Sleepy Hollow S2E18 (S2 Finale) - "Tempus Fugit" Recap

Ye olden Ichabod comes to visit Abbie by her request and she warns him about the Horseman and says he has an ally, a dangerous woman. She convinces him to bring her with him, saying he can't win without her. Katrina is not happy when she learns that Abbie has saved Ichabod from being cut don by the Horseman. Ichabod is skeptical of Abbie's seemingly fantastical tales but she knows too much and there are too many things that have happened that don't seem to have a proper explanation. Ichabod is able to manoeuvre Abbie out of being hauled off to be sold in an auction so for now they're in the same company. But Abbie is going to be sent off to a camp for runaway slaves and Ichabod will accompany her there. He wants her to convince him of the truth of her story and she is able to tell him intimate truths of his life. She convinces Crane that they should go see Benjamin Franklin, who should be able to corroborate her story.

Unfortunately, Headless is still on the hunt for Ichabod. Katrina finds him and tells him that both Ichabod and Abbie must be killed. He seemingly agrees to do her bidding and Katrina even kills a soldier that survived his massacre. Franklin does indeed believe Abbie's story and says she's the embodiment of the American Dream. Abbie admits that the woman here to kill Crane is a witch. Franklin sends Ichabod out of the room and gets Abbie to admit that it's Katrina who is there to kill Ichabod. Franklin says the best course of action is to undo the Traveler's Spell but they have a limited window of time to pull it off. They must head to Frederick's Manor where they will be meeting Grace Dixon who can help. But just as they are preparing to leave, the Horseman attacks. The trio tries to fight the Horseman off but he ends up decapitating Franklin. A bomb goes off which momentarily incapacitates the Horseman but the fire is set and they must make a run for it.

Abbie ends up back behind bars and Ichabod blames himself and Abbie. Abbie tries to get Ichabod to understand that they are partners so Ichabod demands to know the truth of what she discussed with Franklin. She tells him that Katrina is the spy, that she is pregnant with his child, and tells him to look at her cellphone and says that the code is Ichabod's birthday. She also says to look for the selfie of them (there's no way past-Ichabod knows what a selfie is). Ichabod is informed that he has been relieved of his duty and he should be thankful that he hasn't been hanged for treason.

Ichabod returns home to Katrina who attempts to levitate a knife into his back but she isn't able to because they are interrupted by soldiers who say that General Washington wants to see him. He also notices some strange markings on some papers. He grows suspicious and returns to the holding area and finds Abbie's cellphone. It takes him a while to figure out how to turn it on and get into it. Meanwhile, Abbie gets an old nail from the bench in her cell and uses it to try to pick the lock on her cell. Ichabod finds a video of him with Abbie in which he had fumbled in his attempts to take a selfie.

Ichabod realises that everything Abbie said was true. The colonel goes into Abbie's cell and attempts to beat her but she easily lays a smack down and puts him in a chokehold till he is rendered unconscious. Ichabod arrives and says he's there to save her, though he's a bit late. Ichabod tells Abbie how Katrina lied to him about the baby and how he saw the grimoire and something was amiss. He knew he had to leave before something went wrong.

Katrina retrieves some of Abbie's blood from the scratches on the colonel's arm to track where Abbie is headed. She knows now that Abbie and Ichabod are headed to Dixon's manor. Katrina kills the colonel. Abbie gets to meet Grace and it's an emotional reunion. They tell her what's happened and how they need her to reverse the Traveler's Spell. Grace will need to draw on the spell used to protect the house which would leave them vulnerable to attack. They get to work and then the Horseman and Katrina show up. Ichabod goes out to fight them and tells Abbie he looks forward to meeting her properly again. Abbie can't go out and fight with him but Grace needs Abbie to stay with her to fight the journal. Grace tells Abbie that the end of the journal has the most important pages, as they are the ones that Abbie will fill.

Abbie and Grace successfully undo the spell, much to Katrina's horror since Ichabod was about to die at the hands of the Horseman. Back in the present, Katrina attacks Abbie and begins to levitate and choke Abbie. Ichabod fights off Katrina and in the struggle, Katrina ends up with a knife in her. Bye bye, Whisper-Flop. In her dying moments, she has a vision of Henry waiting for her. She then disintegrates just like Henry did. So nice of them to not leave a mess to be cleaned up.

Jenny and Frank show up. Abbie is suspicious at first but embraces Frank when she realises it's really him. Jenny and Frank are sympathetic to Ichabod. Abbie says that Grace said that the most crucial battles are still ahead of them and that whatever's next, they'll all be there for each other.


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