The Following S3E5 - "A Hostile Witness" Recap

Ryan pays a visit to Strauss to tell him that all his scheming is over but Strauss simply says that it's never over and he should look inside himself about what the real truth is.

Tommy is still spying on Max using the screen he stole from the crime scene and sees her ignore him when he tries to call her.

Daisy and Kyle ask Mark to go get medical supplies for Kyle's injury and when he steps out, they leave to meet with Juliana. But Mark was on to them and has followed them there, after which he begins following Juliana. She had given them FBI gear for their latest mission. It should also be noted that Juliana is part of Strauss' legal team.

The FBI is on high alert to make sure security is at its highest possible level. They also have to keep their key witness Carrie Cooke safe. Ryan also has them look into the backgrounds of everyone that has visited Strauss in prison. But Daisy poses as an agent and with Kyle's help, they make a move to access Carrie's hotel room.

Ryan is called to the stand by Strauss' lawyer. An e-mail is put into play that was allegedly written by Clarke about concerns over Ryan and the investigation that happened throughout the previous year. It doesn't bode well for Ryan, and things are worsened when Carrie doesn't show up to the trial. The judge says that if Carried doesn't arrive within the next hour, the case will be dismissed.

Ryan runs out with Mike and Max to try to find Carrie and catch up to Daisy and Kyle who set fire to a van that's filled with the security guards they killed as well as Carrie. They follow after Daisy and Kyle into the woods and Kyle forces Daisy to get away and then makes Ryan kill him by trying to move in with a knife. Ryan calls the prosecutor to tell her what has happened but it's too late. The judge has already dismissed the case and Strauss walked 20 minutes ago.

Mendez has been ordered to suspend Ryan, Mike, and Max, but gives them until the following morning to do an investigation that will connect Daisy with Strauss and prove criminal conspiracy. The group follows a lead to Juliana but Mark has already hunted her down and killed her. Before doing so, he learns from Juliana that Daisy and Kyle had been Strauss' students, and insists that he tell her where Strauss is.

The trio tracks Daisy down to a pier in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where Daisy has met with Strauss and they are preparing to flee the country via a cargo ship. Strauss threatened Ryan that there are more of his students out there but before either side can make a move, Mark begins firing shots at the group from afar with a sniper rifle. Ryan tells Max and Mike to get Strauss, while he himself will go after Mark.

Mike leaves Max alone to go after Mark himself, and Max is outnumbered and knocked out by Daisy who then gets away with Strauss. Mike lands a shot in Mark's leg, which hinders his ability to move quickly. Mike corners him and prepares to kill him but Ryan stops him, saying it's not worth it and will be more painful for Mark if he has to live the rest of his life in prison. Mike lowers his weapon, after which Mark jumps off the ship and gets away too.

Max is badly injured and rushed to the hospital. Mike and Ryan argue in the hospital over Max's being left alone by Mike but Mike reminds Ryan that he would've done the same thing if it had been Joe on the ship. Ryan gets some encouraging words from Gwen, who lets him know that Max will be okay, and Ryan realises that what he needs to do now is visit Joe Carroll. What are Joe's first words of this season? "What took you so long?"

The Following airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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