Sleepy Hollow S2E17 - "Awakening" Recap

Henry uses a copy of the Liberty Bell as part of a ritual to try and reawaken a powerful coven of witches lying dormant in Sleepy Hollow. It wreaks a bit of havoc but he doesn't quite have enough power to complete the ritual. Meanwhile, Jenny lets Abbie and Ichabod know about Frank's being "evil" (ish) and they begin formulating a plan to try to keep him at bay but without killing him altogether.

Henry tells Katrina he wants to bring back "our kind" and coaxes her into performing the ritual since he cannot. Only a pure blood witch can perform it. But Henry also wants her to turn her back on Ichabod and she seems to be warming to the idea awfully fast. Oh look, a marginally different facial expression than what she normally has. As for Ichabod, he and Abbie are trying to get supplies to build an explosive device to destroy the bell.

Just as Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny are loading up their device, Frank shows up with a set of weapons and Jenny must fight him off. They're shooting at each other and Frank is demanding to know where his family is, just as he had warned Jenny he would do. She unloads her weapon into him but he rises unharmed with blackened eyes. It's then that Henry and Katrina show up and Ichabod is horrified at Katrina's apparent betrayal though Abbie seems less surprised. Katrina says that General Washington had made a promise to the coven that must now be fulfilled and assures Ichabod that Henry has changed. Abbie and Ichabod find themselves trapped in the tunnels behind a brick wall. Ichabod promises Abbie that Katrina has made her choice and that he will not hesitate to do what needs to be done.

Ichabod and Abbie get out of their jam and Ichabod rolls up to Henry and Katrina's lair where they're preparing to do the ritual. Frank is still chasing down Jenny through the tunnels while Ichabod calls out to Henry to come out, while also carrion a pistol in hand. Abbie arrives once Henry comes outside, in her big truck and a weapon of her own. Ichabod fires a shot but Henry stops the shot. Ichabod finally tells Henry off for being an angry, unruly child, and Abbie tries to run over Henry. However, Katrina stops the truck and it causes an explosion. Ichabod is horrified that Abbie has been harmed. Ichabod implores Katrina to see that she is on the wrong path but the conversation is interrupted when Henry realises that Abbie wasn't in the truck and it was a decoy so she could get to the bell and set up the explosive device.

Jenny prepares to use Medusa's head (or whatever name they're using for her in this show's mythology) on Frank and tries to reason with him but he's too effected by the magic. Meanwhile, Abbie and Ichabod find themselves tied to a stake about to burn. While Katrina and Henry are preparing the spell, Abbie tells Ichabod that there's still one detonation left in the bell. Ichabod is able to saw through the restraints using the blade Abbie has in the pocket. Ichabod has two pistols on him so there's one for him and Abbie to use and split Henry's concentration. Henry stops one bullet but the other ends up killing him. Katrina is devastated at Ichabod's "betrayal" and Henry tells her to save the bell. Once Henry dies, Frank stops being murderous and begins to cough up black smoke, after which he collapses. He asks Jenny how he got down there and Jenny slowly begins to realise that the real Frank is back. Thankfully, she doesn't have to use Medusa's head.

An enraged Katrina attacks Ichabod, saying he is the source of her sorrow. She invokes a spell, saying she never should have saved him, and prepares to go to the past to stop herself from saving Ichabod after his encounter with the horseman. Right as the spell completes, Abbie jumps into the portal after Katrina leaving a horrified Ichabod in the present. Abbie wakes in the past where there's obviously no cell phone service. Katrina wakes in her old body where she has been working as a nurse to help the wounded soldiers. She happily realises that she is pregnant with Jeremy/Henry and promises to never leave him again. Abbie on the other hand, realises that it's 1781 and is getting a whole lot of stairs from icky olden white people. Some soldiers ask to see her papers but since she has none, she gets locked up. She then says she has information that could turn the tide of the war but will only give it to Captain Ichabod Crane.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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