Mark Hamil Encourages Fans To Take Part In Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is coming and world famous actor and longtime comic book fan Mark Hamill is encouraging fans to celebrate Free Comic Book Day on May 2nd!

Known for his role as Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, Mark has also been a part of the comic book culture as he played the voice of The Joker in various Batman animated TV shows, movies and video games. He is also making a return as the Trickster in new episodes of The FlashHe encourages fans to head to their local participating comic shop on the first Saturday in May to get free comic books!

·         Over 2,300 comic shops are participating across the country and around the world
·         Over 5.6 million comics will be given out for free
·         There are 50 free titles available to choose from
·         Comic shops also host special events for communities to take part in
·         FCBD is a great opportunity for those who have never read a comic before to check them out for free
·         FCBD is a family-friendly event as there are comics for readers of all ages available for free
·         You can see the 50 free comics and find participating comic shop at


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