Sleepy Hollow S2E15 - "Spellcaster" Recap

A warlock escapes Purgatory and steals a book of spells and then murders the museum workers that were tending to the artefact. Ichabod asks Abbie to go house-hunting with him, though he can't afford it because he doesn't have a job. Abbie tells him about the murders and how their blood was boiled. Ichabod determines that the book is a collection of dark magic. They need Katrina's help, and she's busy playing in the woods to "strengthen" her magic. Katrina and Ichabod ponder their lost son and Henry is shown to be staying in a motel. He appears to be having a sort of identity crisis.

Surveillance footage reveals the warlock's face and Katrina recognises him as Solomon Kent. He is a fearsome warlock that must have been freed after Moloch was killed. He was one of the leaders of the town of Salem and he was a spiritual man and a pillar of the community. He even knew Katrina's grandmother. Kent led a strong coven in the community but became infatuated with a woman who did not reciprocate his feelings. When he tried to make a move on her, she ended up dead in the struggle. He then magically altered her face to make her seem like an evil witch but then it started the Salem witch trials. He then framed Katrina's grandmother and had her killed to keep her from telling the truth about his actions. Eventually, the coven's surviving members hunted Kent down and sent him to Purgatory. Katrina is able to magically determine that Kent is only in possession of half of the book and  they must find the other half before he does.

Abbie has a run-in with Frank and things are tense. Abbie is weary of him and whether he is cursed and Frank was hurt that she didn't trust him. But now he understands where Abbie was coming from and tells her how he had Katrina check his soul and she game him the all-clear. Now he wants to get away with Cynthia and get a fresh start.

Ichabod figures out that Kent is trying to use a resurrection spell to resurrect Sarah Osborn, the woman he loved and accidentally killed. This will have dire consequences since this would allow many other souls back into the realm of the living.

Kent has a run-in with Katrina. He tells her that darkness runs within her and that she is not one with herself and this is why her magic fails her. So Floptrina just needs to embrace the dark side of the force? Wow, these writers are really trying to justify their mess-ups aren't they? Kent summons some evil creatures to do his bidding by using his favourite weapon, blood magic. While Abbie and Ichabod must fight the demon off, Katrina must work to stop Kent. Right.

Abbie and Ichabod dispose of the demon while Kent and Katrina have a magical fight. He again implored to embrace the darkness so she may find her true self. Katrina is about to, much to Kent's delight, but is frightened by it so she stops before she can do any damage. Kent makes off with the other half of the book and Katrina warns Ichabod and Abbie that now she isn't strong enough to stop Kent. Abbie seeks the advice of Frank, who tells her to not stop fighting.

Abbie and Ichabod figure out that Kent wants to travel back in time using a traveler's spell. Through the combined efforts of Ichabod, Abbie, and Frank, they're able to stop Kent and Ichabod even lays one hell of a smack down on him. Wow, Ichabod! Didn't know you had it in you! Abbie and Ichabod go off in search of Frank but he's shown to still be lingering. He steals the grimoire and then snaps Kent's neck with his foot. Kent's body disintegrates and then Frank feigns ignorance but what happened to the grimoire when Abbie and Ichabod come back.

Abbie gives Ichabod some ice for his hand and then asks Ichabod to come out for a drink. She asks if Katrina wants to come but Ichabod says that she is resting. After they leave, we see Katrina experiment with some dark magic by destroying a flower. Even when she's supposed to go bad, she's still lame.

Henry is shown to be finding his way back to who he really is and re-embrace his evil ways. He then magically murders some thugs that had been making trouble at the motel he is staying at. He then heads to the woods where he meets with Frank, who tells Henry that the Witnesses trust Frank again. He also gives Henry the grimoire. Henry declares that his destiny now bends to his own will.

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