Princess Rap Battle: Cinderella Vs. Belle featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar

Right on the heels of Buffy's 18th anniversary, Sarah Michelle Gellar is showcasing her awesomeness in a whole new way via rap. Continuing with the Princess Rap Battle Whitney Avalon suits up as Belle and Gellar tackles Cinderella in the princess throw down, throwing some serious shade at Avalon's Belle.

Gellar spits some lyrics like "Another princess in my shadow come to covet my crown. You clowns wanna throw down with the best in a gown?” all while wearing a puffy blue gown and tiara. "I’m the legendary story of rags to riches. Rhyme sharper than a needle and I’m giving out stitches. Like a wilting rose you can’t step to my flows. These girls are trippin’— did they cut off their toes? I deserve all the praise for the foot-fetish craze.”

If you haven't seen Whitney Avalon's other videos on YouTube, she's a total genius. Other battles include Elsa Vs. Snow White, and Princess Leia Vs. Galadriel.


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