The Following S3E4 - "Home" Recap

Mark is getting suspicious of Daisy and Kyle and insists on tagging along with their latest killing spree. Daisy and Kyle had already staged a suicide of a college student, though we don't know what their motives are for doing so. Ryan and Max are sent to track down one of Daisy and Kyle's homes in Ohio but it appears to just be a cover-home at which none of their evidence of psychopathy seems present. They run into Daisy and Kyle's dog-sitter and have her call them to issue a warning that they will find them. But despite Daisy's panic, she and Kyle carry on over to the fire department where Max's father used to work and proceed to murder the men working there. Mark also joins in on the killing spree.

Daisy and Kyle meet with Juliana, wanting to get out of whatever set-up they have going on but she refuses and tells them to finish the mission, after which they will be free to do as they please. Max is shaken by this personal attack and ends up hooking up with Mike (reminder that she is still dating Tommy). The whole encounter is caught on camera by the hidden cameras Daisy and Kyle planted. The morning after, Max says she regrets the hookup despite the fact that Mike believes they belong together. The conversation is interrupted by a call from Tommy, who says that they've found Mark's hide-out spot since the FBI had spotted Daisy and Kyle leaving the house in Brooklyn. Mark is watching the hidden camera feed so he's able to get out in time. Tommy finds the laptop with the camera feed and sees the footage of Max and Mike hooking up and swipes the laptop for himself instead of turning it over.

Daisy and Kyle must now target a co-ed at a local university. They had earlier murdered her boyfriend by pushing him in front of a moving vehicle. We still don't know why they're doing any of this but this girl's death has to look like a suicide for some reason. They're caught up to by the FBI, and did we mention that Tommy tries to pressure Max into admitting what she did but when she doesn't, he almost doesn't save Mike when he's hanging off the side of a building? Anyway, Daisy and Kyle get away but Kyle is injured.

The FBI are able to determine that the girl Daisy and Kyle killed was the daughter of the judge on Arthur Strauss' trial (which will begin the next day). Strauss, in case you forgot, was Joe Carroll's mentor and the one who saved Joe after he faked his death at the boathouse.

As for our favourite on/off love-birds, Mike is still trying to convince Max that they belong together but she still firmly believes that he is too obsessed with avenging his father's murder for them to be able to have a successful relationship.

The Following airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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