Supernatural S10E15 Recap: The Things They Carried

Over the years the boys have tackled a lot of things, many things that they didn't know what they were before they had to hunt them. Cole hunted Dean, and he was introduced into a world that he wasn't prepared for. And worse of all, he was an unknown monster.

Fayetteville, NC a girl hands from her ankles. Duck tape bound and in fear. A man brings a bucket underneath her, and sits her throat, draining her life into the bucket.

In the bunker, Sam does some research when Dean sneaks up in him. Sam slams it shut, and Dean assumes that it was porn. Dean isn't judging him though. He has a case. An army soldier trained in martial arts wound up with her blood drained, organs stolen, and marrow sucked out of her bones. Sam thinks its cannibalism, but Dean is thinking it could be a God. Dean is ready to go investigate, but Sam is hesitant. Dean gives him 10 minutes to get ready.

Sam continues to be preoccupied with his research on the Mark of Cain. Dean knows what he's doing, and its not porn. They've looked at every site, multiple times. There is a point in every case where they reach a point and have to admit hard truths, and that point is now. They saw what happened to Cain. Dena doesn't like it, but its time to move on, to do what they can as long as he can, and he wants Sam by his side for it.

Sam and Dean arrive in town, and head straight for the sheriff's office. The Officer on duty identifies them as Feds immediately. The guy tells them that they wasted their time coming down. They already found the culprit responsible, but they didn't need to catch him. He drank a boatload of gasoline and lit himself on fire. It was the third suicide in a few short months. He offers them some cake, and Sam refuses it, though Dean clearly wants some, swiping some frosting with his finger as Sam asks if there are any bite marks on the body. The body was killed by bowie knife. Without bite marks it blows the god theory.

The muderer's wife is distraught. She doesn't claim her husband was innocent though. When he returned from war, he was different. Her Rick, when he's home and good, she had to kill the spiders. He was a kind soul, he never took more life then he had too. Sam asks if she experienced anything off, weird smell, or mood swings. She noticed he was really thirsty for water, completely insatiable. He couldn't even hear her as she tried to stop him from drinking tub water, he was so intent on drinking. He was so dried out, to the point his skin bled. She took him to the VA, but they just put him on a list. Then he stopped talking, she thought it was just PTSD. Dean asks about Rick's recent deployment, but she's unsure where he was. Sam leaves his card, but she has one other thing. She mentions Jemma, a wife of someone in Rick's squad. She thought her husband Kit also came back different, that they may be dealing with the same thing.

The boys head to Jemma's house. She tells them that Kit is working on getting back to normal, there's always an adjustment period, and he's working on it. Sam asks if they can speak with Kit. Jemma tells them that he went out, and he hasn't come home yet. He needs his space when he comes back. Jemma admits that its uncharacteristic even for Kit the way he's been acting. Sam ask if he's been thirsty, like really thirsty, and he has been.

The boys find Cole sitting on baby. Cole knows Kit, and Jemma called him. He's known Kit for a long time, and he wants to know why the boys are there. Sam admits that they're working a case. Sam isn't sure if its Kit's case yet. Dean is a little more blunt. There was a recent murder suicide and Kit is showing the same symptoms that the killer did. Sam tells him that they aren't going anywhere, and if he really cares about Kit, he'll let them work the case. Cole decides that he's coming with them, he thinks that he can be a very valuable source, he has resources that they don't. Cole isn't doing it for them, he's doing it so that they can bring him home. Dean knows that Kit is a war hero, but Sam points out that Cole needs to prepare himself. Kit may not be Kit anymore.

Kit stumbles into a Gas and Sip, and be starts cracking open a bottle of water, guzzling tit down. He throws down the bottle, and Kit moves onto a large cold bottle in the cooler. One of the store clerks goes to stop him, and Kit gets angry. He breaks a wine bottle, and slashes the kid's throat open. The other kid calls the cops while Kit goes on his knees to lap at the spilled blood on the floor.

Sam gets sustenance while Dean continues to look into what big bad could be inhabiting Kit. Cole isn't so sure that it is a monster. Cole gets a message from his friend in intelligence. Rick and Kit were sent to rescue a POW from Iraq. They have some footage from the camera on one of the helmets. They pair went into the undergrand prison, and the man they were to bring home attacked him. He tried to rip out Kit's throat. The mission did not have a happy ending. The official story was the POW was shot by guards. But his dried out cracked face looks very familiar. Sam gets an alert of the gas station crime, and the boys head out.

They find that Kit licked up the blood off the ground, and Dean is sure that is their kind of case. Jemma calls to Cole to tell him about the gas station. Cole already knows about it. She urges him to save Kit if it is him, she knows that if it is him, he's not in his right mind. She suggests that he head up to his father's cabin, he liked to go up there sometimes if he wanted to be alone. Dean plans to put out an APB to find Kit. Cole still thinks that there is an alternative to killing Kit, that he can still be saved. Cole doesn't like the sound of things.

The boys drop Cole off at Jemma's house. Dean thinks that its better that way. He can keep Jemma calm, and they can hunt. Dean reminds him that if Kit shows up that he shouldn't try to be a hero, but to call them. The boys drive off, but Cole isn't headed inside. He gets into his truck and heads out. The boys suspected he would, and parked in wait. Cole drove right pass them, and the boys follow discreetly.

Cole drives straight to the cabin to look for Kit. It looks empty inside, he tells Kit that there are serious people looking for him, that they won't just want to talk. The boys get out of the car. Inside, Cold finds a trail of blood and dead rats as he follows it and continues forward talking soothingly. It's either them or him. Kit is huddled in the corner. He tells him that he's sorry, that he can't stop, before spitting some sort of slug down his throat. The boys charge in as another slug is expelled, and they try to kill it. It dies under the big boot of the Moose, but Kit uses his monster strength to throw the boys back and get away. Sam gets thrown down, and Dean chases after Kit.

Cole continues to cough, trying to get whatever is inside him out. He can feel it moving inside of him. Sam is sure they can find a way to get it out. Dean points out that Cole acted stupidly and now he's infected with a con worm. It's either that or a freak cousin of it. Cole asks how they kill it. The worse case, is they shoot Cole in the head, then stomp the worm. The less lethal option is electrocution. Cole is down to get fried. Dean prepares to get to work, and Sam heads out to find Kit. Cole points out that if they can save him, they can save Kit. Sam heads out, and Dean points out that its going to hurt a whole lot. Cole has a lot left to live for.

Dean grabs out a pair of car batteries, to prepare to shock the worm out of Cole. He can't believe the messed up secret life that Dean and Sam live without so much as a thanks. He gets a medal for his heroics, and he almost killed Dean for his efforts. If he had killed Dean there would be no one to save him now. It's a messed up world but Dean acts like its just a typical Tuesday. Dean points out that its only Monday. They get ready to begin. Dean hits Cole with the jumper cables, and no luck. Cole tells him to do it again, and he does. This time Cole stops breathing. Dean beats at Cole's chest, and brings him back. Cole wants another go since the worm hasn't surfaced, but Dean refuses.

He calls Sam and tells him that the worm didn't come out. It's a different type than the last time, and didn'r respond the same way. Sam knows there has to be another weakness, as Sam surges forward. Dean and Cole regroup. The worm dries them out, and Dean wonders if they can dry it out enough, maybe it will leave. Dean considers rapid dehydration, and Cole is a fan. Dean prepares to make the cabin a sweat lodge in the woods.

Jemma finds flower petals, and flowers strewn down the hallway. Kit threw the flowers out in his quest for water. He's drinking straight from the vase. She tells him that whatever happened, whatever he did, ,that they will fix it and get him well. Kit stares at Jemma. He holds her down, and prepares to infect her as well. Sam gets there, just in the nick of time, knocking Kit out.

Dean and Sam update each other. Sam is surprised to hear of Dean's sweat lodge. Cole is busy throwing up. Sam tells him that Jemma is having a hard time coping, and that they're on a time limit. Dean opens up a bottle of water, drinking it in front of him.

Sam tries to explain things to Jemma. He tells her that on Kit's last incident, something got into him. A monster got into him, and it changed him. Jemma is left with more questions.

Cole continues to pour water over the wood, to produce more steam. Dean continues to hydrate. Cole wonders if his father felt like this too when he turned. Dean's not sure, he knows that his father was once human first. Cole understands why Dean killed him now, and asks if he gets that far, if he will do the same for him. Cole watches Dean drink from the water bottle. He asks him to tie him to the chair, and when Dean goes to get the ropes, Cole makes a play for the water bottle. Cole is sure that he won't make it through this, but Dean is certain he can and will. Cole admits that he wants nothing more than to slit his wrists and drink his blood.

Jemma asks more questions about Sam being a hunter. It's going to take her a minute to wrap her head around the knowledge that he's dropping on her. Jemma doesn't care. Kit is still her husband. Kit awakens. Sam asks her if Kit is acting like the man that she knew. He isn't. Sam tells her that Dean and Cole are working on a way to get the old Kit back, or at least free him from the parasite. Jemma notices that Kit isn't where they tied him up at. The lights go out, and Sam and Jemma go looking for Kit. He get the drop on Jemma, knocking her out, before going after Sam. The pair wrestle on the ground, Sam's gun just out of reach.

Dean calls Sam, but he's too busy to answer. Cole launches himself at Dean. Dean tells him not to make him pull the trigger, but he already has. Dean can see the worm making its way out of Cole's throat, and he's able to get out from underneath him before Cole expells it. Dean stomps the thing, then calls Sam with the good news. He tells Sam to hurry and get Kit there, but its too late. Sam was forced to shoot Kit. Jemma holds her dead husband in her arms, mourning him.

Cole prepares to leave. Sam is sorry that things didn't end better. He really wished that things didn't end this way, but he had no choice. He was going to kill Jemma, and there was no way around things. Cole knows, Jemma said the same thing. She's going to have to tell the story of her husband came home and tried to kill her. Cole thinks that he's seen it all now. Dean points out that he's seen a lot, but not all. He;s ready to get back to his family. Dean tells him to take care. Cole plans to, and hopes that he never sees them again, all things considering. The boys watch him drive off. Dean tells him not to blame himself for Kit. Sam can't help it, it still feels crappy. He really tried, he just couldn't save him. Even if you do everything right, sometimes, the guy still dies. I don't think that he's talking about Kit anymore, and its a little heartbreaking.


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