Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E13 - "One of Us" Recap

Cal has begun recruiting dangerous individuals from SHIELD's Gifted Index to help him settle his score. Cal assures them that though they may not be powerful on their own, together they are a force.

Skye is still being monitored but Coulson is trying to make her as comfortable as she can be under these circumstances. Meanwhile, May is sent to recruit Dr. Andrew Garner, her ex-husband. Garner is a psychoanalyst and agrees to work with Skye but under the condition that the sessions are private and that a copy of his report will also go to Skye since his duties are to her first. May agrees. Skye has also made it onto the index herself. Skye is not eager to talk to a psychoanalyst when May suggests it to her but warms to it when May reveals that it's her ex-husband. Skye tries to deflect at first but eventually Garner shares a couple details about May to put Skye at east. Skye admits that she shot herself mostly because she couldn't control her new abilities and finds it terrifying.

While Coulson and Morse continue their investigation of Cal, they must head follow after Cal and his gang, who have broken into a secure mental facility, the basement of which contains mentally unstable patients on the Gifted Index. When they arrive at the facility, they take note of which patients were taken by Cal. They also find the message "Fight On" written on the wall. Coulson makes enquiries on the whereabouts of Hunter, whom Mack and Bobbi have hidden away somewhere after he discovered they were up to more than they were letting on. Bobbi admits that they were sleeping together but claims that he has run off, and Mack has gone to look for him.

Skye's abilities begin acting up while she is napping so May and Garner come running in to make suer she stops. Once things settle down, everyone leaves Skye alone with Garner so they can carry on with their session.

Cal has headed to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, which is Coulson's hometown. Coulson realises this is where Cal has headed when he realises that "Fight On" is referring to his old high school. Cal and his gang seize the local school stadium.

As Skye begins to open up to Garner, the tremors seemingly start again but then Skye says that this isn't her doing. As it turns out, May has started flying the Bus to Manitowoc because Coulson needs backup. Garner and Skye are still on board and Garner is less than pleased about getting dragged onto one of these missions. Skye insists that they all need her to come on the mission but May and Garner don't think it's a good idea for her to confront her father.

When Coulson confronts Cal, May arrives with Skye and bluffs that she will kill her. Cal pleads with Skye to see that she should be on his side about also determines that they're bluffing about killing Skye. During the standoff, Gordon arrives and teleports Cal away. Coulson, May, and Bobbi take on Cal's now-leaderless team of misfits while Garner gets Skye away from the commotion. Skye becomes alarmed by the fighting and tremors begin once again. Skye is able to direct the tremors inward which results in hairline fractures throughout her body. May promises Skye that they will figure things out. Coulson tells Simmons that they must figure out a way to stop these abilities but to not tell anyone else. Garner leaves May and rejects her offer to consult, saying he has someone else they can use.

Mack is hiding Hunter at a safe house and says he's just doing what has to be done. He later tells him they're about to be extracted by an organisation he calls, "the real SHIELD." As for Cal, Gordon has taken him to his superiors who scold him for making too much noise. Gordon tells Cal that he isn't one of them anymore and is in trouble for using science to increase his strength, like a science experiment.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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