging her as pregnant. Maggie bristles, and Mark tries again. Maggie is a singer, wanting to make it big. She's always gotten compliments on her singing voice, and her uncle gave her a pitch whistle. Mark accidentally drops the whistle, but when he goes down to retrieve it, Maggie is shot dead through the heart. Mark is so not the guy to make friends with, no matter how sweet he seems. Mark hurries to get away.

Tamsin mows through the Chinese food, nearly eating herself into a food coma, when Mark runs in. Tamsin wonders if he's delivery. He's not delivery, but he's definitely hungry, as he powers through the rest of the take out. He apologizes to Tamsin and Bo for bursting in, it doesn't exactly look like a detective agency, which is exactly how Bo likes it. Mark is on the run, but claims to not have done nothing. He tries to pay with a watch, again, but Bo refuses his watch. Mark doesn't have much, and even offers him some of the men's clothing she has a collection of. Tamsin doesn't trust Mark one bit, but Bo wants to make whatever is chasing Mark her problem. Bo sets some guidelines if they're going to have a successful partnership. 1. When you say you're coming back with weapons, come back with weapons. 2. They need a more positive way to speak to eachother, and 3. They help those who need help, so deal with it. Tamsin doesn't really like her tone. Bo tells her that there's something that is familiar to her. Tamsin reminds her that he's not Kenzi, that they can't keep every stray. Mark overhears everything. Changed in new duds, he goes to leave, but Bo stops him. She's a pro at running, and she's learned that no matter what, you can never run far enough, the past always catches up. He needs to face it head on. He leaves anyways, and Bo isn't surprised. Tamsin heads to Bo's room. Mark tossed the thing up, and now its Tamsin's turn to do things her way.

Lauren is impressed by the grounds. The former Morrigan, rides in on her horse, at least Evony is keeping a low profile now that she's human. She makes some off colored comments, which the butler doesn't find funny. Only Lauren thinks she's funny. She follows Evony to brunch. Evony wants the dish on Lauren's murdered assistant. Lauren feels remorse, but Evony is more concerned about the equip,ent inside. She asks about three dead bodies, a fact that Lauren was kind of hiding, but Evony has ears everywhere, and she will not be made to look like a fool. Lauren assures her that the security papers that she's signing will assure that, but the serum she wants Lauren to make is a whole other story.

Mark is on the run again. Tamsin catches up to him first, and she's all valkyried out. Bo tells Tamsin to bring down the scare factor, and Tamsin asks for an aside. Tamsin needs to let her bad cop fly, but Bo thinks that they need to try something sunnier. Its all very Dr. Phil as they try to listen and acknowledge eachother's feelings. Mark tries to make a break for it, but the girls turn on him. Bad move buddy. Mark tries to assure him that he's really a good guy, but he needs to get out of town fast. He's sorry for stealing, especially since they've been so nice to him, but he didn't have a choice. He feels that “he” is here, right before Bo gets a arrow through her back. Oooh, she's gonna be one pissed succubus. Tamsin goes to help Bo as Mark run off. Tamsin pulls the arrow out of Bo.

Trick takes out the trash, and a pair of ruffians looks for trouble. Trick doesn't want any. They tell Trick he just needs to let them inside, and there will be no trouble. Trick doesn't think that's a good idea either, and before the men can strike, they're tossed aside like rag dolls at the flick of a mesmer's wrist. Vex is back!

Back at home, Bo can't believe Tamsin just pulled the arrow out of her, but Tamsin insists that it was for her own good. Tamsin makes her laugh, and Bo cautions her against it, it hurts. Tamsin leans in for a kiss, which makes things a little better, but Bo isn't healing. Tamsin tries again, and not only does it not help, Lauren walks in, and walks out too.

Trick goes to Dyson. Dyson nearly wolf's out on Vex. He doesn't exactly get a warm welcome, the whole betrayal thing may still be fresh in his mind. Trick reminds Dyson that its better to have a mesmer and not need him, plus he has a case for Dyson. He gives Dyson the file on the three dead, marked humans. Dyson has no choice but to play nice with Vex, as Trick is the acting Ash.

Lauren is amazed that she just took fae krytonite out of Bo's shoulder. Its a metal derived from a parasite. It's a mineral and alive. Everytime that she healed it would resplit open the wound. Bo looks at it with disgust, as Lauren marvels over the pair in their respective test tubes. Tamsin wonders if the shooter can find them with it. Lauren thinks that she has the healing touch, but Tamsin moves to make her heal faster, with a kiss. Bo heals up, and wants to find the archer, but knows they need to find Mark first.

Mark is chowing down at the Dal, trying to hustle a couple out of some traveling money when Bo and Tamsin catch up to him, and they want answers. He claims to not know much, but Tamsin doesn't buy his story for a moment. Bo points out that she could have been killed. He owes her an explanation. He's been hunted for a long time, but he isn't sure why. His mother died when he was young, and he has no other family. Tamsin asks what type of predator he is. He isn't sure. He hasn't changed yet, but he keeps leaving a body count in his wake. Bo wants to help, but he has to trust her, no more lies.

Back at the crack shack, Mark tells her that he's been moving around from place to place, and has no chance to settle down, or find work. That's not really a priority at moment, Bo points out. Her shoulder still hurts, she wonders if there is still shrapnel in there. Mark kisses her to heal her, and Bo pulls back, before diving back in. Someone enters with a knife, he's been waiting a long time. Bo's been waiting all night too. Tamsin jumps out from hiding. Oooh, Bobo set Mark up. Lauren too jumps out of her hiding spot and shoots the guy full of tranquilizers. They plan to take him back to the lab, but Mark wants the hunter to die. Lauren shoots him too, and considers that maybe someone else should take the gun.

Lauren marvels over the hunter's knife, and its ancient bone handle. Bo only has eyes on the hunter though as he awakens. She's not really happy that he tried to kill an innocent fae, and he shot her. The hunter claims that the kid is anything but innocent. He claims that Mark killed his wife and child, that he hunted them down in cold blood, that he ate them. He plans to continue to hunt Mark, to make him suffer as he has. Bo doesn't quite believe, but she's willing to try. She asks for his hand, and uses her powers on him to gauge his sincerity as he tells her again about his wife.

Dyson tries to get to work, as Vex annoys him with questions about Mummies and their portrayal in modern times. Dyson remains focused. Vex offers to help him out, but his continuing babbling sends him over the edge. When he sees Vex's face all he sees is the man who helped kill his partner, he sees nothing more than Massimo's face. Massimo broke Vex's heart. He raised him from a child, he knew he was bad, but he still saw him as precious, something to protect. Dyson mocks his legacy. Vex isn't taking it lying down. He reminds Dyson that he's the one that let him go in the first place. Dyson punches him, and warns him that if he's there when he returns from the clinic he will kill him.

At the clinic, Dyson notices a familiar smell. Lauren doesn't smell it, but Dyson's wolf nose picks up a bad smell. Lauren reminds him that its a hospital, there's lots of bad smells, and gets his focus back to the body at hand. Vex arrives with theories of his own. Dyson warned him. Vex tells him that he tried to get Massimo to leave town, and Dyson punches him again. Vex reminds him that Hale was his friend too, and Dyson pulls his gun on him. Dyson warns Vex again. Lauren tells Dyson that he's telling the truth, she too was with Massimo at the end. Dyson doesn't like to always be a good guy, and he raises Vex up with the gun shaft. Vex tells him to just do it, as Lauren talks him down. Hale and Kenzi were no one's fault. Dyson leaves.

Mark awakens, wondering what happened. Bo reminds him of the previous events, just a normal thursday. Mark tells her he can explain. Bo hopes so because the hunter was pretty convincing. She asks him about the hunter's family, his ear. Mark admits that he did bite the ear off. The hunter killed his mother, he didn't have much a choice when he came after him. He was six at the time, hidden under the bed when the attack happened. He hid the entire time. Bo warns him against lying, but Mark is sure it is the truth. When the hunter was finished, Mark jumped on him, bit the ear off, and ran, just like he did when Bo got hurt. He's a coward that runs at the first sign of trouble. He's sick and tired of running. Bo assure him that killing the hunter is not the answer. He asks what is the answer. He has no where else to go, no one else to turn to. Bo is inexplicably drawn to him. She pulls him in for a kiss.

Vex mutters to himself but with Dyson's wolf hearing, he heard it. It jogs something from his memory though. The first was a cop, a pig. He was branded and hung so that he would bleed out faster. The second was a prison guard, a bull, and he died the same way. All signs point to a pagan ritual where a pig and bull are needed. Lauren asks about the third victim. No branding, no throat slit. He died of dehydration. He was a criminal, with a heavily reduced sentence. Vex thinks that the guy was a snitch, a rat, but that doesn't fit. It's a Russian prison, the guy would be a goat. Three ritual killings, and the three missing elevator bodies. It could all be connected. Dyson asks if Lauren has anything from the missing bodies with a scent, and she does.

Bo awakens post coitus, and finds her bed empty. She calls for Tamsin, as she robes up. Mark's gone, and he's stolen her knife. The kid is going after the hunter.

Vex follows Dyson up a huge bank of stairs. Vex takes in the beauty of Dyson's shifter nose. Before they can get much further, Bo call. She needs Dyson to get to the clinic before Mark does to protect the hunter. Dyson turns on his heel, and heads back to the clinic. He was so close to the elevator blondie. She's thirsty, and wants her companion to refill her glass, but he can't. He's been electrified.

Lauren does little to stop Mark from man handling the Hunter. Mark wants answers, namely why he's being hunted. Dyson arrives, and Mark asks who he is. They're both shifters, both wolves. Mark is a little shocked. Dyson tells him that the man has been hunting their kind for centuries. Killian knows Dyson too. Dyson reminds him that they don't hunt shifters anymore, especially not those who haven't shifted yet. Mark keeps his eyes on Dyson. The Hunter figures that since the Una Mense are gone, he was just cleaning house. Mark raises the knife, but Dyson stops him. Their kind did kill his family long ago, but its time to heal the riff between them. Dyson sends Killian off, and holds Mark back as he begs to go after him.

At the Dal, Mark tears into his meal. Bo tries to understand why Dyson just let the hunter go. That's a question that Mark wants the answer too, thinking that Dyson is just a self-righteous douche bag. Dyson doesn't want to talk about it. As Bo watches him, she notices all their same movements, and actions and realizes that Mark is Dyson's son. Dyson confirms it, he knew it the moment he smelled him. Mark is shocked. Bo knew there was something about him that was familiar. Mark doesn't want the bonding moment. Judging by his age, Dyson figures out who his mother is. Mark doesn't want to hear his words. Dyson left his mother, and she died. Dyson explains that he never new she was pregnant, Mark's mother never told him. Dyson knows that no matter what he says, Mark won't forgive him right now, but he offers him a place, a home. Mark fears being turned away when Dyson gets tired of him, but Dyson won't let that happen no matter what. Family really isn't Mark's thing any longer and he's off.

Lauren cleans up. Evony is done with the BS. She wants her serum. Lauren claims that she thought Evony was happy with her rich husband. She breaks down in tears, human emotions suck. Lauren tells her that she's had some recent set-backs, as has Evony. The hubby wants to turn the pool house into a man cave, so Evony needs to store some items at the clinic. She calls in her guards, who bring in a high tech case. Evony tells her that its the most feared creature known to fae. Lauren asks what its called, but Evony claims it has no age its so old. She warns that should it get out bad things would happen, and that Lauren should plug it in asap, so it can't break free.

Dyson walks out into the alley, and Killian stalks him. Dyson tells him that he can kill him, under one condition that he leave his son alone. Killian relishes the thought of killing Mark all the more now that he knows the truth. Killian moves to strike, but Dyson has other ideas. He calls Vex, who uses his powers to hold him in place. Dyson once made the mistake of letting a killer go, he refuses to make that mistake again. He wolfs out, and Killian is no more.

Bo tries to let the son knowledge sink in. Tamsin relishes the blackmail potential. There was a time that Bo thought Dyson was her soulmate. Tamsin points out that they're good together, even if they're just friends. Tamsin admits that there was a reason she was hard on Mark. She knew he was trouble, that he was a liar, but most of all because he was just like her. When she was in Valkyrie school she hurt a lot of people, did a lot of things she wasn't proud of. Bo tells her that they're going to be okay.

Dyson sits and drinks, with Killian still in his hair. He's looking at old pictures. Piper, was Mark's mother. He had heard that she died, but he never heard that she was pregnant. He wasn't really into long term those days. Bo points out that Mark could be his second chance. Dyson loves her, thanks her for stopping by, but he just wants to be alone for now. Bo kisses Dyson, leaving him to his grief. He thanks her for taking care of Mark, telling her that he could use a big sis. Bo laughs uncomfortably, yeah sister. Dyson turns back to his pictures, shuffling crime photos around. Three photos make a symbol, that may be familiar. He walks away, and the symbol becomes electrified, charring the surroundings as lightening strikes.


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