The Flash S01E15 Recap: Out of Time

It's been a long break, but now The Flash is back, and I am so ready for Barry to learn Wells' secret!

A year ago. Joe lost his partner, two brothers went into the air via plane, and then the particle accelerator malfunctioned. We know what happened to Clyde when the plane went down, but what happened to Mark.

Now. Barry takes Linda out bowling, thinking that he could actually beat her at this something, when they run into Eddie and Iris. Because oh joy, that's just the person Linda wants to see. Iris shows her enthusiasm, and bowling skills. Linda seems to be on the same page of less than enthusiastic about bowling, and Iris a little too touchy feely with Barry for Linda's liking.

The coroner looks over a body when Mark walks in the door, back from the dead. He wants to know who killed his brother. The poor old coroner isn't sure, he performs hundred of autopsies. Mark turns to a little ball of hate, using his weather powers to try to jog his memory.

Wells sits and watches old black and white movies with Cisco. Cisco is avoiding his family and Wells' questions about them. Cisco's alarm system gets tripped and Wells isn't sure why anyone would rob the morgue.

Eddie gets a call about the morgue and runs off, without a goodbye kiss from Iris. Barry thinks that he should head off too, that they'll need him on scene. He does kiss Linda good night. The girls don't bother pretending to hang out for a second.

Barry races towards the crime scene, and sees Reverse Flash running by his side, before Reverse passes him. Seeing the man in yellow throws him off for a moment. Barry finally makes it to the morgue, reporting that the coroner is already dead.

When the police arrive, the coroner's death is made a priority. There is water all over the floor, but the sprinklers weren't tripped. Based on the bruises and impact, it looks like he was killed by hail. Eddie finds a recording from the room of the coroner and his killer. Joe recognizes the voice as Mark Martin's, and they hear the coroner tell him that it was Joe that killed his brother along with Mark vowing that Joe will pay for what he did.

Caitlin can't believe that Clyde had a brother. Dr. Wells explains that he did, and they were together when the particle accelerator malfunctioned, causing them to both receive virtually the same power. Mark's seem much stronger though, and his control more precise. Cisco notes he must be a Weather Wizard. Joe doesn't think that running around a twister will be the undoing of Mark like it was his brother. Cisco has been working to remove the atmosphere's electrical circuit to ground Martin or anyone else looking to tap into the weather. Joe has to head off, and Wells notes that he's taking being the target of a revenge seeking Metahuman pretty well. Wells promises that Joe will be fine. Barry has something else bothering him. He tells Wells about another Flash running next to him. Wells tries to brush it off as a mirage, but Barry doesn't think it was one. For now, Wells puts the topic on the back burner, focusing on catching Mark before he catches up to Joe.

Joe, Eddie and Barry give the Captain an update on the case. The captain wants Joe to coordinate the investigation from the office, rather than being in the middle of the fray. Joe's not happy but he doesn't argue. Iris arrives, and Joe suggests to Eddie and Barry, that they keep Mark's revenge plot from Iris. Eddie says little to Iris, and heads to his desk. She asks for a moment, and the pair bee line out with lunch plans. Iris goes to see what's eating at Eddie. He didn't like the way he felt watching her and Barry. Iris claims that he's just family, nothing more. Eddie points out that they're living together, and he wants to maybe marry her one day. He knows that something has changed between them, and he's not okay with whatever it is.

Barry and Joe enjoy their stakeout sandwiches as they drive around. Barry asks if Joe wants to talk about whats been going one, but Joe doesn't want to talk about it. He brushes it off. Barry uses the opportunity to ask for some advice about Iris. Joe laughs it up, Barry coming to his adoptive father for advice about his daughter who's dating his partner. It's a long way beyond complicated. It begins to rain. Barry just has moments when he looks at Iris and thinks that she feels the same way. It starts to pour as Joe tells him to just relish those moments for now, that's all he may have. Barry checks the radio, which says that its a beautiful day. It's beautiful everywhere except under their little rain cloud. Mark is in the car behind them, and he's got another trick up his sleeve. He brings down a powerful lightening strike, but luckily Barry is faster, and he manages to get Joe out of the car and to safety before the lightening causes the car to explode.

Back at the station, the Captain isn't happy to hear what's happened, confining him to the precinct until further notice. He suggests to Joe that Iris contact the Flash. Joe isn't bringing Iris into danger. He wants to get out there, and catch Mark, he took down his brother. Barry points out that he didn't take Clyde down alone, and that his friends at STAR Labs could help.

Iris prepares an article on the Flash, and Mason mocks her title. He has something he wants to show her though. The night that Simon Stagg went missing, Mason found a picture that Harrison Wells paid him a visit. He's got a whole file that points to Wells and missing persons, and he wants Iris to look into it. Iris takes the file. She goes to apologize to Linda for crashing her date. Linda admits that when Iris told her that Barry had feelings for her that she was playing a mind game with her, but what she didn't realize and what Iris didn't tell her was that she had feelings for Barry too. Iris pashaws her observation, but she's obviously and annoyingly still in denial.

Iris asks Barry to meet her for coffee. Both think their significant others had a good time on their weird date night. Iris called Barry not about that, but about Mason and his Harrison Wells story. Iris shows him the photo of Wells going to see Stagg. Barry questions what she really thinks. She's unsure. She doesn't really know, but she presses, asking him if he really knows Wells or if he could be hiding something. Barry is sure that he's a good man, and she's barking up the wrong tree.

Cisco unveils the wizard's wand. It's like a lightening rod, it'll suck up the atmospheric electrons, putting the whammy on Martin. Wells heads off to stretch his legs, and Caitlin asks Barry what's wrong. He tells her and Cisco about Iris and her story, which has been eating at him since. Cisco has more to worry about.

Cisco delivers the wand to Joe and asks him what made him suspect Wells in the first place in Barry's mom's death. Joe can't really talk about it with Mark still on the loose. Cisco lets it go, and heads out, passing Mark on the way in. The elevator doors close, Cisco tries to call Barry, as Mark announces his presence. Mark gets chummy, as he talks about injustice. Joe killed his brother, they killed his partner. Joe tries to reason with Mark, letting things be between them, but Mark just isn't having it. He wants revenge, he wants blood. Mark wants to play hardball. He won't be defeated as easily as his brother, as he wields lightening bolts. Joe pleads with the other officers to get out, get away, but they don't move to abandon him. As Mark goes to blast Joe, the Captain rushes to knock Joe out of the way, taking the lightening bolt to the chest. The Flash arrives and raises the Wizard Staff, neutering Mark. The Captain is still down, and the Flash rushes to save him.

Caitlin prepares to go home. Cisco works harder, and Caitlin thinks he feels guilty over what happened at the Police station. He asks her if he thinks that Wells could do something bad. Caitlin knows that since the particle accelerator some people are quick to point the finger at him. Cisco has more than some finger pointing and half baked stories. He shows her the information from the night they trapped the Reverse Flash, and he escaped. They thought it was a breach, but he checked the data multiple times. The capacitors were still fully charged when he got out. There was no reason that it would fail. Caitlin thinks the idea that Wells is in cahoots with Reverse Flash is ridiculous, since it nearly killed him. But that nearly is what bugs Cisco too. Cisco asks Caitlin to keep Wells out of STAR Labs tomorrow night.

Barry gets coffee for Joe, and the Captain's fiance. The fiance tells Barry that he speaks very highly of him, and he's surprised to hear that. The doctor comes to update them on the Captain's condition. It's too early to know the long term effect of the strike, but he may not walk again. The fiance goes to sit by his beloved's side, and Joe heads off after Mark. Mark threatened his family, and he plans to end things before anyone else gets hurt. He asks Barry to keep Iris safe.

Barry heads to Iris's work, which happens to be Linda's too. Mason overhears him, and tells him that he went to see her father. Mason has a low opinion of Wells, which he thinks is a total sociopath. When he's bored he follows Wells around, because that's totally normal. He tells Barry that sometimes Wells goes to meet people and then they disappear. He believes that Wells killed Stagg, and he has some evidence, but he doesn't share it with Barry, telling him that he'll have to read about it in the papers like everyone else.

Cisco prepares to recreate the night that Reverse Flash got out, just like he did with the night that Barry's mom died.

Joe tracks Mark Martin. Eddie tags along. Joe doesn't want him to get hurt, but Eddie doesn't plan on leaving.

Iris didn't find her father at home, and he's not reachable on his cell. Barry claims to have not talked to him. She asks why he's home early. He came to find her. He met Mason, and he asks if she knows what Mason has on Wells. She doesn't. She snarkily asks about Linda, and he wonders at her tone, which was the same tone she used when talking about Becky Cooper. Iris tells him that Becky Cooper was a nightmare of a high school girlfriend. Linda isn't a Becky. She's smart, ambitious, but she just doesn't think that she's right for him. If Linda isn't right for him, who is? Don't say Iris, its not Iris.

Cisco doesn't understand why things aren't working, when they suddenly do. He sees the demented rubber duck clad Reverse Flash. And it seems to see him too.

Joe and Eddie continue to look over the former hideout. Eddie finds that someone was there very recently. Joe knows that Mark left him clues, while Eddie wonders where to next. Suddenly Joe is sucked out of the window.

Joe wakes up, bruised and bloodied. He broke a leg when was sucked out of the window. Mark marvels that he only broke the one. When his plane went down, he broke every bone in his body. Joe taunts Mark, trying to get him to complete his revenge, so that his family will be safe, but Mark wants more than just an eye for an eye.

Caitlin has coffee with Dr. Wells. She works hard to stall him, but her watch glances are suspicious. Wells plays along.

Eddie makes plans to get Joe back, giving the officers their marching orders. Iris can't believe that he's gone. Barry promises her that he will bring Joe home. Mark reaches out to Iris. He's got her broken daddy, but he's still alive. He tells her where she can find him, but warns that if he tells the police he'll kill him. Iris tells Barry and they hurry towards the waterfront and Joe. Linda stops Barry, needing to talk to him, but he can't. It's an emergency, but all she sees is him leaving with Iris.

Caitlin thanks Wells again, for everything that he's done for Ronnie. He accepts graciously, as always. He brings up a new way that Cisco may be able to track storms, and thus Mark Martin. Catilin thinks that its a great idea, and he suggest they go to STAR Labs and tells Cisco. There's no reason to refuse. She heads to get to go cups for their coffee.

Reverse Flash talks to Wells in the past. Cisco can't believe what he heard, and puts the message on repeat. Reverse Flash tells Wells that his goals are beyond his understanding, that some would say that he's not like the Flash at all. Wells arrives behind Cisco, finishing Reverse Flash's sentence, while standing, delivering another shock to poor Cisco.

Mark spots both Barry and Iris run towards them. Joe begs for Iris's life. She's completely innocent, and Mark's brother was not. He was still his brother though, and Iris will suffer for the sins of her father. Mark calls in a storm.

Wells is impressed. He always said that Cisco was brilliant. Cisco realizes that Wells is Reverse Flash. Wells introduces himself as his true name Eobard Thawne. He's a distant relative of Eddie's. Cisco is a bit heart broken as he tries to put it all together. He knows there were two of them. Wells shows him how he made it look like there were two of them. Joe was right, he was there the night that Barry's mom died. Wells never intended to kill Barry's mother, he was there to kill Barry. Cisco doesn't understand. He's been helping Barry, teaching him to go faster. It's all a part of his plan. He bad guy monologues. Wells has been marooned here, stuck in this place for fifteen years. The Flash's speed is his key to getting home, and he's not going to let anyone stop him. Cisco tells him that he can help him . Wells knows that Cisco is smart, but he's not that smart. The hardest thing for Wells has been watching him, and while he's been like a son to him, he's been dead to him for centuries. He delivers a death blow to Cisco.

As Barry and Iris get closer, Barry knows its too dangerous for Iris to go forward. As the storm rages in the distance, as the Weather Wizard brings in the lightening and worse Iris confesses that since his confession she can't stop thinking about him. It's everything that Barry has ever wanted to hear. He kisses her. A tsunami forms, heading towards the city. Barry calls Caitlin warning her. She has a warning of her own about Wells, but there's no time for her to tell him as he asks to stop it. She suggests a wall of wind, and running very fast, but he may not be able to run fast enough. Barry didn't want Iris to find out of about his secret identity this way, but there's just no time. Barry gets into costume, running his heart out, as Mark brings the tsunami to shore. Barry hits a speed so fast, he sees himself running in the past, crossing streams, and actually reaching the past. He's back to where he was when he saw his mirror image. Well that just opens up all sorts of possibilities.


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