The Following S3E2 - "Boxed In" Recap

Mark goes to a garage where he meets an associate named Spider, who has set up a torture chamber that even has an execution chair. Apparently, the plan is for Mark to kill an FBI agent. Mark, perhaps? Or Ryan? Max? All of the above? He heads back to the evil lair to wake up Kyle and Daisy and get the plans going. Kyle is getting sick of Mark but Daisy encourages him to play nice for now since they have plans of their own, though we don't yet know what.

As for our heroes, Ryan and Mike are questioning Andrew Sharp, the man who they arrested last episode that was also the one who picked up Mark. We don't learn much apart from the fact that his wife and kids were just part of a rouse to seem societally normal. What he demands is that they confess the truth about the execution of Lily Gray or else more blood will be spilt.

Meanwhile, Daisy and Kyle stalk a woman at a grocery store and follow her back at her house. They tie her up and force to call her husband to get him home. Her husband is a man named Jeff Clarke who was shown through flashbacks to have helped Ryan and the rest of the group cover up what happened in the woods and coaches Ryan before the hearing.

The FBI are able to track down the garage where Spider and Mark are. They trip a silent alarm that in turn forces Spider to get Mark to a secret passageway that'll get him out through the sewers. The FBI discover a board that has photos of Anna, Clarke's wife, and realise that's where they have to go next. When Clarke returns home, he gets kidnapped while Daisy puts a plastic bag over Anna's head and leaves her for head. The FBI arrive in time to resuscitate Anna but Clarke is long gone.

Mark calls Daisy up to say that they've lost their torture chamber so they have to go with Plan B. Daisy warns that this isn't a good idea but Mark is insistent so she calls up one bad man named Neil who is as scary as they come. Mark then Skypes the FBI to warn them that they need to tell the truth by 8 o'clock that night on television or else Clarke will die. During their hunt, the FBI find that Andrew went to school with Joe. It's a strange revelation because Mark hates Joe and blames him for the death of his family so there's a lot of unanswered questions about who is really calling the shots here and where everyone's allegiances lie. Ryan goes to question Dr. Strauss and he won't say anything that's not cryptic and adds that Andrew is motivated by fear in order to get things done.

As for Clarke, he is able to briefly escape and call Ryan while out and the FBI is able to track the location. But it's shortly after that he is discovered and recaptured. Neil tells Clarke that the metal box he has been soldering is the perfect size for Clarke, adding that he will paralyse Clarke and dislocate him one limb at a time to make him fit. By the time the FBI arrives at the location, a video confession is released onto the internet which they watch in which Clarke admits the truth about what happened in the woods.

By the time the FBI get inside, the killers are gone but they find an empty room with the metal box and blood trailing out of it and Clarke's badge on the top. Though we don't see the contents, by the reaction of the team, it's clear that they all learn the gruesomeness of what happened in it. Mark isn't as pleased because he wasn't able to be present for Clarke's death.

In a continuation of the flashbacks between Ryan and Clarke, we see that around the time of the hearing, Clarke has chest pains which put him in the hospital. While there, Ryan meets his current girlfriend Gwen, who had been the doctor tending to him. In the present, Gwen comforts a crying Ryan in the shower.

The Following airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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