Sleepy Hollow S2E14 - "Kali Yuga" Recap

Hawley must get help from Ichabod, Abbie, and Jenny when a familiar face from his past shows up. Her name is Carmilla Pines, a ruthless treasure hunter who raised Hawley as a child. Hawley had been out with the gang when they were having a karaoke night. But then Abbie's silent alarm is tripped and they arrive on scene to find Hawley making off with something and saying that "she" is desperate and dangerous.

Hawley had cut ties with Carmilla after seeing her kill a man. After this, a Hindu cult captured her and used a ritual to turn her into a Vatala, a monster from Hindu lore. Now she wants Hawley to help her with one last heist to retrieve a statue of Kali, from Henry Knox's old house. She claims that the statue will help restore a Vatala's humanity and implores him to help her one last time. "One and done" is his reply.

Meanwhile, Frank Irving is back with his wife and she's having a hard time trying to understand how he's alive and wants to know that things are okay. He's been cleared of all charges at his appeal but Cynthia is still considering Abbie's offer that Katrina could help by giving him a magical check-up.

The gang follows Carmilla and Hawley to a fancy soiree at Henry Knox's house where they are planning to steal the statue. Carmilla holds Abbie hostage and Hawley offers to leave with Carmilla and join her again if she lets Abbie and Ichabod live. Ichabod and Abbie reflect on the fact that their ability to communicate has wavered a bit and try to hash things out so they can re-strengthen their bond. But first they must get out of the vault they are currently trapped in.

Carmilla had lied about the statue, as it's not a cure but a means of making more Vatala. She tries to turn Hawley while in the vault, Ichabod and Abbie apologise to each other for acting out in the past instead of talking it out with each other first. Naturally, the apologising helps Ichabod to be inspired to pick an answer of which button to press but unfortunately, it is the wrong one. It sends spikes moving towards them and Abbie is able to talk Ichabod through re-thinking his analysis and it saves and frees them from being impaled.

Abbie and Ichabod catch up with Jenny, whom Hawley had locked in a closet "to save her"; how patronising. On their way to hunt down Carmilla and Hawley, Abbie and Ichabod put the pieces together and realise that they can kill Carmilla through the combined use of iron and fire. The trio save Hawley in time with an impressive display of fire/iron-wielding badassery. Carmilla flees, and Halwey decides to leave Sleepy Hollow to chase after her, and hopefully this is the last we've seen of Hawley and Oates.

Finally, Ichabod and Abbie decide they should tend to their bond, and will start by doing a karaoke duet of "Proud Mary." It's adorable. Irving goes with Cynthia to see Katrina. Katrina performs a ritual to see all of what has happened with Irving, and she wants to know where Henry is. She doesn't know how he came back to life, but she claims that Henry has no influence over Irving's soul. Who knows if she's telling the truth though. I wouldn't trust her as far as I can throw her and Irving can't even see his own reflection.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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