The Following S3E1 - "New Blood" Recap

Detective Ryan Hardy is at the wedding of his FBI superior, Gina Mendez, and enjoying being there with his new girlfriend Gwen. It's been a year since the events of the season 2 finale. Gwen wants to move in together and then Mike shows up. Things are awkward between him and Max, as she's got a new man, her fellow-FBI member, Tom. That's right, Max joined the FBI. Surprised? You shouldn't be!

Joe is scheduled to be executed in a month. But before we get to that, Ryan needs to give a wedding toast to the beautiful brides. But his toast is interrupted by a waiter working the wedding who throws blood on Ryan and the brides, calling Ryan a liar. The man sobs that Ryan shot his daughter, who was at the Corbin compound, and says her blood is on Ryan's hands. She was just a "lost girl who lost her way." Ryan tells security to let the man go, and the man does so without making any more of a fuss. Ryan still feels guilty about it so he decides to look up the man's daughter. When they arrive on scene, they find that the girl's actual father is someone else entirely.

Enter Daisy, a new psychopathic killer on the scene who poses as a prostitute to lure a couple to their deaths. Enter Kyle, Daisy's beau, also in on the murderous psychopathy. They're in cahoots with the fake-Dad, whose real name is Andrew. When Ryan and the rest of the group arrive at Daisy and Kyle's murder scene, they find that the corpses have been rigged up into a tableau, and the words "Ryan Hardy Lies" are painted on the wall.

Another incident occurs and when Ryan, Mike, and Max show up, they find another message. This time, it says, "Max Hardy Lies," and this causes Ryan to figure out what's really going on here. The killers are recreating moments that the FBI killed members of Carroll Gray's group. He determines that Mark is behind this. Poor little Mark is pulling a Norman Bates but instead of talking to his "mother," he's talking to his dead brother.

This new team of murderers is hitting up an art fundraiser in search of a snobby blonde to fulfil their tableau in which Mike killed Lily. But the FBI have figured it out now so they arrive on the scene but they're only able to capture Andrew and bring him into custody, while the rest get away with the blonde woman in the red dress. Mark pulls the trigger but is incredibly emotional afterwards, begging her not to leave him.

Ryan questions Andrew, who is revealed to be the one who picked up Mark the night that Luke died. He admits he's a sucker for a good revenge tale. Andrew wants to know the time because apparently there's somewhere Ryan needs to be. How ominous. Of course the next crime scene is that of some strung-up "FBI" agents standing over "Lily"'s body and another message left behind, "While you lie, more die."

Kyle implores Daisy that they can't leave Mark, who apparently has no idea "what's really going on," and it's important that it stays that way. Could they be Joe's followers too? Max has a hard drink after her long day. Ryan reaches out to Gwen after trying to push her away earlier. He apologises, saying it's a pattern he has developed of pushing people away but he doesn't want to do it anymore. As for Mark/Luke, he/they are planning to kill an FBI agent the next day. Welcome back, The Following!

The Following airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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