Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E12 - "Who You Really Are" Recap

Faro, Portugal. Some folks are enjoying a campfire and Lady Sif approaches them, looking for kahva. They don't know who/what that is so she walks away. One of the men tries to follow her and she responds by throwing him across the beach. One of the people asks who she is and she says she doesn't know.

May is sparring with Skye and criticises her for not going for a finishing blow but Skye says she wants to stay in control. May says that embracing her emotions is the way to use them on her terms. Fitz arrives to check in on Skye and she says she's fine before beginning sparring again with May.

Bobbi and Hunter are in bed together and Hunter says that after Coulson lectured him about fraternising with other agents and then offered him a more permanent position on the team. He's thinking about taking it since he wants more responsibility. Bobbi is surprised at his words and Hunter thinks that perhaps their being on the same team for once might help the outcome of their relationship.

Coulson and Mack take stock of their supplies and Coulsong tells Mack he wants him back in the field. Mack isn't interested in engaging in violence but the conversation is interrupted by May who says a call has come in from Portugal. They fly out and arrive at a police station where Sif has turned herself in and is still waiting for kahva. She doesn't remember Coulson but he's able to keep her at ease since has photos of the two of them together from her last visit. She doesn't remember her name but knows that she is from Asgard. May shows Coulson a video Skye found from Twitter of someone who is able to hold her own against Sif in battle. She watches the video with them but doesn't remember the fight. In the fight, Sif is stabbed and thrown over the pier. They need to find this man and determine what he wants.

This man is also in Portugal, carrying a small weapon resembling a hammer and questions a woman to say he needs to find the one who has changed. The woman doesn't know what he means but his skin turns blue and he says she won't remember.

The team prepares to hunt down the warrior and Simmons tells Coulson she has upped the potency of their I.C.E.R. weapons and Fitz thinks that this is too dangerous for the super-humans but Simmons is still on this weirdly extremist kick.

Coulson and May bring Sif back to the pier so she can hopefully get some memories back. She still doesn't remember much but when they ask about Thor, she can't help but smile though she doesn't know why. Mack, Fitz, and Hunter find a damaged lamppost and are able to retrieve some tissue sample from it. Bobbi and Skye go to question some locals and they encounter the woman who saw the warrior earlier but she doesn't recognise him from the video.

Coulson encounters a local who recognises Sif and he says that the warrior stole the balloons. The sample Simmons analyses is liquid nitrogen and the team realises that the warrior must have taken the helium tank valves to store it. Skye and Bobbi find the blue alien as he is recharging(?) and Bobbie begins to fight him. Then an earthquake starts (Skye, did you do that?) and the man gets away while a shelf falls on Bobbi. The team realises that the man may be Kree based on his blue skin. Sif says that the word "kahva" is Kree for keys, and not the name of someone.

Skye tells Fitz how the gun in her hand exploded and the room was shaking so perhaps she should tell Coulson what happened and how she has changed. Fitz wants her to wait until he can finish running some more tests.

Mack has a talk with Bobbi and it turns out they have a secret mission of their own. Bobbie wants to tell Hunter about it but Mack says he can't because he might side with Coulson. Mack says that if Hunter finds out about their plan, it will be like how they felt when their friends were revealed to be Hydra.

May has found a city called "Chavez" in Portugal and this word translates to "key." Sif is able to remember that this is where the Kree was headed. Coulson also recognises the city from Whitehall's notes. Skye asks Coulson if she can sit this mission out and though May is suspicious, Coulson agrees and tells her to have Simmons do another check on her. The team finds the Kree pulling a crate out of a cavern and they promptly net him and bring him onto the Bus.

Upon interrogating the Kree, that Kree says he is not a threat and that he can restore Sif's memories with the truncheon. He assures them he will earn their trust. While Bobbis is examining the truncheon, Hunter walks in and Bobbi picks a fight with him to push him away like Mack had advised her to. She says she needs space and that they should slow things down.

The Kree tells the team that the truncheon only works in his hands so he summons it and stabs Sif in the stomach to restore her memories. Sif says Asgardians don't trust Kree and that's why she was sent by Odin after Heimdall saw a Kree had landed on Earth. She shares tales of Terrigenesis, and several planets, including Earth, having people being transformed into soldiers for war. He says it was a vicious faction of Kree that built the city and left the diviners. The experiments failed on all other planets and on Earth they were supposed to be shut down before the Kree Empire decided to restart the experiments. He says that the crate contains enough diviners to create another army but Simmons calls to say that the crate is empty. Simmons speculates that they were all taken in the 1940s and says that perhaps Hydra has them but they don't know for sure. Simmons finds the data on Skye's DNA on Fitz's device but he says that it's just a simulation.

The team is still discussing the Kree and the diviners and Skye is standing in horrified silence at hearing this wave of new information. The team tells Sif and the Kree about Raina, whom they still haven't caught. They begin to question Skye when they learn that she was present during the change and Skye's nerves get the better of her so the place begins to shake (or quake?) May is the first to realise that it's Skye causing the shaking and Coulson pleads with her to explain. Sif tries to grab Skye and this causes Skye to bust the windows. Sif says she will take Skye back to Asgard but Coulson and May refuse to hand her over. The Kree says that Skye must be put down but the other team members (not Simmons) help her to get away.

May and Skye are on the run with Fitz following after them and Simmons is hurt to know that Fitz knew about this. Coulson tries to keep Sif and the Kree back but the Kree tosses him aside like a rag doll. The Kree runs into Mack and Bobbi who prepare to fight him and then Hunter arrives to try to help. The Kree makes quick work of Mack and Hunter and now only has Bobbi to fight.

May seals herself and Skye in the holding cell where Ward was kept and May begins to coach her on getting her emotions under control but Skye is too frightened. Sif begins to stab her way through the energy wall while Bobbi is able to distract the KRee so she can shoot him with an alien gun, after which he turns the truncheon on him.

Just as Sif breaks through the wall, Skye grabs an I.C.E.R. and shoots herself with it to keep from bringing the place down. Sif is in awe of this gesture and Coulson uses this as a way of convincing Skye that what's best for Skye is to be around the people she loves. Sif prepares to leave Midgard but warns Coulson that Skye is still dangerous and must be looked after carefully. The Kree warrior doesn't remember much, having been shot with the truncheon, and Sif promises to return him to Hala, the Kree home world. Sif also tells Coulson that Skye may be wrapped up in universal tides that he won't be able to sway. She then calls Heimdall to open the Bifrost and she and the Kree are taken back to Asgard. May tells Coulson that they must be weary after everything that's happened, and that perhaps Sif is right about fate.

Fitz attempts to apologise to Simmons, who is upset about his lying to her. Mack, Hunter, and Bobbi agree with Simmons and think that Skye should have told them. Fitz is protective of Skye, saying they would've experimented on her. Mack says that they are the ones that need protecting but Skye overhears this and walks off feeling rightfully betrayed. Fitz tries to follow her but she keeps running with her bag into the holding cell.

Hunter questions Mack about what secrets he and Bobbi are keeping. He says he knows about the flash drive and that there's no support group. He also wants to know who backup is. Mack then grabs "Hunter" and starts choking him out and drops him once he's unconscious.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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