The Following S3E3 - "Exposed" Recap

Ryan, Max, and Mike are on a mission to get justice for Clarke's death. They even go on national television where Ryan claims that Mark is responsible for these deaths and that none of what Clarke confessed was true. Max is able to find an old case where a woman was murdered and found with all her joints broken. Ryan then tracks down a many named Wyatt who after being threatened, gives them the e-mail address of Neil Perry, the man who last week murdered Clarke with that freaky box.

Meanwhile, Mark is still furious about Ryan lying during the press conference so he decides the best course of action is to kidnap two reporters, one of which he quickly murders. The female reporter had suggested to Mark that he could use them to get his story out there but she ends up as the only one left to ask the questions.

The group tracks down Neil, who we've seen struggling to tend to his sick, elderly father, while also looking after the wood shop. Neil must now flee with his father and though they get away at first, Neil's father having dementia means he has a tracker on him. This allows Ryan to track them down at a market, but Neil is able to get away once more but without his father. When Ryan and Mike catch up to him again, Neil forces them to kill him by pulling his weapon on them.

The female reporter is able to manipulate Mark into getting upset so she can try to escape but Daisy kills her before she is able to. Daisy is starting to want out of whatever scheme they're involved in, since hers and Kyle's faces are now plastered all over the news and she wants to have evil-babies with Kyle. The pair meet with a woman named Juliana who reminds them there is still more work to be done and they must keep Mark happy. Juliana threatens them, though we don't know the specifics of what she is holding over them. She then gives them a file with information on Max. Mark grows suspicious of them when he finds the file, but Kyle claims that it was supposed to be a present for Mark to kill Max. Mark seemingly is put at ease by this answer, but the 'Luke' voice in his mind warns him to keep an eye of them, as they are up to something.

Ryan asks Gwen to move in with her and she says yes under the condition that he let his walls down. Finally, we see Daisy and Kyle planting hidden cameras in Max's apartment. She nearly catches them but her boyfriend Tommy shows up to take her to dinner.

The Following airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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