Lost Girl S05E05 Recap: It's Your Lucky Fae

Necklaces, flowers, gifts. You would think this would make Bo happy, but it doesn't. They're presents from her Daddy. Cassie is on a blind date from hell, when Bo calls about her gift from Hell literally. Bo needs insights, and Cassie has to put her off, because of her date. She agrees to tell her everything, over drinks tomorrow. Bo hopes there is a tomorrow, as Cassie gets back to her over talker. He's new in town he had told her, and he realizes that he is boring, and he wants to know more about her. She only has a douchbag cousin. He has a party girl sister, personality for days. She asks if she's single. Cassie figures that he's using her for her powers, and he turns down her reading which surprises her. He wants to order. Being an oracle doesn't usually lead to being lucky in love or life. Her date wants to change that.

Cassie takes him back to her apartment, describing her five year dream home. He claims his is the same, but his includes a dog that can open beer bottles with his teeth. He asks her if she can see the future, if she can see his kiss coming, as he lays it on her good. He's really good, but he leaves her hanging, claiming to be a gentleman. Cassie falls into a horrendous vision.

Tamsin sits at the Dal, wondering why Mark is working there. He's new to the area, and Trick needed the help. Bo arrives asking if they've seen Cassie, she was suppose to meet her there. They haven't, but Trick has a gift for Bo. Bo tears into the present, but it isn't what she was expecting. It's a finger that Alexander the fae carried, and a family heirloom. Tamsin is uncomfortable, and makes a quick getaway.

Tamsin walks with Lauren, she too forgot Bo's birthday. Tamsin isn't surprised that she forgot, but she is very surprised that Lauren forgot. Lauren has been busy sucking up to Evony. Tamsin and Lauren stop before a shop, trying to figure out the perfect gift. Seeing them bumble around, not knowing Bo makes me miss Kenzi all the more. The Cat is from the Emperor Kang dynasty. The shop owner claims that the cat brings the owner good luck. Tamsin is convinced, though Lauren thinks the knick knack is more appropriate. Tamsin makes a deal for the cat, and borrows the funds for it.

Bo calls to Cassie, but she doesn't answer. It has Bo worried, and she plans to go over and check on her. Tamsin and Lauren come rushing in bearing their gifts. Tamsin presents her stuffed cat, and Lauren her hideous frog, which she promptly drops and breaks. Lauren takes partial credit for the cat. Tamsin hands it over, telling her that the man said that it would bring her lots of luck. Lauren cautions her on putting too much stock in an external object bringing her luck. Bo tells the girls that she's off to check on Cassie, and Tamsin offers to go with her. Lauren offers too, but Tamsin reminds her that she has a thing she needs to attend. It takes Lauren a minute to realize what she's talking about, then its Tamsin and Bo off to check on Cassie.

The girls arrive at Cassie's but they get no answer. Tamsin wants to bust down the door, but Bo finds it unlocked. There's look, and wreckage everywhere. Tamsin moves into cop mode, thinking to get blood sample to Lauren, and to call in Dyson to help. It's either a crime scene or the worst dinner party every judging by the bloody ice cream scoop.

Mark continues to work his butt off, when the drums call. He takes a moment to play a little, getting caught up in the moment. Trick calls him away to sign in on the ledger. Mark eagerly signs the book, as Trick tells him that their signatures contain their true power. He accidentally rips the book, and Trick takes it away.

Bo finds an earring at the Dal she thought that she had lost. Dyson is on the case. Bo has called the other oracles. Tamsin worries about an oracle's powers in the wrong hands, she's called in Seymour for help. Bo is less than happy to see Cassie's cousin Seymour. They tell him that Cassie is missing, and the swarmy guy doesn't seem concerned. He's a soul eater he reveals to Bo, and not exactly beloved. Cassie emancipated herself from their clan rather than help them steal luck. He tells them that if they want answers they should talk to one of her computer dates. The girl was huge into online dating.

Lauren tells Dyson that all of the blood was the same type. She's got nothing else, and he hasn't heard anything else from Bo, so she goes back to baking her cake. Lauren tastes the ingredients, and finds salt instead of sugar. The balloons arrive. They were suppose to be delivered to the Dal, but that will cost extra. Lauren takes the balloons, and the man tells her that something is burning. It's Bo's cake. The cat certainly brought luck, just none of it good luck.

Mark sneaks a drink. Vex downs his, and tries to run off. Mark thinks he's trying to dash out on his bill, unfamiliar with Vex. Vex tries to let the kid off easy, telling him that he's a friend of Trick's. But Mark isn't taking that as a good answer. Vex calls him out on shorting the customers. Mark offers to buy everyone a round, which makes Vex happy, but not as happy as he's gonna be. The girls are giving them the eyes. Vex offers up some Rock, paper, guillotine, with the loser distracting the boyfriend. Vex loses, and Mark gets to go play.

Mark makes out with the blonde, offering that they could go somewhere nicer, but the other girl likes Trick's dank cellar. Whatever she's on the blonde wants some. She gives her a kiss, and Mark moves to get in the middle of it. Mark stutters as the Blonde throws him down, and gets to sucking. He likes what she's doing, and the other girl gets to stealing a book. The blonde shows her reptile tongue, and the Klepto comes in for a closeup.

Tamsin tries to get some good shots of Bo, when she starts purring. Purring? Tamsin gets to work on Bo's profile. The last person to message Cassie was Heratio55. They try to make her profile into the perfect bait for Heratio, and he instantly bites. Bo is surprised, and Tamsin claims it to be luck. Cassie calls Bo, but there's no one on the other end. Bo chalks it up to her phone dying. Bound and bloodied, it wasn't her phone that died, but it soon dies under a sledgehammer.

Mark comes in after his little rendezvous. The boyfriend isn't very happy about Mark's little threesome, and Vex goes to run interference for him, but Mark steps in on his own. He claims that he saved the guy's girlfriend a few time via mouth to mouth. The man moves to take a swing at Mark, but Vex mesmers him into hitting himself with a beer bottle and Mark follows it up with a well placed blow. Mark tells corny jokes while dogging the guys punches. Lauren arrives with Bo's cake. All of the balloons popped on the way over. She shows Trick the cake, right as the boyfriend is knocked into her. Lauren gets a faceful of the wrong kind of cake and Vex ends the fight.

Back in Trick's dank cellar/study Mark and Vex are in trouble. Dyson wants to know why he's breaking up a bar fight rather than looking for missing oracles. Mark and Vex find the whole situation funny, right up until he mentions that Trick's ledger is missing. Vex tells him that he barely knows the kid, and he wants Vex to stay away from his son. Mark has less than pleasant things to say. Dyson tells him that he has a birthright to claim, and whether he knows it or not, he'll have to choose sides soon. Mark chooses himself, thinking that you're either the boss or the bitch. Dyson points out that those are big words from a shifter that has yet to shift.

Bo waits for her blind date, and Tamsin brings her a drink. Its from the guy at the bar she tells her. Bo is tired of this whole luck thing as she laps up her drink. Tamsin looks at her curiously, but Heratio has arrived. He likes what he sees, a whole lot. Bo remains flirty, and he tells her that his goal to get her to kiss him by the end of the night. Bo continues her cat like antics, and she freaks a little. She tells Tamsin that something is wrong, all the while stress panting. Tamsin wants to pull the plug on the date, but Bo wants to find out where Cassie is. Heratio looks ready to go, and Bo goes succubus on him. She tries to find out what happened to Cassie, but Heratio insists that he just kissed her good night, and left her. Bo's arm goes furry, and she has to call off the date. Heratio is under her spell, and Bo has full on paws.

Bo shows her new furry appendages to Trick, Lauren and Tamsin, and its getting worse. Her eyes go catty. The cat is an idol. It gives good luck to its owner by stealing it from those who don't give it proper respect. Trick looks to reverse the spell, whereas Tamsin just wants to burn it. They can't though, otherwise the cat's spirit will devour Bo's. Tamsin is sorry, she should have gotten her a Yeti stripper like she wanted to. Bo rubs and purrs against her, before pushing her away. They need to calm down. Bo ponders using the luck to find Cassie. Lauren disagrees, as does Tamsin and Trick. They think that they should put the case on hold while they fix Bo. Cassie has been annoying but she's special. She's an oracle, and she helped save Dyson. The three reluctantly agree she should try to find Cassie with luck.

Bo blindfolds herself in her car, thinking that the luck will lead them in the right direction. Tamsin and Lauren aren't so sure. Tamsin tries to talk some sense into her. Its a little kamikaze for Bo, its a little kamikaze for Tamsin too. Lauren puts her foot down too. Bo tells them to trust her, and Tamsin jumps in, willing to trust. Lauren, not wanting to be left out haphazardly jumps in too. Bo crazily drives out of the trainyard, and thinks that she's found the place. Bo flips a coin to figure out the next direction. As she runs down the hill, it looks like she's sprouted a tail too.

Mark gets surprised by one of his threesome buddies. He's tense but glad to see her, hoping that she brought back the book that she swiped. He's sure it was her, but she claims to not know what he's talking about. He's in a crap storm he says. She tells him that after a storm is the best part. She shows him her powers, some wavy rainbows, and she's overly happy that it worked. It doesn't always. Mark tells her that he's a shifter, but unsure what type since he hasn't shifted yet, and he doesn't want to talk to his dickhead dad about it. The girl doesn't really like her keepers either. She tells her that she's not subserviant, but important.

Kitty cat Bo continues to lead the way. Lauren thinks that they should be at home taking care of Bo. Tamsin babbles on. She thinks that she and Bo are getting closer together, and not just because they're living together. Bo is going to break her heart, and hopefully soon. Lauren doesn't really care about that right now, her only thoughts are on Bo. But Bo has given them the slip. Bo continues through the forest. She stumbles into a hole, and lands on her feet. Bo has found Cassie, and two other girls, all chained up, and missing their eyes.

Back at the crack shack, Bo in full on kitty mode, whiskers and all, sleeps in a box. Tamsin tries to comfort her, but she bats at her with her claws. Dyson arrives with Seymour in hand. Looks like Heratio paid him for information on Cassie. Tamsin tells him that Bo checked him out. Dyson thinks that perhaps Bo didn't ask the right questions. Tamsin can't believe that he sold out his own cousin, but he points out that soul sucking doesn't pay the bills. Dyson remarks that not many people are lucky like Bo. Tamsin is slow to the take, but Seymour is intrigued as to what makes Bo so lucky. Tamsin tells him its her lucky cat, that imbued with an ancient spirit. Seymour is overly interested, and he takes the bait, sucking the soul of the cat. He runs off to Reno for some gambling. Bo awakens in the box confused as to how she ended up there.

Cassie lies in Lauren's clinic in recovery. Dyson goes to check on her. She woke up, and had to be sedated. They're doing all they can, but she's not sure how much they can do to repair the oracles without the eyes. Dyson understands, but he has more. He asks if she got a look at Heratio, she'd recognize him. He's one of the bodies from the elevator.

Bo stares at the hell jack in the box. Tamsin comes in in her robe. She admits that she's really bad at birthdays and pulls out a single cupcake. Lauren tried to make her a cake she tells her. Bo takes a bite, its the best thing she's ever tasted she tells her. Tamsin isn't so sure as she disrobes, wearing nothing more than a bow. Bo takes her gift.

In the aftermath, Tamsin notes that the girls must have hated her. She's beautiful, even when she's sad. She knows something is bugging her, but she doesn't want to get in the way of them. Bo admits that she found out that she was born in hell. Her father is Hades. Tamsin realizes that it was Bo's father that she sat across from when she made her deal. Well if that isn't a mood killer. Tamsin asks if she talked to her father, but she hasn't. She isn't sure it would make a difference. No matter how far she tries to get away, no matter how much good she does, he will always be a part of her. Tamsin realizes that the box is from Bo's father. Tamsin use to feel the same about Freya, but eventually she got empowered, she changed. Bo wants to find a way to separate her from her father forever. She knows he's trying to use her for something horrible, and she doesn't want that to happen, and Tamsin plans to help her ensure it doesn't.

Cassie cries out, and Lauren comforts her. She asks her to remember, so that they can find out what happened to her. Cassie saw too much. She saw everything, the beginning, the end. She did it, all the oracles did. They did it to themselves, they removed their own eyes. It was the only way to get it all to stop.

Heratio looks through the Dal's ledger until he finds the name he's looking for: Bo's, and he knows she's a succubus.


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