Sleepy Hollow S2E16 - "What Lies Beneath" Recap

Some men go missing after being attacked by something supernatural under the town. Abbie and Ichabod are on the case but so is Calvin Riggs, a journalist whose brother is one of the men that went missing. Ichabod and Abbie find scratch marks and symbols of witchcraft. Ichabod determines that Thomas Jefferson developed what they're looking at and Abbie finds one of the mens' cellphones that has footage on it of a mysterious creature that took them captive.

Ichabod and Thomas Jefferson had a falling out of sorts. Ichabod seems slighted by it, feeling jilted and to this day it remains a mystery to him. Abbie uses Grace Dixon's journal to read about how Jefferson and some other old historical figures conjured something evil to guard the Fenestela, an ancient mystical artefact.

Ichabod and Abbie must fight off some evil creatures and Calvin Riggs shows up, camera in hand trying to snap photos of what's going on but isn't able to get anything. The creatures are Reapers and they have been feeding on the men that stumbled across and woke them. Abbie decides they should use Calvin Riggs' help, particularly after he threatens to call in the military reinforcements.

Jenny is suspicious of Frank after seeing a strange marking on his arm but doesn't let on until she can learn what he's up to. Frank's marking is that of the Hell Fire Club, the same organisation that raised Henry from his centuries-long slumber. He then attacks Jenny so he can get away but eventually admits what happened. The evil version inside of him takes over sometimes and he can't register what happens when it does. He passed Katrina's test through a talisman on his hand. It offers him temporary salvation. since his soul was damned. He got the talisman out of one of Henry's books. The unintentional side effect is that he got some humanity back and brought clarity. He found proof of the Hell Fire's dealings and wants to steal their money to give his wife and daughter security as reparations for what happened to him. But now he's running out of time. The rune is losing power so soon only the evil Frank will be in control. He gives Jenny the jump drive so she can help Cynthia and Maisie once he is too evil to do anything.

Ichabod and Abbie are able to get down into the tunnel again using Riggs' camera flash to make the Reapers go jumping back (they're not too fond of light). They then encounter Thomas Jefferson, or at least an extension of his spirit that exists thanks to a combination of science and magic. Jefferson thought they were there to get the information about the Fenestela and seems to know about their mission. Abbie goes on an investigation of her own through the tunnels and finds the Reaver's nest. There's two workers still alive. Jefferson had kept that secret because attacking the nest would destroy the Fenestela and all the secret information about the Witnesses is cancels. Jefferson had kept his distance from Ichabod because he couldn't interfere until the second Witness appeared.

Ichabod and Abbie choose to go ahead and save the lives of the innocent men in the nest, which risks sacrificing all the knowledge and information that may help them on their path. The Reapers waken but the Witnesses fight them off and continue their way to the ladder out. They're able to get the men to safety and the Witnesses realise that the Reapers are too dangerous to be left alive so they must blow it, which would in turn destroy the Fenestela. Ichabod drops some light explosives down the chute to keep the creatures while Abbie and Calvin get the men out to receive proper medical attention.

Ichabod heads back down to destroy the power source of the Fenestela. Jefferson tries to stop Ichabod from doing so and admits regret over rebuffing Ichabod and wants to be able to give all this information to him. Ichabod delivers an impassioned speech about the ideals they believe in and Jefferson tells him how to destroy the Fenestela. Ichabod runs up and out with Abbie there to help him up the chute just in time to avoid the explosion.

Abbie tells Calvin that for now, she makes the call because she has an important fight to fight. The door is left open for him to presumable return and help her and/or the team out again down the line. Calvin tells Abbie to check her e-mail and on there she finds a photo of herself from Calvin, with a message that he never reveals his sources.

Finally, we see Katrina waking from a nap or something to find Henry waiting former. He's back now and claims that he killed Moloch for her and for their kind. He says it's time for them to begin their work. But then Katrina wakes and it was all just a dream… or was it? In the dream she had pricked her hand on a thorny rose Henry gave her and upon waking she finds her hand is bleeding and there's a flower by her bedside.

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