The Big Bang Theory S8E17 - "The Colonization Application" Recap

Sheldon and Amy decide to take the net step in their relationship by getting a pet turtle. While picking out their turtle, Sheldon and Amy get into an argument due to the fact that Sheldon applied to colonise the planet Mars without consulting her first. They end up not getting the turtle because of the fight and because it bites Sheldon. Sheldon thinks that Amy should just support him in this endeavour, which might not even happen, but Amy is able to make him understand that she wants them to plan their future together. They compromise by applying to the Mars colonisation program together. They both derive amusement at the idea that if they had children, they would technically be Martians.

Leonard gives Penny a "dirty gift" which is something he had held onto for a while because he was too afraid to. It's some body paint for them to apply to themselves and a canvas on which they will have sex. Afterwards, Leonard and Penny are disappointed with the results, as they make them seem like boring love makers. They decide to try again and are happier with the final product. Instead of keeping it, they decide to give it to Sheldon and tell him that William Shatner painted it.

Emily leaves Raj alone at her apartment and Raj begins to snoop through her drawers, during which he accidentally breaks a drawer. Raj is on the phone with Howard, who advises him to pull the drawer out but it only worsens the situation. Howard and Bernadette try to coach him through fixing it via video call but he's unsuccessful in his attempts. Emily is angry at him for snooping but forgives him after getting revenge by scaring him into thinking there is something morbid in her closet.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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