Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E11 - "Aftershocks" Recap

1983. Location: unknown. A boy with no eyes is teleporting around a big cell and is struggling to control his abilities. Two people come in and discuss the boy, whose name is Gordon. One of the people observing him is Jiaying, Skye's mother. Can we throw a damn party over the fact that she's still alive (at least past her apparent death in the show's introduction of her character)! Petition to get Dichen Lachman to be a series regular, please! Jiaying and the associate note that it's been 14 hours since Terrigenesis. Gordon has been prepared for this moment his whole life and now he'll need someone to guide him.

Skye and the rest of the team aren't doing well adjusting to the loss of Trip. Coulson tries to assure Skye that he died a hero. Skye is still in quarantine and needs to be cleared by medical. The rest of the team is dealing with the death in their own way. Mack got out of quarantine pretty quickly. Thank goodness he made it out and is doing well. The temple collapsed in on itself and Trip's remains have been recovered. Raina however, is missing.

Hydra is reconvening and trying to figure out how will take over the organisation. They know that SHIELD will come after them and that whomever can take them out when they do, can have Whitehall's position now that he's dead.

Raina is still in the tunnels and kills some of the other workers, though Simmons survives the attack and even tries to get a few shots out.

Mack is still trying to adjust and Fitz advises him not to keep everything bottled up, returning the support that Mack had offered when Fitz was still in the harder parts of being on the mend. The team starts to argue and tempers flare. As things get worse, Skye pleads with them to stop and the soda can in her room begins to shake. No one else sees it but her but she looks fully alarmed.

Coulson has a plan to attack Hydra, which involves using Bakshi (whom they still have in their custody) to lead SHIELD back to Bakshi's superior while tricking Hydra's leadership to off one another. Coulson and May even fake their own deaths so Bakshi can "get away" with Hydra. But "Hydra" is actually Hunter, who is pretending to betray his team and ransom him back to Hydra.

Simmons has developed a new philosophy about powers and unearthly biology; now she thinks that they are nothing more than a plague that brings death that needs to be eliminated. This is Simmons' coping mechanism after Trip's death but how will she react when she learns that Skye is now an Inhuman? …

San Juan, Puerto Rico. Cal is on the run and Raina catches up to him. We finally see Raina, and she's entirely unrecognisable. She's covered in thorns and has markings. Everything about her appearance is entirely different and now she feels like a gnarled freak of nature. They hurt and she blames Cal. Raina tells Cal that Skye went through the transformation but unlike Raina, got to stay as beautiful as she was before she entered the temple. Cal is elated by the news, believing that now she will need someone to depend on, and that he can be the one to do so. The running theory for Raina is that she's Naja, a newer character from Marvel's Inhuman comic book. Cal thinks he can make Skye love him and rejects Raina's pleas for help. He all but tells her to kill herself when she says she can't live like this.

Bakshi tries to double cross Hunter, but Hunter and Bobbi prepared for his. They're able to take out Bakshi's superior and arrest him again, after which they hand him over to General Talbot.

Fitz confronts Skye about her "Inhuman" elevated heart rate from earlier. He knows that she must have been changed and Skye becomes emotional, causing her to break a lamp. Fitz is a true friend though, and he covers for Skye regarding the lamp and lies to the rest of the team about her results. Skye is emotional and thanks Fitz for covering for. He notes that her blood results are drastically different now but that it's okay. He adds that he swapped her samples out with blood from before she transformed. But hey, Skye gets to come out of quarantine now!

Raina is entirely suicidal and begins to walk through highway traffic. But her attempt is unsuccessful, as SHIELD agents attempt to arrest her but then an adult Gordon shows up and teleports her away in a bubble.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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