The Big Bang Theory S8E18 - "The Leftover Thermalization" Recap

Sheldon and Amy look through the copy of "Scientific American" that praises the paper Leonard and Sheldon wrote about together but they don't mention Leonard's name in it because Sheldon had spent so much time talking about the theory during the interview that he inadvertently failed to mention Leonard's name. When Sheldon informs Leonard of this, Leonard is hurt by the omission, just as Amy had told Sheldon he would be. Sheldon is unable to make him feel better.

Howard, Bernadette, and Raj head to Howard's mother's house to clean up the place and sort through her belongings. When they arrive, Stuart lets them know that the power is out on the whole block. Howard becomes upset because the last food his mother has ever made is now defrosting in the freezer and will be ruined. As a way of coping, he decides to invite the rest of the group over so it will be as if his mother is feeding everyone for the last time.

Penny tries to cheer Leonard up by doing some online shopping for him, opting to look at a flying camera remote-controlled by an iPad. He's unable to be cheered up when Sheldon comes over and says that he tried to tell the editor about the mistake but the editor had already preferred Sheldon's work for some time and only mentioned the idea in the magazine because his name was attached to it. Sheldon also lets them know that they've been invited to Howard's mother's place for dinner.

Respectively, Amy and Penny try to make their boyfriends see the error in their ways. Sheldon should respect that it was Leonard's idea and Leonard should respect all the work that Sheldon did to develop the theory. At the dinner, the pair argue over whether an idea's inspiration or execution is more important. Once the argument has escalated, Bernadette takes the pair to another room and berates them for arguing when this is supposed to be a special occasion in memoriam of Howard's mother. While the rest of the group are at the dining table, Howard notes that Bernadette's yelling sounds like his mother's, but everyone else pretends not to hear it.

After dinner, everyone is laying around feeling over-stuffed from all the food. Sheldon discovers that another online publication has talked about the paper and this time they mentioned Leonard's name with it. The group is happy about this, but is more excited by Bernadette popping in to say that she has found more Tums.

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